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Chapter 96 – To search for hidden treasures (2)

 Chapter 96 - To search for hidden treasures (2)

Not far from the workbenches, there was a bookshelf with a few books randomly placed on the shelves.

However, this was not the cause of Su Luo's astonishment. What amazed her was that there were about seven to eight corpses lying in various positions surrounding the workbench. Every corpse was air-dried and withered, as if the owner had passed away a long time ago.

It was very clear that these people had been in a very intense fight.

Su Luo was in the midst of frowning when suddenly, she sensed danger behind her. Su Luo immediately dropped and rolled on the ground to dodge.

"Didn't know that your survival skills were so great. Even the fall couldn't kill you!" Nen Lu said as she leaned on the corner wall for support. Her face displayed a duplicitous and furtive smile, full of strong killing intent.

In the beginning, Nen Lu was only following orders to kill Su Luo when she attacked the other. However, at this moment, Nen Lu was itching to dismember Su Luo into ten thousand tiny pieces for her own benefit.

"Aren't you also still alive?" Su Luo's smile was as light as a cloud and gentle like the wind. Nevertheless, a trace of apprehension appeared in her heart.

The opponent was a third ranked martial artist, while she herself had no spiritual strength. They were both injured, but by observing Nen Lu's attack a moment ago, Su Luo realized that Nen Lu's injuries were much lighter than hers.

Nen Lu was about to seize this opportunity to kill Su Luo when suddenly, her line of sight turned towards the interior of the room.

With just this one look, she was so amazed that her mouth fell open. Then, an ecstatic expression appeared on her face.

Nen Lu quickly walked into the room, full of excitement and with an incredulous expression.that looked at everything inside. She kept mumbling to herself. "This. This can't be real, right? Could it actually be Zi Huo's medicinal cauldron? Is it really Zi Huo's medicinal cauldron?"

"What is a Zi Huo's medicinal cauldron?" Su Luo asked, full of curiosity.

At this time, Nen Lu already viewed Su Luo as a dead person, so she felt no need to conceal anything from her. Right now, Nen Lu really needed to let out the ecstasy in her heart or else she would go mad from holding it in.

"I told you you were a good-for-nothing but you refuse to accept it. You haven't even heard of Zi Huo's medicinal cauldron. Zi Huo's medicinal cauldron is a top-notch divine artifact pursued by all the Apothecaries in the world. If they use this medicinal cauldron to refine medicine, then the rate of success will increase by a hundredfold! Never mind, talking to you is simply like playing a lute to a cow (1). You don't even know what an Apothecary is, right?"

Confronted by Nen Lu's belittling expression, Su Luo coldly laughed in her heart. Sorry to embarrass you, but this great one actually has a wood-fire dual system and was preparing to level up as an Apothecary.

At this moment, Nen Lu looked at Zi Huo's medicinal cauldron in wonder. Her sword was emitting mysterious rays of light as she murmured to herself. "It was said that during that time, Elder Zi Huo went into seclusion. Could it be that he finally died here?"

"Elder Zi Huo?" Su Luo again asked, "Who is he?"

Nen Lu rolled her eyes. "You haven't even heard of Elder Zi Huo? This renowned Elder was the world's only Grandmaster level Apothecary. Do you know how many famous families and noble clans under the heavens wanted to curry favor with this renowned Elder? Yet you have actually never heard of this Elder Zi Huo. Your stupidity can't be cured. I really have nothing more to say to you."

Su Luo knew that the continent's Apothecaries were divided into levels: Elementary Apothecary, Intermediate Apothecary, Advanced Apothecary, Elite Apothecary, as well as Grandmaster Apothecary.

It was extremely difficult to advance to the next Apothecary level.

However, Apothecaries were rare, thus making every Apothecary extremely precious.

Su Manor's Apothecary was only an Elementary Apothecary, but due to his existence, he was able to ensure that Su Manor did not topple for the past few decades.

She never expected that the Elder Zi Huo was the legendary rumored Grandmaster Apothecary. It was indeed hard to imagine.

"Wow!" Nen Lu, who was lingering in front of the bookshelf ahead, suddenly loudly shrieked, "Primeval pill recipes! Unexpectedly, 《Obscure Pill Recipes》(2) is also here! Oh heavens! Jackpot, I really hit the jackpot!"

《Obscure Pill Recipes》 was Elder Zi Huo's personal notes. It was a written record of his life's knowledge and experience regarding medicinal recipes. Inside, it also had a lot of primeval pill recipes which had not been passed on and were thought to be lost for eternity.

1) playing a lute to a cow - idiom: figuratively meaning offering a treat to an unappreciative audience; to cast pearls before swine; caviar to the general; to preach to deaf ears; to talk over somebody's head.

2) 《》 we are going to use the same brackets that the author used for highlighting titles.... I'm sure I'll eventually find the underline function in WordPress but the brackets looks cooler 😉