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Chapter 1660 – Win huge prizes 3

 Chapter 1660 - Win huge prizes (3)

But the first time to open the door for prize-drawing, as long as she didn't draw 'thank you for your patronage', Su Luo was already pretty happy.

Under the agreed upon rules, both sides each drew once. So, Su Luo withdrew to let Luo Haoming's group draw.

Luo Haoming muttered to himself for a bit, then gave this chance to Li Aochen. Li Aochen didn't decline and directly agreed.

Now, Li Aochen provocatively glanced at Su Luo and coldly smiled. Soon after, he walked to the middle, putting on an act to press down the button.

Zi Yan's lip curled and said: "Looking at him, just know he won't be able to draw something good."

Su Luo smiling said: "You dislike him this much?"

"That Luo Haoming seems okay, but Li Aochen seems even more annoying than before! Worthy of being from Jade Lake's Li family. Just looking at him puts people in a bad mood." Not only didn't Zi Yan lower her voice, she even made it louder.

Because she just so happened to have seen, just now when Li Aochen provocatively glanced at Su Luo.

Li Aochen raised an eyebrow, his cold gaze sweeping over Zi Yan's face. His brows coldly tightened.

"What are you looking at? Never seen a beautiful woman humph!" Zi Yan savagely glared back.

"Beautiful woman? Compared to the person beside you, how could you still be considered a beautiful woman, sneer! Why don't you look in the mirror and see what you look like." Li Aochen's eyes were full of ridicule, mockingly giving a humph. His expression was full of disdain.

Hearing this, a burst of anger rushed up Zi Yan's heart, she had the urge to rush up, but Su Luo stopped her by grabbing her. She smilingly said: "Isn't Li Yaoyao his older sister? She becoming that way, his heart must have anger, saying several sentences of dissension is only natural. You just act like a magnanimous adult and don't argue with such a vile character."

Although Su Luo was smiling, but the gaze she slanted from the corner of her eyes towards Li Aochen, her heart was unhappy. What is Li Aochen's meaning? He intentionally belittled Zi Yan to make her look better, this was absolutely him trying to drive a wedge between them. If Zi Yan's nature was a bit worse, then a divide would easily arise between them. A pity Li Aochen had made the wrong calculation about Zi Yan's temper.

While speaking, Li Aochen had already pressed the stop button.

"Number 99! Number 99! Number 99!" Zi Yan watched those numbers rolling continuously, shouting intensely just like the captain of a cheerleading squad.

Su Luo felt helpless and that it was laughable at the same time.

But now, Li Aochen was enraged by Zi Yan till he almost flipped out.

"You are number 99, your whole family is number 99! Is this young master someone that will draw number 99?" Li Aochen angrily pressed down heavily on the stop button.

The speed of the rolling numbers became slower, in the end, it slowly stopped. After, it steadily stopped at --

"Pff hahahah! Number 99, actually is number 99! Li Aochen, you just have this kind of fate ah!" After seeing the final number, Zi Yan had both hands at her hips, laughing until her body covulsed. She was much more happier than if she had won.

"Bang!" Li Aochen's fist heavily smashed down, immediately after, he glared at Zi Yan, wishing to rush over and rip her apart.

"Li Aochen, your own luck is not good, this you can't blame other people. Don't put the blame on other people's head." Su Luo coldly taunted.

"Humph!" Li Aochen angrily slanted her a glance and left that position.

"My turn, my turn!" Seeing Li Aochen leave, Zi Yan happily sat on that position.