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Chapter 63 – To tell you a secret (4)

Chapter 63 - To tell you a secret (4)

Once Nangong Liuyun had spoken those words, everyone once again was in an uproar.

This was especially true for Official Zhao's appearance, as it seemed to have loosened.

However his sentences was indeed really unerring. All of a sudden it was as if it had pushed Liu Ruohua into the abyss of Hell.

"Your highness Prince Jin!" Liu Ruohua was so anxious that her tears flowed like a river, "Your highness you can't do this, please your highness can't... I beseech your highness to save Ruohua, I beseech your highness...."

Only Prince Jin could save her now, but it was quite obvious that his highness Prince Jin had never ever shown any benevolence. Infact, it was because of this that he was widely known as being ice-cold and cruel.

Nangong Liuyun's pair of eyes seemed to be embedded with a thin layer of frost. His lightly colored lips evoked a disingenuous, demonic smile. His tone was soft and gentle yet carried a strong air of harsh killing intent. "In the future, you shouldn't run your mouth so as to confuse other people with your lies. Otherwise this king's future princess will be very unhappy...then the consequences will really be quite severe."

Su Luo rolled her eyes toward the sky. This man! Would it kill him for once if he did not try to take advantage off her?

Liu Ruohua nevertheless at once apparently understood something critical. She abruptly kneeled down and vigorously kowtowed in front of Su Luo. "The honorable fourth Miss Su, Su Luo.Before, it was me whose actions were inexcusable to you. I now kowtow to you and I implore you to please save me. I beg you."

She was a daughter from the Prime Minister's stately residence, a person who had always been in the heart of thousands- no tens of thousands of peoples. How could she have ever been subjected to such insults? This was indeed a tiger fallen out of the grasslands and being taken for a fool by a dog. Once she returns to the imperial capital, at that time she will never let these people get away with this humiliation! Liu Ruohua secretly held these grudges deeply within her heart.

But, what kind of person was Su Luo? While others had been studying in elementary school, she had already killed people with her own hand.

And what was the most important part that a person learned after having trained to be an assassin? It was, of course, their state of mind.

Su Luo's face was now calm and elegant. Her eyes contained clear spring water that spread in ripples. She was dressed in a graceful snow-white gown that accentuate her simple elegance, like that of an immortal.

She only had a very apologetic smile, then without saying a word, she was pulled away by Nangong Liuyun.

"Wait!" Liu Ruohua, seeing that Su Luo was about to leave, her expression suddenly became stiff, and a trace of panic passed through her heart. She immediately yelled loudly towards what she could see of Su Luo's back.

Su Luo stopped her footsteps but did not turn her head.

From the back, her shoulders seem to be curved by a knife. Her waist naturally well balanced, flesh shone like polished amberstone and her aura was like a serene orchid. Her whole persons was refined and gorgeous just like an immortal fairy that was above the common populace.

" I can tell you a secret, so you have to let me live!" Liu Ruohua's tone suddenly became lofty and arrogant, once again.

"No need," Su Luo faintly smiled, then, once again, she slowly strode away.

"W-wait! It's related to your personal background!' Liu Ruohua coldly smiled. "Don't tell me you are not interested in knowing your own background? Do you really think that the Su general is really your true, biological father? Do you really feel that the Su family really are your roots? Let me tell you the truth, because it's not!"

Su Luo's beautiful eyes were completely neutral and pure. Her pink lips hooked into a minute sneer.

In her previous life and this life, the thing that she loathe the most was being blackmailed.

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention. However even if you die, the people of the Su family are not dead. I will naturally go and ask them." Su Luo's facial expression remained motionless, but a trace of suspicion blazed through her heart.

"Bah! In this world, outside of me, nobody will tell you! The Su family, the people in the Su family simply do not know!" Liu Ruohua's expression was full of confidence and certainty.

Su Luo frowned slightly. She recalled the original owner of her body's bitter experience in Su Manor. That was basically an inhuman way to live. Su Wan had also been given birth by a concubine, and her talent was also very poor; but her treatment compared to Su Luo's were completely opposite.

Could it be, that there had been some other reason in the universe that was related to her background?

Nangong Liuyun, step by step, walked toward Liu Ruohua. His star like eyes overflowed with treacherous cunningness and grim radiance, so frigidly cold that the area around them reached subzero temperatures..

"Okay," his alluring red lips curved up into a cold expression full of demonic insincerity, ice-cold and heartless. "Now you can say it."

Nobody knew what Liu Ruohua whispered close to Nangong Liuyun's ears, because Nangong Liuyun's expression from start to finish was indifferent and ice-cold. Only Su Luo caught a spark of shock within his eyes that quickly died.