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Chapter 77 – To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (4)

Chapter 77 - To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (4)

When the small wooden house fell down, it fortunately by chance, smashed down onto the branches of another thousand year old ancient tree.

Lush branches continuously resisted the downward pressure of the fall. During the descent, although the small wooden house was thrown about until it shattered into tiny pieces, Su Luo, a step ahead, had already rolled out of it hugging the little guy tightly.

Su Luo's movements were very nimble. She tucked the defenseless little guy next to her bosom; used both hands to grab a tree branch; and light as a feather, floated past. Her movements were graceful, lithe and agile.

Because of her ability to quickly dodge, when the shattered pieces of wood from the little wooden house fell down, it was unable to cause her the slightest bit of harm.

However, this did not mean she was safe yet. Quite the opposite, there were other dangers that awaited her.

Currently, not far from Su Luo's location, there was an extremely bitter battle taking place.

One was a creature that looked very similar to the little guy; the divine dragon that Liu Ruohua and company previously shouted about.

As for the other one, it could only be the phoenix bird, burning from head to foot in a raging inferno of flames.

The two were fighting against each other to the point where it seemed that both sides would suffer from this winless situation.

Dragon? Suddenly a thought flashed through Su Luo's mind.

Her brain suddenly light up, she ruefully hit herself in the head.

She had suffered untold hardships (1) to arrive at the Sunset Mountain Range, eliminated countless difficulties, and all for what? It was, of course, for dragon blood!

Since the one that was just fighting was a dragon, then ..... Su Luo's gaze landed on the charmingly naive little guy who was comfortably asleep in her arms.

This guy should also be a dragon right? That's right. There could be no mistake. This was definitely a dragon! From before... that soccer ball sized egg was absolutely a dragon egg.

While she can't get the divine dragon's blood, but this little divine dragon.....was currently in her hands!

hey, hey!

The corner of Su Luo's mouth brought forth a sinister smile. This was indeed a perversion of "searching everywhere, far and wide," given how easy it was to find.

She realized that her luck was so good that it could only be described as defying Heaven's Will. She never expected that a dragon's egg would just coincidentally be dropped in front of her. Moreover it also spontaneously hatched. And what's more, it even reflexively volunteered to climb into her lap.

Su Luo started to smile with pride.

Her slender finger poked the little divine dragon in her arms. The corner of the little dragon's mouth began to froth and bubble as it, sleepily wheezes and snored in a sound sleep. It was completely unaware that it was being marked by someone.

If the mother dragon knew about Su Luo's thoughts, it really would want to vomit blood.

Just when her little dragon, that she had nurtured with great difficulty, was about to hatch, she ran into a phoenix that was seeking revenge. She could do nothing, and had no other choice than to randomly select a tiny place to store her little dragon egg.

But how could she have known, that the random small wooden house she had selected was actually harboring such a person. Furthermore, by sheer chance, what the person needed most was dragon's blood?

If the mother dragon knew of this, it very likely would become insane with anger. What was this called? This was practically called voluntarily delivering her child to the door of a tyrant and begging for it to be oppressed.

Su Luo took out a dagger from within her boots, which glittered like frost and snow, radiating deathly cold rays of light.

However, right when Su Luo was pondering where she ought to start cutting, the little divine dragon unexpectedly woke up.

It opened its misty, watery little eyes; and its little paws started to rub the blurred drowsiness out of them. Its little face was filled with confusion.

This stupidly cute expression, seemed to be able to enthrall any person with its adorable, bewitching sense of cuteness.

Naturally when she saw it, even Su Luo's iron-hard heart also softened.

Suddenly, the adorable little dragon opened its round eyes wide and instantly fixed its gaze onto Su Luo.

Su Luo also silently gazed back at it.

When it saw Su Luo, the little divine dragon seemed to become very excited. Its little mouth opened, issuing forth a sweet-sounding dragon cry.


The dragon cry rang out next to Su Luo's ear, jolting her forehead with extreme pain and giving her a splitting headache.

But also because of the sound of this dragon cry, her plans had been ruined.

1) suffered untold hardships - Chinese idiom: trials and tribulations; with difficulty; after some effort.