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Chapter 125 – To adapt to one’s taste (2)

 Chapter 125 - To adapt to one's taste (2)

When he had finished speaking, Steward Leng flunged his sleeves into the air and went back inside.

All of a sudden, a figure rushed from among the crowd of people. This child was around five or six years old. She had two pigtails, and she hung onto Leng household steward's leg and wailed. "Steward Leng, I beg of you. Please, I beg you to give some medicine. My mother is about to be sick ....wahh...waa...begging you..."

The little girl's words seem to resonate with everyone, and soon an unbroken succession of wailing sounds rose into the air.

The sounds of weeping rose and fell in succession; each was more mournful and miserable than the one before.

However, Steward Leng's face remained impassive as cold as his family name. He shook off the little girl as if discarding a rag, conveniently tossing her aside. He also brushed off his trouser leg as if her touch was filthy. With a cold snort said. "You want the medicine you seek? Only if you can provide our master with some treasure. You think he'll treat a patient and make medicine for free? Dream on!

When he finished speaking, he coldly flung his sleeves to the side and left.

Su Luo's eyebrows wrinkled. So having such a master as this Leng character would gave rise to such a servant. This Steward Leng's words, actions and mannerisms were too arrogant. Then Apothecary Leng would probably also be extremely troublesome to deal with.

However, even if you're an advance Apothecary, so what? Don't tell me that you could be better than the legendary Elder Zi Huo? His elder spend a lifetime of his own heart's blood to write 《Obscure Pill Recipes》. The book was now in her hands. Furthermore she also had that world famous Zi Huo's medicinal cauldron. How could Apothecary Leng have something of equal value?

Su Luo raised an eyebrow to hint at Apothecary Zuo.

A wry smile flashed through Apothecary Zuo's eyes.

Apothecaries also had a ridged ranks among themselves. He, as an intermediate Apothecary, waved his status about in front of others. However in front of an advanced Apothecary, he could only be accommodating.

And as everyone knows, this Steward Leng had accompanied Apothecary Leng since childhood till now. They were very close, and while Apothecary Leng was wholeheartedly immersed in the study of medicine, he would leave everything else in the care of Steward Leng. Therefore it was always Steward Leng being arrogant in front of others, and nobody dared to be arrogant in front of him.

Even take him Apothecary Zuo as an example, when meeting steward Leng he also could not straighten his spine.

Apothecary Zuo put on a smile, called out to steward Leng who was just about to go back in.

Steward Leng turned his head and saw Apothecary Zuo, he frowned slightly. His face had no sign of respect. "Apothecary Zuo, why did you come again? Our master have no time to instructed you in those hideous messy recipes of yours."

When he was done with his lecture, Steward Leng didn't even pause before walking into the doors, indicating to the servants that they should close it after him.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth rose into a taunting sneer.

You think that an advance Apothecary could be that extraordinary? A simple steward from your household could be so rude to an intermediate Apothecary? Would even dare to close the doors in front of his face? How could he pay so little respect to his counterpart?

Glancing again at Apothecary Zuo, she only saw him stroke his own beard. There was no sadness nor joy on his face, as if he had already anticipated the scenarios in front of him. He was not even a little mad by steward Leng's manner.

As if accustomed to such a scenario.

It was easy to see Yama the king of hell, but little demons were hard to deal with.

No wonder, it's not surprising that even Steward Xu couldn't request Apothecary Leng to come.

Su Luo coldly smiled, one hand preventing the doors from closing. Her voice firmly stated. "Wait a minute!"

Unexpectedly there were actually someone reckless enough to block the door? Steward Leng thought this was inconceivable, and he revealed a face that had a pointed mouth and monkey cheeks. His pair of shrewd and haughty eyes were somber and cold while he opened them to stared at Su Luo. He arrogantly raised his chin and cast sideway glances at Su Luo. "From where did this silly little girl run out of? Don't want to live anymore?"

Such a vulgar and rude steward!

However even though he was so capricious and mule headed, there were still countless number of people kneeling and begging him to accept the gift their family carefully bought and selected using the entire family fortune. This fact again proved to Su Luo that on the continent, the occupation of an Apothecary was case for how great a reverence.