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Chapter 76 – To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (3)

Chapter 76 - To subdue a foolish, adorable, pampered spirit (3)

She pulled back her train of thought that was indulging in flights of fancy (1). Su Luo's attention was, without exception, completely concentrated upon the egg.

This egg was no less than the size of a soccer ball. The outer shell was white and glossy with colored rays of light like the luster of gems shining through. Occasionally a stream of light would also streak across the top.

It gave off a dense and mysterious air.

Suddenly, rustling noises could be heard from inside the egg, as if the small creature within was trying to break out of its shell and enter the world.

Su Luo was immediately struck dumb.

Impossible, right? How could this egg, against all expectations, just happen to hatch out of the blue like this in the sky?

However, as if in response to her amazement, the top of the egg promptly split open and a thin crack appeared on the surface. Afterwards, the crack become wider and wider until crisp bump, bump, bump noises could be heard.

Su Luo held her breath in rapt attention and her eyes opened wide while watching the spectacle before her

She saw, from the fragmented pieces of eggshell on the topmost part of the egg, a tiny head covered with some shattered pieces of eggshells, slowly but surely make its way out. It naively, adorably and unsteadily, rotated its tiny head.

What kind of creature is this? Su Luo had never seen one like it before.

But this little thing looked too adorable.

A round puffy little head, simple and strong, that was absolutely adorable. Both of its eyes were closed tightly like a newborn, the corner of its mouth was dribbling out a lot of tiny little bubbles.

It seemed somewhat dejected because, apart from its head, the rest of its body was still in the eggshell.

She could only see its eyes were still closed. It had a rosy red moist little mouth which was very small, but its nibbling speed was very fast.

The little thing looked like it was nibbling on a large piece of round bread. It first nibbled away at the eggshell near its mouth, then slowly extended to the surrounding area.

It finally finished eating the entire eggshell, then used its nose to sniff around as if looking for something else.

Throughout the entire process, its eyes remain closed, giving it a charmingly innocent impression.

Su Luo's heart became curious. What is this little thing that just broke through its eggshell looking for?

In the midst of her curious musings, the little thing took some shaky steps with its thin, delicate legs; and swayed drunkenly about, tottered to the side of Su Luo's feet. It extended two small paws and grabbed the lower corner of Su Luo's clothing. Its small body trembled and quivered while climbing into her lap....

The whole time, Su Luo's body was completely stiff. She stared at this little guy with an extremely dumbfounded expression.

At the moment, this little guy's plump and chubby little body was already laying on its back in her lap. Its little belly moved up and down with every breath, eyes still closed as it started to make tiny snoring noises.

Its pair of paws still firmly clasped a piece of Su Luo's clothing. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't pry its paws open.

This... this little guy was a little too unselfconscious. Wasn't approaching her out of its own accord already acting a little too familiar?

Does it think that she is its mother?

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Three strips of black lines appeared on Su Luo's forehead. Drip, drip drip. Her cold sweat poured down.

Her eyes were fixed on this little guy that trustingly came of its own accord. She meticulously and carefully looked at it up and down.

Speaking of which, what kind of species is this little guy?

Say, is it a dog? It looks a little like it could be, but it didn't have fur.

Say, is it a baby dragon? However, it was born to look like a plump ball with a foolish, blank expression that was too adorable. Entirely unlike the image of a divine dragon that would bare fangs and brandish claws (2) with a terrible and fierce malevolence.

The most important thing is this: that egg just now, how did it roll to here in the first place? Was it caused by man or was it the Will of Heaven?

Also, her small wooden house, how did it remain intact when it was in the middle of a roaring tornado? This was simply too unbelievable.

In the midst of Su Luo's contemplation, the small wooden house suddenly began to tremble. She was shaken until the sky spun and the earth went around (3). Her head was woozy and her vision was spinning, making her dizzy. Finally, she felt the entire small wooden house fall straight down.

"Oh damn it!?" Su Luo secretly cursed in her heart as she firmly held on to the small wooden house.

Next to her ear, the wind whistled loudly.

Right now the situation was even more terrifying than being in a falling elevator!

It was through great difficulty that she, Su Luo, had once again been reborn. How could she fall and die again, in this era?

1) indulging in flights of fancy - Chinese idiom: to let one's imagination run wild; to have a bee in one's bonnet; unrealistic utopian fantasy

2) bare fangs and brandish claws - Chinese idiom: to make threatening gestures

3) sky spins and the earth goes around - Chinese idiom: giddy with one's head spinning, figuratively meaning huge changes in the world.