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Chapter 99 – To search for hidden treasures (5)

Chapter 99 - To search for hidden treasures (5)

Su Luo wanted to shift the medicinal cauldron, but found that no matter how much strength she used, it wouldn't budge. It was as if the thing was rooted to the ground.

If others wanted to take away the medicinal cauldron, it would be extremely difficult. Who knew Su Luo would have the greatest treasure for traveling that others would kill for on her body?

Su Luo placed her hand on the edge of the medicinal cauldron and murmured, "collect."

Thus, Zi Huo's medicinal cauldron, weighing over five thousand kilograms (1), vanished on the spot.

Su Luo extended her senses into her space and become somewhat worried.

She discovered that after circling the cave and taking everything, that little ten square meters of space had been stuffed full, with barely any space left for her to stand in it.

How could she do this? That corner still had a pile of black rocks. She had neither an idea of what it was nor its purpose.

Since she couldn't pack it, then she would just abandon it. She would wait until she was fated to come back here and collect it in the future, Su Luo thought sadly.

Hence, she bent over to pick up a few pieces, planning to find someone to analyze it.

After all. it was left behind by Elder Zi Huo, something left behind by him, how could it be simple?

After throwing exactly three rocks into her space, all of a sudden, Su Luo felt a wave of dizziness. It was a pain that she couldn't make heads or tails of it, and that almost knocked her off her feet.

But this kind of stinging pain left as quickly as it came, it was gone in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, Su luo checked her space, and suddenly, her mouth formed an "O" shape.

Unexpectedly, this was also possible?

Su Luo discovered that her space had grown bigger, even though the change was not obvious. However, at the corner her space, it had actually grown by square meter.

This kind of discovery made Su Luo ecstatic.

The space can actually get larger?

Su Luo's gaze fell upon the pile of round black stones.

Just now, she had put in the medicinal cauldron, books and other materials, and yet the space did not change. However, after putting in those three black little stones, her space changed.

Could it be that these rocks were able to increase the size of her space?

Whether it was true or not, she could find out by trying again.

Su Luo picked up a black rock and threw it in, one piece, two pieces, three pieces...


Suddenly, Su Luo felt her head started to ache, it hurt so much that she broke out in cold sweat. But after she opened her eyes, she found that her space had indeed grown bigger by another square meter!

It turned out to be true!

This discovery allowed Su Luo to put her heart at ease.

Without hesitation, she promptly swept up the remaining ten or so stones from the ground into her space, sweeping the floor clean.

Hence, her space had widened again by another five square meters.

Su Luo was secretly delighted. If there was an opportunity, she would go search for more of these black stones.

At this moment, Su Luo had yet to find out what kind of energy actually resided in these black rocks, and how advantageous they would be to her cultivation in the future.

However, just as Su Luo was about to leave, she realized that another person was at the entrance. That person was hugging her sword and reclining against the entrance, lips in a sneer, with eyes as cold as a viper unblinkingly staring at her.

Su Luo felt her heart jump, silently bemoaning trouble.

Just now,she had recklessly swept up all those treasures in the room. Had it possibly been witnessed by her opponent?

Since Su Luo could not sense the other's presence when she arrived, this already proved that that person's martial skills were a lot better than hers.

"Su Luo, your cheap life still has such great luck in surviving!" Er Huang held her double-edged sword, sneering nonstop as she approached Su Luo.

Ever since Er Huang had lost Su Luo's trail, she had continuously searched. Later, she found traces of a fight at the edge of a cliff. Without another word, she shimmied down the creeper vine and searched enroute. Unexpectedly, she had discovered this cave that was a completely different world.

However, the most important discovery was of Su Luo's body.

Er Huang would never have imagined, that the legendary good-for-nothing, was actually a space mage that was considered to be extinct on the continent!

1) A Chinese Jin = 0.5 kilogram or 1.1 pounds. Here the author stated 10,000 jin, which then equals 5,000 kilogram. We will be converting all measurements to the International System of Units .