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Chapter 139 – Dark mist (1)

Chapter 139 - Dark mist (1)

He had been trapped at the Advanced Apothecary level for many years because he lacked the chance. Now, the opportunity for advancement had come out of nowhere, how could he let it go?

Even if Su Luo forbade him from refining the pill, he would yell and cry until she allowed him to refine it.

When Su Luo saw Apothecary Leng's unconstrained excited mood, she very slyly and cunningly opened her mouth to say, "wait."

Although Apothecary Leng turned his head around, he had a death grip on the sack of crystal stones and stood in a posture as if trying to prevent Su Luo from running over and snatching the sack away.

Su Luo secretly laughed inside.

I wasn't worried that you wouldn't cherish it, I was just afraid that you wouldn't know its value.

If an elder such as yourself doesn't like it, then what could I use as a bargaining chip to negotiate conditions with?

Su Luo pretended to take back the sack by reaching for it, but Apothecary Leng's speed was surprisingly fast. She had no idea what mysterious steps he used as he slipped away through the side. Su Luo wasn't even able to catch a corner of his clothing.

"Apothecary Leng, those are my crystal stones!" Su Luo shouted, feigning anger. Her facial expression looked very pained.

"What do you want?" Apothecary Leng subconsciously blurted out. He hadn't realized that just by asking, he had revealed his desperation.

How could someone who spent years peacefully refining medicine be Su Luo's opponent?

He saw Su Luo slowly throw him a glance. Her hands holding little Meng Meng unhurriedly caressed the puppy's fur. She slowly and serenely said. "I suddenly changed my mind. I want to keep that piece of blue-colored crystal stone."

"No way!" Apothecary Leng unhesitantly and absolutely refused. "I can't return the blue-colored crystal stone to you!"

"Why? Those stones were mine to begin with. Besides, I have other uses for it." Su Luo acted as if she was troubled. "This piece of blue-colored crystal stone will be very useful when I want to level up my cultivation in the future."

To have such an opportunity to take advantage, only an idiot would pass it up. Su Luo would never give up such a rare opportunity. The opponent was Apothecary Leng Yan, this empire's only third Advanced Apothecary. If she didn't extort some goods, then in the future, wouldn't she not feel ashamed when saying she had met Apothecary Leng?

"It is possible to stimulate your cultivation by using immortality pills! Whatever immortality pills you need, this old man can exchange with you. No, no need for exchange. This old man will give it to you directly. Well, what kind of immortality pills do you want?" Apothecary Leng was worthy of being called single-minded, he directly jumped into Su Luo's trap.

Su Luo while holding the upper hand did not even think twice before trying to set the price. She looked at Apothecary Leng for a while with a 'you are making it difficult for me' expression before slowly saying. "What kind of immortality pills do you think could be equal to this blue-colored crystal stone? What kind of price do you feel is worthy of this blue-colored crystal stone? Such a generous Advanced Apothecary like yourself won't take advantage of a junior like me, right?"

At the side, Ling Feng's mouth twitched. She was truly worthy of being the object of His Highness Prince Jin's infatuation. Su Luo was as two-faced, cunning, and devious as His Highness.

Ling Feng really wanted to remind Apothecary Leng that the blue-colored crystal stone had been provided for His Highness Prince Jin's benefit. Apothecary Leng still had not mentioned his own fees yet.

However, Ling Feng didn't understand Apothecary Leng as well as Su Luo did. In Apothecary Leng's straightforward black and white world, this blue-colored crystal stone could be the deciding factor to help him advance to the next level of Elite Apothecary. This level of advancement to such a medicine fanatic could not be exchanged for any amount of gold coins or immortality pills.

Furthermore, with regards to Apothecary Leng, he may not have a lot of other things, but he had an abundance of immortality pills.

Apothecary Leng thought about it and very shamefully said. "How about I give you half of all the immortality pills that I have refined?"

From Apothecary Leng's point of view, he had taken huge advantage of Su Luo.

After all, that blue-colored crystal stone from years ago, he had only the qualification to see it from a distance. Now, this piece of blue-colored crystal stone was already in his hands.