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Chapter 81 – To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (8)

Chapter 81 - To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (8)

Just what had she walked away with? Originally she thought it was a treasure from the heavens; but she never would have expected that she had actually carried back a tiny demon!

Before she believed that she was the goddess of fortune reincarnated as a mortal, but, now she felt that she was a villain that had killed the goddess's father and led to her decline.

How did it end up like this? Spatial Grass and Celestial Spirit water were gone, doesn't this mean that she will never be able to open her space?

The adorable little dragon apparently could detect Su Luo's anxiety, and it tilted its tiny head.

Su Luo worriedly paced around with the dragon's swaying little legs following closely behind. It wobbled and shook while it fumbled after her from here to there. If strangers were to see this scene, they might be unsure whether to to laugh or cry.

In the end, Su Luo crouched down, picked up the silly little dragon, looked it in the eye, and fiercely asked, "Little guy, you tell me. Should I stew you, or roast you, or stir-fry you?

The silly little dragon was completely unaware it was about to be food.

It tilted its head, and a pair of large, limpid, amber eyes foolishly watched Su Luo with a deep sense of puzzlement.

"Don't know how to speak right? Then I'll just take it as you agreeing with whatever I choose?" Su Luo smiled while fishley surveying it. Holding her broken dagger and gestured over its little paws.

As her mind became clear she began to realize something. Since Nangong Liuyun had obtained a blade of Spatial Grass, it should be the case that there was a second one.

As for the Celestial Spirit water, since the Su family had been able to obtain it before, then there was sure to be more in this world. As long as she spend some time searching, then she definitely will find it.

As for this dragon's blood, if not for a coincidence by chance, it would have been even harder to come by.

What's more, this was actually divine dragon's blood, and much better when compared to the whatever inferior blood that came from the Armored Back Dragon.

However, looking at the silly little dragon in front of her, Su Luo had her worries.

This little thing, that had just hatched, was so thin and feeble, with delicate arms and legs. How could she take action?

She had no desire to kill it; she only wanted to take a little blood from it. But she was worried that with one strike of her dagger would the adorable little dragon die?

Just when Su Luo was indecisively wavering, suddenly the adorable little dragon leaned closer to her bosom, with eyes closed it reflexively sniffed around in her embrace like a piglet seeking milk to drink.

Su Luo immediately became speechless.

With one grab she pulled out the little guy and unhappily scowled, "I'm definitely not your dragon mother, so don't even think about poking around."

The silly little dragon opened its misty eyes, and it stupidly looked at Su Luo. Suddenly--

She only saw it opening its little mouth, a sharp and clear dragon's cry was uttered like a soft whistle--

Su Luo was immediately caught off guard, and her eardrums were in extreme pain from the shock. Her qi and blood rolled over into the pit of her stomach. She almost spitted out another mouthful of blood again.

However, without waiting for Su Luo's reaction, the silly little dragon immediately opened its mouth and bit Su Luo's wrist!

"Ahhh!" A burst of acute pain almost made Su Luo jumped up.

Although it had just hatched, dragon seeds are still dragon species, gifted and super strong. Its baby teeth were sharp, hard and strong. Su Luo's blood madly rushed forth from the bite wound on her wrist.

She discovered that if she continued to stay with the silly little dragon, she sooner or later, would be spitting out blood. If she wasn't busy being infuriated to the point of spitting blood, then she would be jolted by its roars to spit blood, or just bleeding from its bite.

Su Luo scowled at the silly little dragon, but it employed both of its limpid, waterclogged eyes and returned her gaze with a woebegone, pity-me expression. Moreover, both of its paws were clenched into tiny fists under its chin in an irresistibly cute posture.

Looking at the pitiful appearance of the silly little dragon, Su Luo' breath was trapped in her lungs and was unable to explode out.

Just at this moment, suddenly--

A band of intense, golden radiance enveloped the silly little dragon. She merely saw a small round lump of blood flew out of the silly little dragon's mouth. This blood had Su Luo's blood within it and also contained the little foolish dragon's own blood.

She only saw that ball of blood unexpectedly take the form of a strange pattern of symbols. This design emitted an intensely dense and black air of mystery.

Su Luo was dumbfounded as she watched this scene, she simply was unable to react.

"This...This really is...." Previously, she had flipped through all the books on this continent's history and general knowledge, therefore a faint speculation appeared in her mind.