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Chapter 101 – In enemy hands (2)

Chapter 101 - In enemy hands (2)

She definitely didn't want that kind of tragedy to occur to her own body.

Since that was the case, all she could do was to wait and see.

She was pushed to the front by Er Huang. While walking slowly, Su Luo's thought process was like electricity. Plan after plan rapidly went through her head, as she thoroughly searched for a way to escape her predicament.

She struggled to break free of the ropes that bound her hands behind her back, but sadly found that the red rope actually became even tighter. The rope tightened so much that it practically cut into her flesh. Su Luo sucked in a cold breath and immediately abandoned this method.

"Tch--" Er Huang scoffed, "You think it's just an ordinary rope? Truly laughable! That is the Restraining Spirit Rope! Someone who has no spiritual power actually wants to force it open? Dream on!"

Spirit strength, was it? After her sealed space had been opened, Su Luo was no longer that good-for-nothing without a bit of spirit power!

However, Er Huang once again opened her mouth and interrupted Su Luo's sweet dreams, "Even if you have spirit strength, without knowing the method, then you are only trying to no avail!"

Su Luo suddenly became frustrated.

Alright, this method could also not be used.

While walking, Su Luo pretended to trip over her own feet and fell to the ground, with her back against the wall.

In an instant, she pulled out the new dagger from her space to cut the rope. To her displeasure, she discovered that the rope couldn't be cut!

Okay then, she had to think of other ways.

Er Huang with a sneer, looked at her: "Stop trying, you can't escape! Obediently come with me to the Jade Lake Palace!"

"Even though you know that I'm a space mage, you still use this method to invite me? You're not afraid that I'll blacken your name in front of your master?" Su Luo tried to use words to divert her attention.

"Blacken my name? You really think that you're a notable person?" Er Huang laughed mockingly, casting a sidelong glance at Su Luo, with a face full of disdain, "Could it be that you don't know that there is a magical technique called Control Intentions? It can directly control the human mind, making people into walking corpses. Do you really think that after you arrive at the Jade Lake Palace, you are able to choose?"

Control Intentions? Like walking corpses? Su Luo's heart was palpitating with fear.

On the surface, Su Luo kept a wronged and lonely expression, but in her heart, she was secretly coming up with ideas.

This Jade Lake's fairy's maid must be killed before she meets up with the Jade Lake's fairy! Su Luo absolutely could not let Er Huang leak out her secret, or else her life in the future would not be peaceful.

They eventually reached the end of the long secluded tunnel, and they had already walked past the long, winding underground river. Although Su Luo had racked her brain, she still had not thought of an escape plan. She could not help but be secretly anxious.

Now, speaking of the Jade Lake fairy's side.

At the side of Nangong Liuyun, there currently stood the figure of a tall man dressed in black clothing. His entire body was wrapped in a black robe. He was standing rigidly straight, giving people a cold and harsh kind of feeling.

Nangong Liuyun received him. His gaze was devilishly charming and ruthless, revealing an ice-cold majestic light: "Are they all present?"

"Yes." The black -clothed man was very respectful. "Three thousand members of the Tigerwolf regiment have all been gathered, awaiting Your Highness's command."

"Search the Sunset Mountain Range with full force, you must find her!" Nangong Liuyun's face was a bit pale. Underneath his seemingly unperturbed eyes, was concealed a hawk-like penetrating sharp edge. His body was covered in a solemn and murderous aura. "If you can't find her, then there's no need to return to this king!"

"Yes sir!" The black-clothed man's straight and tall body bent down in a bow. He paid his respects and then turned around.

He lifted his hands. Immediately, three thousand people, shrouded in black robes, split into groups of ten, scattering in all directions to search.

Standing nearby, the Jade Lake's fairy had her fists clenched, looking at Nangong Liuyun once again speaking his desires, her serene and undisturbed face had a trace of fury that was difficult to conceal.

She never would have thought that Nangong Liuyun would actually send the Tigerwolf Regiment into the Sunset Mountain Range!