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Chapter 1655 – Break up 6

 Chapter 1655 - Break up (6)

"Right ah, naturally it's ladies first, you go." Beichen Ying very generously stood in place, laughing happily to say, "In any case, each person has a fifty percent chance. Haha, if you draw it, at that time when water is poured on your hair and upper body, you won't cry right?"

Zi Yan and Su Luo exchanged a glance, a crafty expression flashing through both people's eyes. The two were full of tactic understanding, their cooperation was seamless. They were both calculating against Beichen Ying ah. A pity this foolish child completely didn't know.

Nangong Liuyun's eyelids lifted slightly, the corner of his mouth hooking into a ghost of a smile. The gaze with which he looked at Beichen Ying carried a trace of helplessness. Alas, there was nothing one could do if the person was foolish ah.

Zi Yan was afraid that if she was late, things would change, at that time, if other things popped up, then it wouldn't be fun. So after she saw Beichen Ying had agreed, she quickly took a ball of paper from Su Luo's palm and pinched it in her own hand.

"Finished drawing? Are you sure?" Beichen Ying raised an eyebrow and smiled. Zi Yan's movement was so fast as if someone wanted to fight over it with her, really was funny.

"Oh, I finished picking, the remaining one is yours." Zi Yan smilingly said.

"You guys...." Biechen Ying's gaze swept from Zi Yan's face to Su Luo's face, seeming to have seen a clue. He suspiciously asked, "The two of you didn't collude right?"

"This drawing was done right under your eyes. Even if we wanted to collude, there isn't enough time ah, right?" Su Luo reminded Beichen Ying, "Quickly open this lot."

Beichen Ying hesitantly and indecisively took that lot Zi Yan didn't want. He frowned, "Zi Yan still hasn't opened hers yet."

Zi Yan interrupted to say: "I don't have the courage to look, so you should open it. When you look at it, then we'll know if it's you who will go become bait or me."

Beichen Ying in exasperation looked at Zi Yan, then full of confidence, unhurriedly opened the piece of paper. Then when he saw that thick black circle, Beichen Ying was stunned, "It couldn't be so coincidental right?"

"Wow, hahahaha, so you drew this circle. Looks like your luck is much better than mine. Then being the bait will depend on you." Zi Yan simply didn't open her paper and directly turned that paper into pieces.

Beichen Ying helplessly stretched his body: "Today, what kind of luck is this!"

But how was he to know, in the beginning, Su Luo had drawn circles on both pieces of papers. No matter which ball of paper Beichen Ying drew, all of them had the circle. Because of this, the ball of paper in Zi Yan's hand also had the circle, so here, it would depend on who opened that piece of paper first. Whoever opened the paper first would confirm who was the bait. Then, the second person directly destroyed that piece of paper, and then was naturally the winner.

Beichen Ying didn't know that from the beginning, Zi Yan and Su Luo had joined together to scheme against him.

Watching as Beichen Ying poured a wash basin full of Celestial Spirit Water over his head, then in a bouncing manner, ran over to attract the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders, Su Luo's tone had some melancholy as she sighed: "In fact, from the beginning, I was preparing to let Variant Acacia Tree go ah...."

The corner of Zi Yan's mouth twitched.:"Little Shadow is too energetic, let him go."

Afterwards, the two ladies that schemed against Beichen Ying together exchanged a glance, soon after bursting into loud laughter.

Beichen Ying simply didn't know he was being laughed at by these two Misses. Now, he was very energetically attracting the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders. He ran to the east then the west, after making a huge circle, sure enough, a huge crowd of Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders followed behind his butt. Those Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders' eyes gave off a cold green light, staring at Beichen Ying's butt, not letting go.

Su Luo and Zi Yan was extremely curious and look towards that place on Beichen Ying--