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Chapter 123 – Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (9)

Chapter 123 - Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (9)

The large pool of blood on his chest was like an extremely beautiful decoration, gaudy and unpleasant to her eyes. It painfully stung her vision and left traces of moisture upon the rims of her eyes.

He tightly gripped Su Luo's right hand. His joints used all its strength to press down. Just a little more and the strength of the grip could almost cut off her wrist.

Painful; it really was painful.

Su Luo pursed her lips. It was so agonizing that Su Luo felt as if his grip would tighten until all her veins burst. She lowered her head and looked down. She saw the color of her veins rapidly retreat leaving the skin blanched white. Nangong Liuyun's grip was so tight that his fingers seem to have entered her flesh.

To use such strength.

Su Luo was in so much pain that she was completely numb.

However, her mouth was tightly closed, and she dared not speak a word, let alone to risk reminding him to release her hand.

Su Luo understood that right now he was in a lot of pain.

He was in so much pain that he had fainted, but he continued to suffer in agony.

The amount of pain he was currently enduring was greater than hers by thousands- no ten thousand times. And she knew she was the cause this evil that plagued him. How could she cry out and complain about pain in front of him?

If it could ease some of her guilt then she wished the pain would be even more fierce and severe.

Therefore her pure white wrist was almost squeezed until the bones shattered, and her entire body trembled from the agony, however she remained motionless. Her other hand steadily moved slowly, and little by little it wiped clean the jade-like skin on his face. She wiped away the large amount of cold sweat that were pouring out.

Whenever she finished cleaning off the current layer of sweat another layer would swiftly cover his face.

His jaw was tightly clenched, and his lower lip was being bitten until the blood slowly flowed down.

A trace of pain crossed Su Luo's heart. Such thin, good-looking lips shaped to perfection. It's such a pity to damage it.....without thinking Su Luo extended her finger to prop open his jaw. a split second Su Luo's long, shapely eyebrows tensed, her body however was still fixed in place, motionless.

Only until this moment was she able to deeply feel how deep was his pain.

When Ling Feng entered, this was the exquisite scene that stood frozen in time for him to see.

He saw Su Luo's hand that was blanched white from being squeezed, with wrist bones close to shattering, as well as her other hand that was bitten until it was dripping blood. A thread of astonishment flashed through the depths of his eyes, and it was followed by a clear understanding of what had really transpired.

Since the first time they met he had always been harsh, unreasonable, and critical of Su Luo. Her very appearance would cause his eyebrows to stand and furrow at her. However he no longer had the malice and the provocation as before. This was something that was spread afterwards.

When Ling Feng quietly retreated outside, he saw Xu San hastened over. Behind him followed an elderly man with white hair. Following closely at the heels of the elderly man was a small child with a medicine box.

A chill flashed through Ling Feng's eyes, he grabbed Xu San the third's shirt collar. "Where is the one with surname of Leng?"

Didn't they go to invite the Advanced Apothecary Leng Yan? How come the person that came was not him?

Xu San's entire face was pale, he felt sad and helpless. "Steward Xu stayed behind at Master Leng's manor, but nobody even saw a trace of Master Leng! Steward Xu was helpless and had no other choice but to send us to invite Apothecary Zuo here first."

Apothecary Zuo was an intermediate Apothecary, which was one level lower than Leng Yan. However now they could only invite him first to have a look, Steward Xu was still trying to think of ideas over at Leng manor.

After Apothecary Zuo entered, he checked his pulse, then meticulously and carefully examined him. He frowned, then said to Ling Feng and Su Luo. "This is too serious, this old man has not the slightest confidence of a cure. It's better to invite Apothecary Leng over to take a look."

"If we were able to invite him over, why would we invite you!?" Ling Feng did not give him any face and immediately became angry.

His Highness Prince Jin's injury almost drove him insane, like the roars of a trapped beast. At any time, he was prepared to pounce toward an enemy.

Apothecary Zuo was also a little helpless. Who told him that he would be so lacking in ability before the current situation?

Su Luo watched Nangong Liuyun continuously shivering on the bed, frowned and asked. "What would we need to invite that Apothecary Leng over here?"