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Chapter 128 – To adapt to one’s taste (5)

 Chapter 128 - To adapt to one's taste (5)

Having finished speaking, she unhurriedly turned around and walked away, her footsteps were exceptionally firm, the view of her back gave an extremely decisive feeling.

Steward Leng would never have thought that Su Luo would walk away. Moreover, when she said she would leave, she had directly and efficiently left,, without a trace of dragging her feet.

For a period of time, he was somewhat stunned. Among the people who came to seek treatment, who wasn't grovelling or trembling with fear? This loathsome girl had no discerning eyes, unable to tell good from bad!

Steward Leng had a gloomy look on his face, and coldly sneered at Su Luo. He loudly threatened: "Once you walk out of this door, you'd better not expect our master to personally undertake the task of medical treatment! You'd better think carefully!"

This type of threat, for one hundred tries, was one hundred percent effective.

But, this time was an exception.

Su Luo's figure paused, she glanced back and smiled in a charming and touching manner. "Steward Leng, I look forward to seeing you again."

Finished speaking, with an indifferent expression, Su Luo turned around and resolutely walked out.

In fact, Steward Leng really wanted to grab Su Luo and drag her to see Apothecary Leng. However, he didn't know why this calm and tranquil Su Luo gave him a strong feeling of deterrence. It made him acknowledge her, a reverence that prevented him from even resisting her.

Steward Leng coldly snorted, darkly cursing her: "You loathsome girl who doesn't know what's good for you, if you have the guts to walk out of these doors, then you'd better not come back crying and begging to enter again."

Since he was done cursing at her, while heading towards Apothecary Leng's refining room, he also tried to come up with ideas to tattletale on this loathsome girl to get her in trouble.

Su Luo walked out of the door. She saw Steward Xu manner, which indicated he was hesitant to speak, and she just gave him a smile. "It's okay, relax. We will just wait here for Apothecary Leng."

Wait for Apothecary Leng? Miss Su, you could actually say that, even now? Was Apothecary Leng someone who, when a person wanted to see, would actually get to see? Much less even expecting him to personally come out?

It was said that for more than ten years, Apothecary Leng hadn't taken even half a step outside of his manor, okay? Steward Xu really wanted to yell at Su Luo, but seeing her pretty and delicate manner, he really hadn't the heart to do so.

Such an opportunity like this that was hard to come by, was wasted by her! Steward Xu panted with rage and turned his face away.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth arched up slightly, a smiling expression flashed through her eyes.

Her heart was very certain.

Since the haughty and arrogant Steward Leng could personally invite her, then it was enough proof that 《Rebirth of Flesh Pill Recipe》 had already fallen into Apothecary Leng's hands.

Since that half a page of only a third of Primeval Pill Recipe had already fallen into Apothecary Leng's hands. With Apothecary Leng's gaze, why should she worry that the other side wouldn't know what it was?

Currently, as the seller at the marketplace, she, Su Luo, was the real boss. No matter how rude and unreasonable Apothecary Leng was, what could he possibly do to her? He would definitely still come and beseech her!

Su Luo's mouth turned up into a cold and cruel smile. She was looking forward to the raging tempest that Steward Leng was about to encounter.

Speaking of Steward Leng who was rejected by Su Luo. Afterwards, he had taken large strides towards Apothecary Leng's refining room. However, before he could even knock on the door to ask permission to enter, those eternally closed doors abruptly opened. At the door was an impatient and deeply worried face.

This was a forty to fifty years old middle-aged man. He had a scrawny figure, and his hair and eyebrows were a complete mess. He had a manner that showed he didn't care about his appearance. The white robe on his body had stains all over it. He looked somewhat dishevelled and unkempt.

Before waiting for Apothecary Leng to speak, Steward Leng had already started to complain. "Master, that loathsome girl doesn't know what's good for her. This servant, under your orders, went to invite her, but who would have thought that she would unexpectedly stand up, turn and leave! She was beyond hateful!"

Apothecary Leng's eyes suddenly became severe, he grabbed Steward Leng by the collar, while grinding his teeth, asked. "What did you say!?!?!"

Steward Leng thought Apothecary Leng was infuriated because his pride had been provoked. He was overflowing with joy, which increased his courage to make up something more sinister, even though initially there was nothing to complain about. "That loathsome girl also said... She said that there was nothing amazing about you. Not wanting to meet is fine, but she never placed you in her eyes as being worthy of respect!"