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Chapter 87 – The lovable, adorable, little dragon (3)

Chapter 87 - The lovable, adorable, little dragon (3)

She continuously called out to the adorable little dragon with her mind. She shouted mentally until her brain almost cramped up.

However, the adorable little dragon continued to lie firmly on its belly beside the spirit spring. Its little face looked up, showing a pair of large winsome eyes with crocodile tears flowing down its face. It gave Su Luo a pitiful and wretched expression as if she had caused it to feel aggrieved.

Within the space, Su Luo's spirit form glared at the little dragon with a fierce expression. "If you don't come out now, your mother dragon will kill me with one spray of Dragon's Breath! At that time you will also die! Let's play this game together!"

She could not understand. Clearly on the other side was its birth mother, but the little dragon incorrectly kept looking at her and would not leave the space.

Could it be that its own family was not as appealing as someone else's family? No wonder some kids, for whom exotic delicacies were the norm in their own family homes, preferred to eat ordinary vegetables dishes from other families.

The adorable little dragon continued to use those pitiful eyes to look at Su Luo.

Su Luo faked a fierce appearance and single-handedly picked up the adorable little dragon preparing to return it.

But, both of the adorable little dragon's paws had a death grip on the edge of the spirit spring and refused to let go. Crocodile tears were falling from its eyes, as if to say that Su Luo was a human trafficker who kidnapped and sold children!

Su Luo propped up her head with one hand. Whose family did this spoiled child really belong to? Please come and quickly carry it home because she couldn't afford to raise it.

She merely want to return the little dragon to its original owner, so what was so wrong with that? The little dragon was making it seem as if she was sending it to the execution block.

Finally, Su Luo was left without any other option. If the little dragon didn't show its face now, the divine dragon will definitely kill her with a mouthful of Dragon's Breath.

As a result, Su Luo cajoled the little dragon using a gentle tone and displayed a friendly appearance. She clenched her teeth, put on a warm, tender smile and said. "How about I fill a large bucket with the spirit spring and you can take it home with you?"

The adorable little dragon shook its head. " ...." That wouldn't be nearly enough...

Su Luo was frustrated, but she, once again, put on a coaxing smile and said. "Then how about....let's first go greet your mother dragon and politely ask about her health, okay? After all, she has not seen you since you hatched."

The adorable little dragon shook its head. " ...." It was certain it would be be carried away!

Su Luo only felt the space between her eyebrows burst with aggravation. Finally, she gave a secretive calculating smile and quickly picked up the adorable little dragon. "You think I won't be able to pick you up? Harumph, humph!"

It came to Su Luo that within her space, she was the boss!

When the adorable little dragon was lifted out of her space and appeared in her arms, the divine dragon had been in the midst of brewing a second Dragon's Breath.

"Your eminence, hurry and take it back." Su Luo cupped the adorable little dragon with both hands and hastily rushed forward to gave it back.

She placed the adorable little dragon on the ground and motioned the little guy to hurry up and pay its respect.

It should be said that the divine dragon had also suffered bitterly. After many trials and tribulations she birthed the egg then had to incubate it for a long time. Once the adorable little dragon was born, in spite of everything it refused to go home. It forced this new mother to chase after it and had succeeded in embarrassing her to death.

The adorable little dragon, with wobbled and swaying steps, turned its head back every step and shuffled to the front of the divine dragon.

The angry mother dragon used a water bucket-sized forefinger and poked its head causing the adorable little dragon to bend over like a roly poly and, with a loud thumping sound, fall backwards.

That sight was comically funny and laughable, such that Su Luo almost laughed out loud.

However, the divine dragon just indifferently swept her eyes toward Su Luo.

That expression was cold as ice, and a frosty air started to climb up from the soles of her feet. All at once, Su Luo could not laugh anymore.

The eyes of the divine dragon contained an endless killing intent, and its ferocious expression gave off a violently irate mood. It was about to let loose a wave of Dragon's Breath towards Su Luo.

However just at this time, the adorable little dragon clutched at the divine dragon's finger and followed the path up its arm, wobbling and swaying as it climbed up. Finally its tiny buttocks sat on top of the divine dragon's nose, cleanly dispersing the Dragon's Breath its mother was brewing.

In that moment, the divine dragon and the adorable little dragon had an appearance of mutual affection for one another, of a mother and child.

Su Luo's heart moved. If she didn't leave now then what was she waiting for?

If the divine dragon discovered that the adorable little dragon and her had formed a contract, she's afraid it would squash her to death with one slap of its claws.

Hence, Su Luo walked quietly on the tips of her toe and retreated a few steps. After she had made some ground, she turned her body around and stealthily slipped away.