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Chapter 117 – Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (3)

Chapter 117 - Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (3)

Fury flashed through Su Luo's heart. She swung a fist containing all the power in her body and smashed it with as much force as she could toward Nangong Liuyun's five viscera and six bowels (1)!

This fist contained all her strength!

Nangong Liuyun let out a groan and suddenly loosened his grip.

Su Luo's face was full of indignation and fury, so she did not carefully looked at him. She ruthlessly pushed him away. She turned around, lifted the curtain and jumped out of the carriage in a rage!

His horse carriage was not the only one on the road back to the capital. Even if it was the only one, she, Su Luo, would rather use her own pair of legs to walk back. She would definitely not trouble him again!

Panting with rage, Su Luo turned on her heels and walked away.

She had not noticed the peculiarity of Nangong Liuyun's appearance then.

After being pushed aside, Nangong Liuyun hit the carriage wall, and his complexion became as pale as paper. His right hand was pressed to his chest. His smooth and slender fingers could not stop trembling...

"Luo Luo--" He opened the carriage curtains, and sickly called out.

Su Luo did not even bother to turn her head. Her back was cold and determined.

Suddenly she heard the sound of a heavy weight fall to the ground behind her, along with Ling Feng's anxious cry.

Su Luo stopped her footsteps, thought about it, and ultimately decided to glance back.

Just one look made her deeply purse her brows.

She unexpectedly saw the god-like Nangong Liuyun's entirely battered and exhausted body tumble to the ground.

On his white brocade robe, his chest area was full stained with fresh blood. His originally handsomely-sculpted, tall and straight body now seem extremely weak, like glass that would shatter with one touch.

His former dark red lips were tainted with blood, it was devilishly alluring and wildly untamed.

Now with difficulty he propped himself up, a pair of beautiful eyes dim as frost. Even though he was pale and weak his stared deeply at Su Luo with a demonically charming expression.

His pair of eyes were fixed straight at Su Luo since the beginning, and he remained silent not speaking a word.

His pitch-black inky eyes held a deep meaning, making Su Luo's heart throb incessantly.

Nangong Liuyun, what is wrong with did he suddenly become so weak?

Su Luo looked at her own pair of hands with a confounded expression. Right now she shouldn't be strong enough to hit Nangong Liuyun until he spit out blood right?

Suddenly Nangong Liuyun's entire body seem to be possessed by a litany of evil, vampiric spirits. Cold sweat poured from his face, his complexion immediately became deathly pale.

His entire body began to shake and tremble. His scarlet, snowy lips instantly became purple and bruised. He grinded his teeth and tightly shut his mouth as if unable to suppress a large power was about to surge out!

"Not good! His Highness is about to go into Recoil of Madness (2)!" As His Highness Prince Jin's personal bodyguard, Ling Feng was so terrified that his hands and foot had gone soft.

His Highness Prince Jin was someone they all worshiped and believed in. If he lives, then the Tigerwolf Regiment lives. He dies, then the Tigerwolf Regiment would be exterminated!

Therefore, nothing must happen to high highness Prince Jin!

Ling Feng's complexion changed fluctuated, one moment it was pale and another it was ashen. He looked back and fiercely glared at Su Luo and sternly said. "His Highness is about to into Recoil of Madness, quickly come back and help!"

This woman! She actually hit His Highness until he was about to into Recoil of Madness! Right now Ling Feng was itching to kill Su Luo with one palm strike.

A touch of confusion appeared in Su Luo's eyes. How could she have the strength to hit Nangong Liuyun into Recoil of Madness? How powerful was Nangong Liuyun's strength compared to how powerful her strength was?

This person was speaking nonsense!

Seeing Su Luo's disbelief, Ling Feng was about to die from anger. He loudly shouted at Su Luo. "Because His Highness wanted to save you, he broke protocol and sent the signal to summon the Tigerwolf Regiment to come. Because His Highness wanted to see you earlier, originally he could have break through and advanced another rank; but by forcibly stopping the process, he maimed his own body to the point where his five viscera and six bowls were nearly dislocated. Not to mention His Highness's battle with the vulture king, where his internal injury was so heavy that he almost died from the wounds."

1) five viscera and six bowels is used for Chinese medicine studies. The five viscera refers to heart, liver, lungs, spleen and kidney. The six bowls are the hollow organs such as; gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, the triple focus (probably the cavity) and bladder.

2) The Chinese phrase is literally translated as enter fire and pass magic. This happens when something goes wrong during cultivation or practice of martial arts. The person with this condition goes insane or die. Thank you all for vote...Decided to combine the best suggestion and top votes into Recoil of Madness.