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Chapter 111 – A bitter kiss (1)

Chapter 111 - A bitter kiss (1)

Day and night, despite being constantly hunted down, constantly escaping and facing several dangerous, life-or-death situations, Su Luo had never felt depressed. But when faced with Nangong Liuyun's repeated interrogation, the softest spots near her heart suddenly throbbed with pain.

It was a faint, gradual and dull pain.

Su Luo's unwavering and experienced well-like eyes gazed back at Nangong Liuyun, lightly and dimly. The corners of her lips lifted into a breezy smile, indifferently spitting out two words: "Let go."

Nangong Liuyun grip locked onto Su Luo's hand. Not only did he not let up, his grip tightened even more. Ink-black eyes stared with an overbearingly imposing chilly vigor. There was also a faint wavering emotion that Su Luo could not read.

In the end, it was still Su Luo who conceded first. Her nose twitched slightly, and taking a deep breath, she batted her jet black eyelashes insincerely at Nangong Liuyun: "Your Highness Prince Jin, I'm very sorry for having troubled you. But please don't worry, Su Luo will not be troubling you again in the future!"

Su Luo worked hard to restrain her turbulent emotions. Her tone was steady and unwavering, and her beautiful eyes held a hint of sarcasm.

He was alway telling her that he would treat her well; but upon meeting his childhood sweetheart, was she not still immediately discarded?

However beautiful the promise, in the end it was only like this.

Su Luo-ah-Su Luo, in the end what are you feeling so sorrowful about? Was being hurt by Yun Qi in your previous life, not enough? To actually be so naive as to hope that someone who would wholeheartedly treat you well? How laughable!

Nangong Liuyun quietly watched as Su Luo deliberately distanced herself from him. His expression grew terrifyingly somber, as if he was holding back an invisible anger. However, when he observed her closely, he saw her almost hysterical self-deprecating laugh that made it seem that she was simultaneously crying and laughing. His red lips parted a little as his eyes grew deeply frightening.

In the end, his Adam's apple moved a bit, and he gazed deeply at Su Luo with a frown. "How come you couldn't make others worry less? If anything were to happened to you, how will this king be able to explain this to your Su Manor?"

Su Luo remained where she was, as refined as an ancient Greek sculpture, she emitted a subtle chill from her whole body.

She lifted her gaze towards Nangong Liuyun, coldly smilingly with veiled ridicule. "Doesn't your Highness Prince Jin not know about the situation in Su Manor? If something happened to me, wouldn't it be really advantageous to certain people? They wouldn't have been able to thank you fast enough for it, so how could they even blame you?"

Nangong Liuyun gazed deeply at Su Luo. His lips parted and closed slightly as a solemn, suffocating atmosphere surrounded them in their silence.

Suddenly, Nangong Liuyun's long arm swooped in and brought Su Luo tightly into his arms.

His arms were strong and forceful, his chest was warm and hard, holding her tightly in his embrace. The hold almost squeezed out all of the air from her lungs, nearly suffocating her.

His action was wild, tyrannical and intense; rejection was not an option.

Coming from nowhere, the tight embrace caught Su Luo unprepared. By the time she recovered her composure, she was already imprisoned in his arms, unable to make the slightest move.

He hugged her very, very tightly, and his lanky physique trembled slightly; a hard to suppress moving emotion as if having found the precious treasure he had lost before.

But, was it really possible? The corner of Su Luo's lips lifted in faint irony.

She wanted to push away from him, but found her own strength before this man was comparable to an ant trying to shake a giant tree, unable to move it a single jot.

Nangong Liuyun took unfair advantage of her body and began to kiss her.

Su Luo's heart suddenly blazed with a wave of rage and indignation.

She struggled and turned her face aside, his lips brushing past her cheek.

Angered, Nangong Liuyun bit at her lips again, in a punitive, overbearing manner.

As she gasped in pain, his lively tongue forcibly pried open her teeth and probed the depths within, besieging and plundering her mouth in a willful and ravaging manner.

This kind of kiss, under the watchful eyes of many, made Su Luo feel exceedingly... uncomfortable!