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Chapter 93 -- To come back from death’s door (6)

 Chapter 93 ­- To come back from death's door (6)

Bang...The sound resounded, Cui Yu's head cracked open. She immediately died and couldn't have been more dead.

"It was you who committed suicide, I certainly did not make a move to kill you." Su Luo smiled while showing off her snowy white teeth.

After that, she quickly began to clean up any traces that may be left behind.

Wasting no less than one hour, she had erased all traces. Then, she advanced deep into the mountains.

She knew that the Jade Lake's fairy wanted to kill her, so she only had three possible roads she could take.

One way was to avoid the Jade Lake's fairy and find Nangong Liuyun.

The Jade Lake's fairy wouldn't dare to kill her in front of Nangong Liuyun, but this method had a high degree of difficulty. In addition, she really didn't want to see him right now.

The second way was to hide deep within this mountainous ancient forest, making sure that the other side could never find her.

As for the third way, it was to kill everyone that the Jade Lake's fairy had sent after her.

However that last option, with regards to the current Su Luo, was too unrealistic.

The towering, majestic mountains extended endlessly into the distance.

Su Luo continuously dove into the forests of the deep mountain. Along the way, she carefully erased any trace of her passing, hoping she would not be found by the other side.

She walked for about two hours, when a sense of danger assaulted her mind. Su Luo now had a tingling feeling along her back.

She knew, she was being followed by someone.

Also the person this time, like Cui Yu had said, had martial arts that were at a much higher level than Cui Yu's.

Su Luo hid deep within the ancient trees, and coldly looked towards the front.

There was a woman wearing a light yellow-colored slip over her garments. Her breath was stronger than Cui Yu's, so she was probably a third ranked martial artist.

Su Luo was able to kill Cui Yu because of her sneak attack, but this person was already at the third rank. This time, it would be difficult to handle!

Su Luo blended herself into the night, as much as possible, reducing her presence.


All of a sudden, she could only see this maiden called Er Huang smile coldly. Subsequently, she directly came at Su Luo with an attack.

She had actually been discovered!

The strength in that sword strike was not something Su Luo could block right now.

Su Luo dropped to the ground and rolled away, evading that fatal attack.

Right after, she lengthened her steps and dashed ahead.

Su Luo knew that if she was to fight one on one, this person could easily and effortlessly knock her out.

The current her could only evade and hide.

Su Luo saw the creeper vine in the forest, and her heart rejoiced. She lifted up the creeper vine and entered a secret hidden cave.

The cave was very narrow, with only a square meter of space. Su Luo's back pressed up against the cave's wall. She controlled her breathing and suppressed her heartbeat to its lowest speed, like a cold-blooded animal during hibernation. It could be sensed that she only had a trace of presence.

Through the creeper vine, Su Luo's eyes narrowed into a slit. At the same time, her heart was full of wrath.

Jade Lake's fairy, if you want a man, don't you know how to win him over by yourself? What kind of ability is it to kill an outsider like her!?!?

Su Luo clenched her fist firmly, a furious intent flashing through her eyes. She vowed to wait until her strength rose. She would absolutely balance this account and properly return the compliment!

However, right now, Su Luo could only rage inside and endure it silently.

However, her attempt to forbear was too late.

Because her emotions had been too stirred up, therefore, her vitality rose too vigorously. Consequently, that Er Huang maiden was finally able to detect a thread of difference.

Seeing that the sword was about to strike towards her with a killing intent, Su Luo rolled on the ground, rushing out and leaving the small cave.

She managed to escape this time's extremely close and thrilling death chase.

However, a good thing didn't last forever. Very quickly, halfway on the road, Su Luo again detected that she had been locked on by Er Huang!

This indeed, was the soul of the deceased having not dispersed (1)!

Su Luo hid herself in a swamp. Her entire body was buried in the muddy ooze. She was covered in dried up decomposing tree leaves, with only a pair of eyes exposed at the surface.

She stopped her breathing, and wished that this time she could escape.

However, this Er Huang maiden stood at the edge of the swamp. There was an unkind fury on her face, like that of someone who had long endured, but was still unable to catch that person.

1) the soul of the deceased having not dispersed - idiom: figuratively meaning the influence still lingers on; the spirit (of some doctrine) is still alive.