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Chapter 144 – His Highness Prince Jin (2)

Chapter 144 - His Highness Prince Jin (2)

With such a large commotion, how could the senior provincial officer not know? He would definitely dispatch troops over at the fastest speed.

Ling Feng looked at the disorderly surroundings. Mutilated corpses were wildly strewn about the place, it was indeed unsuitable for His Highness's recuperation. He nodded and said: "Indeed, considering that His Highness is still very weak at present, there's no need to meet with those outsiders."

Ling Feng carefully helped Nangong Liuyun onto the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage, before allowing Su Luo to get on board. Then he personally drove the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage towards a completely different direction in a rush.

His Highness Prince Jin had numerous assets. Even in this city alone, he had no less than three estates.

After about the length of time needed to burn a stick of incense, the Dragon Scaled Horse stopped at the entrance of a hot spring villa.

Magnificent Mountain Villa.

Built on the hillside, its courtyard was secluded and quiet.

Within the mountain villa was a lake, although very small, it was crystal clear upon viewing.

Ivy was sprawled all over its shores, dense and flourishing, appearing very fresh and delightful to the eye. There were rock garden made of piled up stones which possessed a natural charm.

Beside the lake, built near the water, was a loft, actually enshrouded in dense and hazy mist. Nestled between centuries-old trees and obscured by fog, it's faintly discernible appearance was fairytale-like.

Su Luo entered, following behind Ling Feng.

The strange thing was, they had encountered not even a single person along the way here.

Opening the doors of that hazy loft, what appeared before Su Luo's eyes was an inner chamber as wide as a temple hall.

Within the huge inner chamber, mist floated about due to the dense heat, with white ivory screen made from elephant tusk to separate the inside and outside.

Walking around to behind the screen, Su Luo was inevitably surprised, secretly praising: Nangong Liuyun indeed lived up to his name! Such great expenditure! Such extravagant comfort!

That nearly hundred square meters bath actually was made from white jade tiles, and it could be seen at a glance that the water came from a hot spring, giving off waves of heat, tempting people to submerge and swim in it.

Each of those descending steps, were actually made of rare suet white jade! Not any other kind of green or yellow jade, but the really, really rare suet white jade!

Su Luo secretly became speechless!

In her previous world, just a small piece of suet white jade was already worth thousands of millions, yet here, Nangong Liuyun had actually used it to tile the stairs and step on it.

What kind of feet were his? Really, this was too, too extravagant! Even the sophisticated Su Luo could not help shaking her head.

Ling Feng placed Nangong Liuyun beside the hot spring and turned to Su Luo, looking stern before he spoke seriously: "It is now up to you to care for His Highness!" With that said, he coldly glared at Su Luo and turned to leave.

Su Luo was just about to agree when her mind suddenly jolted - eh, something's not right!

If it was anywhere else, it would still be fine, yet what location was this? Hot springs! A single man and woman sharing a bath, something was definitely not right!

Su Luo loudly shouted at him: "Stop where you are, Ling Feng! Just where are you going?"

In any case, Ling Feng should remain here, should he not? If not... ... Su Luo glanced at the unconscious and faintly breathing Nangong Liuyun. Although his weak breaths made him seem rather harmless, somehow, she still not dared to think of sharing the same room with him.

Ling Feng paused and glanced at Nangong Liuyun with a complicated expression. Yet, when he turned his gaze to Su Luo, his icy tone allowed no refusal as he aggressively asked: "The Fourth Miss Su, may I ask if the reason why His Highness went to Sunset Mountains, was it not for you?"

"... ..." Su Luo could not help but admit that it was true.

"Was it not for you that His Highness forcefully stopped his recovery, thus making his injury even more serious?!" Ling Feng spoke in a browbeat manner.