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Chapter 92 -- To come back from death’s door (5)

 Chapter 92 ­- To come back from death's door (5)

"So it's like that." A thread of frost appeared in Su Luo's eyes, and a barely visible smile rose from the corner of her mouth.

What bullshit title, 'fairy'. More like 'exceedingly refined' cow dung; what 'being above the common populace's dirty emotions', they were all a bunch of dog shit!

Nangong Liuyun was so stupid, that it made her want to laugh. He always bragged about being highly intelligent, but was unable to see clearly that the woman by his side had the heart of a snake and the methods of a scorpion.

"What about Nangong Liuyun? How is he right now?" A hidden meaning passed through Su Luo's huge eyes, which sparkled and were translucent like jade. The corner of her mouth had a faintly mocking expression.

"His highness Prince Jin and our Young Mistress are together!" These words were correct but Cui Yu had not told the whole truth.

Su Luo nodded her head.

Nangong Liuyun, when you saw that the little treehouse had been wiped out, was your heart able to feel guilt and remorse?

Being you were unsure of whether I am dead or alive, were you worried?

Why was it that the one that was looking for me is not you?

So once you have your Jade Lake's fairy, do I no longer matter to you?

If I think about it this way, then the vow you previously made to me -and all that you said- are really laughable.

As expected. If ever she depended on a mountain for support, then the mountain would collapse. If she leaned on a person, the person would run away. People ah...she could only rely on herself.

Su Luo's pair of eyes were like water, but she had an icy-cold expression that was intent on hearing the truth, "Talk, how many people did your Jade Lake's fairy send out to kill me?"

Since they were already dispatched, the Jade Lake's fairy wanted to completely eliminate her. It seemed like this time, she really was surrounded by perils. It was extremely dangerous.

Su Luo didn't know what was wrong with her. Could it be because her character was lacking?

It had only been half a day, yet she had already encountered three cases of being chased by groups trying to kill her.

She felt as if she should personally visit a temple and burn a stick of incense, pay respect to Buddha, or do anything to try and get rid of this rotten fortune. She simply had the worst luck.

However, Cui Yu face's became unresponsive, and she turned her head away.

"Don't want to talk? Very good, extremely good." A sinister sneer appeared in Su Luo's eyes.

Right now Su Luo's mood was really gloomy, and here was a person not afraid of death, delivering herself for Su Luo to vent on. This was really the only good thing going for her at the moment .

Without as much as a hint of hesitation, her dagger directly chopped down!

"Ahhhh--My hand--" Cui Yu could only see that her entire wrist had been cut off with blood pouring out and spraying madly everywhere.


She hadn't even finished when Su Luo's dagger chopped down again!


Cui Yu's other hand was also severed, blood similarly madly rushed forth.

"I'll talk.....I'll talk!" Cui Yu was in so much pain that she almost died. Her complexion was as pale as paper, and cold sweat was falling down like rain.

"Actually, you can still wait for a moment." Su Luo's smile was as friendly as a warm breeze, but in Cui Yu's eyes, she was like a demon from Asura's Hell, with an expression full of a terrible sinister intent.

"Apart from me, there are three other people." Cui Yi was in so much agony that she could only grasp roughly for air. Her eyes unwaveringly glared at Su Luo, full of fierce, malicious curses. "Everyone of their strength is stronger than mine, and they definitely will avenge me!!!"

"Really? Then let's just wait and see." Su Luo stood up, towering above her and disdainfully looked down at her. "Upon the fact that you revealed everything. I'll give you a chance, finish yourself off."

"No--" Cui Yu desperately shook her head, at the moment when she was really at death's door. She finally become aware that she really will forever depart from this world.

Afterwards, there won't be any breaths, won't be able to smell the air, won't be able to open her eyes again...Blue sky, white clouds, she won't be able to see anything anymore.

"If I was to do it, I'm afraid I won't be able to help but to slice off your flesh piece by piece from your body." Su Luo indifferently looked at her own hands, smilingly said. "I have yet to kill a person, don't want to dirty my hands because of you."

"You--" Cui Yu was very wrathful, but she thought about Su Luo's ruthless methods, so she closed her eyes and furiously flung herself head-first to a nearby rock.