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Chapter 83 – You have been abandoned (2)

Chapter 83 - You have been abandoned (2)

Maybe it was due to drinking the Celestial Spirit water, but Su Luo suddenly that felt her whole body had become light and graceful. She felt as lithe as a swallow, and her speed compared to before was faster by a large margin.

Previously she was shaken until she spat out blood. She had run until utter exhaustion, but under a mouthful of spirit spring, these symptoms had now all disappeared.

Run, run, run.

Su Luo ran to the other side, grabbed the creeper vine and jumped off to swung all the way to the other side of the cliff.

The divine dragon was tightly pursuing behind her, unwilling to let go.

It breathed out a Dragon's Breath towards her, half of the cliff suddenly collapsed, numerous rocks began to rain onto Su Luo.

Su Luo fell like a flexible Flood dragon (1), jumping right and left as she continued to dodge.

When the chase got extremely close for comfort, Su Luo suddenly had a flash of insight that made her firmly slapped herself in the head.

Her space had been opened already, so the adorable little dragon's blood held no more use for her. She can just return the adorable little dragon. How could she have been so stupid? How could she not have thought of this earlier?

Su Luo's thoughts were well developed, but reality was very different.

When she had come out, the adorable little dragon had been thrown into her space, so currently, Su Luo could clearly see the adorable little dragon with its tiny butt raised and its whole body lying in front of the fountain. It had its face in the spirit spring glup, glup, drinking it down. Slowly, the places where the spirit spring was located began to disappear.

Inside Su Luo her mind and heart were in great pain.

She hastily summoned the adorable little dragon in her mind, "little Meng Meng, good boy, nice boy, quickly come out now."

"........." the adorable little dragon continued to drink.

"Your home's master is about to be beaten up by your mom! Quickly come out!" Su Luo dodged left and right, while she continued to call anxiously.

"......." the adorable little dragon clutched the earth at the side of the spirit spring with its two small paws, dipped its head and continued to drink.

On Su Luo's head, three lines of veins burst out.

This disobedient little guy, when she escaped this, he'll see how she'll spank his little ass.

On this road, Su Luo was being chased by the divine dragon while constantly zig-zagging and scurrying around in all directions. Finally, even she did not know where she had ended up.

Suddenly, Su Luo sensed that there were people in front, and they were even people she was familiar with.

Su Luo's eyes flashed with a secretive and evil look; then, with no guilt at all, she guided the divine dragon in their direction.

Leading the trouble to the east (2), this was a trick Su Luo was very skilled at.

Soon, Su Luo had gotten so close that she could see a five-person group

The group was not just any random group. It was none other than Liu Ruohua's group.

When Liu Ruohua turned her head to see Su Luo whole body's battered and exhausted appearance, obviously she looked very happy.

She looked up, down and all over Su Luo; at last with an unbridled laugh she grinned, "Su Luo, so it was you? We were only separated for so long, yet how did you become this embarrassingly disheveled?"

Su Luo absent-mindedly looked over at her, she blandly responded with one sentence, "and you're not unkempt?"

Currently, Liu Ruohua's clothing was filthy and tattered from head to toe. Her face was covered in scars from being scratched by tree branches, bloody all over, she was a complete mess.

Her face was probably injured by the tornado from before.

Liu Weiming looked at Su Luo, his eyes flashed with a complex look. He laughed with enthusiasm, "Miss Su? How come his highness Prince Jin is not with you?"

Su Luo let out a sigh, "His highness Prince Jin had some business and left for a while, he will be back soon. Do you have some business that need him?"

When she heard this, Liu Ruohua let out a huge, maniacal mocking laugh. She pointed at Su Luo and said, "You little credit claiming whore! You think we don't know? His highness Prince Jin had already left chasing after the Jade Lake's fairy. He abandoned you, yet you still don't understand? You're just his highness Prince Jin's plaything, a pawn that he can always discard at anytime!"

1) Flood dragon - legendary dragon with the abilities to control rain and floods

2) Leading the trouble to the east - idiom: meaning redirecting the trouble onto someone else