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Chapter 152 – Secrets revealed (4)

Chapter 152 - Secrets revealed (4)

"The Jade Lake's Fairy?" Su Luo had even managed to offend that immortal fairy-like person from above?

"The Jade Lake's Fairy and His Highness Prince Jin are the perfect immortal couple. Su Luo inserted herself in between them. If it was you, wouldn't you be mad?" Liu Ruohua mixed some truth into the false information to mislead Su Wan.

If it was true, then Su Luo will definitely die! That Jade Lake Palace had an existence as high as the imperial family, yet she dared to offend them!

"Very good, I'm extremely grateful that you gave me this information. If any actions were taken, I will personally inform you." Su Wan lifted up her skirt and hurriedly left.

If the information was accurate, this time, she will definitely get father to kick Su Luo out of the family.

Seeing the back view of Su Wan who couldn't wait to leave, Liu Ruohua's smile was incomparably malicious.

Su Luo ah Su Luo, do you like the gift this lady sent you? If the Great Su General knew that you snuck out secretly and also offended the Jade Lake Palace's Fairy, well then....

Su Wan was also smart. She didn't completely trust Liu Ruohua's words. Therefore, she would personally check out the situation first. Once she had confirmed this information, she would then invite her father over to witness Su Luo's deception.

Su Wan and her maid unhurriedly walked towards Su Luo's decrepit courtyard.

The Courtyard.

Lu Luo right now was sitting in the courtyard sunbathing while sewing. Lu Luo was striving to make a new garment for the Miss before she returned so that Su Luo would be pleasantly surprised.

Basking in the sunlight while doing needlework, that appearance would seem very leisurely and content. However, only Lu Luo knew how apprehensive her heart was.

It had been more than a month since the Miss left. Without any news, she didn't even know where the Miss had gone. She would sometimes secretly think, perhaps the Miss had taken the chance to run away?

While the restless Lu Luo was sewing, the bang, bang, bang, sounds of knocking on the door resounded.

Lu Luo was so startled that the entire thick, long needle pierced into her flesh. The pain almost made her cry out loud.

She nervously and uneasily looked at the door that was knocked on until it shook. Her heart was thumping like a deer caught in headlights. She was so anxious that she didn't know what to do.

For the past month, nobody had knocked on this door. Even the meals had been delivered through a small hole on the edge of the wall, she had to go over to pick it up. This door hadn't been opened since Su Luo's punishment started.

Didn't the Great General say the Miss would be locked in for three months? How could it be so fast...

What had happened? If it was discovered that the Miss was not in the courtyard, then at that time...this result was too terrible to think about. Lu Luo was so scared that her face became pale. Her body started to tremble, she was so nervous that she almost couldn't breathe.

Since she was locked in, this proved that they had to be in here. Then, should she open the door?

To open or to not open the door?

Lu Luo anxiously watched the door that had dust falling down from all the knocking. She hoped that the other party would automatically leave after not getting a response. However, she was disappointed in this respect.

Su Wan knocked for a while. The longer this went on without any response from the inside, it made Su Wan who was initially dubious now believe Liu Ruohua's news close to eighty percent.

If Su Luo was not guilty, then why would she be afraid to open the door?

The corner of Su Wan's mouth turned into a cold smile and she commanded her servants. "Knock on the door, strongly bang on it. Even if it is smashed into pieces, this lady will be responsible for the consequences!"

Su Wan rarely got the chance to be so aggressive at the Manor, but in Su Luo's courtyard, she could always be as unrestrained as she wanted.

Lu Luo was worried until she ran around in circles, wishing her Miss would literally drop from the sky and appear now. She only heard a huge noise, a boom sound, then the originally not-so-stable door loudly toppled over, breaking into pieces.