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Chapter 141 – Dark mist (3)

Chapter 141 - Dark mist (3)

Her home manor was a mess with a bunch of things that needed to be settled. Dealing with so many corrupt and sinister people, she needed those indiscriminate knockout drugs, poisons, and aphrodisiacs for self-protection.

"If you don't want these immortality pills, then what do you want?" Apothecary Leng was very confused. All the people he had come across longed for these immortality pills until they almost went insane.

Su Luo simply and honestly told him the truth regarding what she really needed.

The result was that Apothecary Leng became infuriated. He widened his eyes and glared. With an attitude of wanting to eat her and panting with rage, he said. "How could this old man refine those?! Only Elementary Apothecaries would refine such dirty, indiscriminate types of pills. How could you look down on this old man so much?! Do you know that every single immortality pill in this box could be exchanged for a carriage-full of the pills you want?!"

Facing Apothecary Leng's 'you don't know crap' expression, Su Luo felt deeply inferior.

It turned out that a single immortality pill in the box could be exchanged for an entire carriage of knockout drugs. She really didn't know anything at all.

Apothecary Leng snorted, tossed his sleeves, and entered the room.

Su Luo founded a deserted corner and prudently placed that small box of immortality pills into her space.

Apothecary Leng's products must be extraordinary goods. Before she could progress to the Advance Apothecary stage, this small box of immortality pills will be very useful to her.

Within the chamber, Nangong Liuyun quietly laid on the bed.

Even though he was unconscious, his expression was still stern and gloomy due to the pain. Both of his hands were tightly clenched into fists with blue veins bursting out as Nangong Liuyan was using a lot of strength to hold on. His face emitted a blood-thirsty and murderous air.

"Make him swallow this bottle of medicine." Apothecary Leng said after inspecting Nangong Liuyun's injuries, nodding his head towards Su Luo.

Under Apothecary Leng's directions, Su Luo helped Nangong Liuyun to sit up. She leaned his ice-cold and stiff body onto hers and with great difficulty fed the bottle of black medicine into his mouth.

When the medicine first entered, Nangong Liuyun had no particular reaction.

After about an hour, the medicine started to take effect on Nangong Liuyun's body.

"Open up his clothing." Apothecary Leng loudly instructed.

Su Luo untied Nangong Liuyun's purple colored belt. His breathing had become shallow and hurried. His porcelain white as jade chest rapidly rose and fell, giving off a one hundred percent wild and sexy appearance. This madeSu Luo who was looking on scorching hot and she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of saliva.

Su Luo gave Apothecary Leng a puzzled look. Apothecary Leng nodded his head and said. "His Highness Prince Jin's exceptionally good natural aptitude is truly worthy of praise. Even in the unconscious state, he could advance to the seventh rank based on the circulation of his meridians."

He advanced to the seventh rank this way? Su Luo's pair of beautiful eyes moved around, an inconceivable shock flashed through their depths.

Suddenly, Apothecary Leng bleakley said. "Not good!"