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Chapter 1523 – The last battle (3)

 Chapter 1523 - The last battle (3)

He completely didn't realize what qualifications that he, as a beggar, had to get angry. But he just was angry, furious to the point of almost going insane.

"Since others can, then I, your daddy, also can!"

The beggar that originally didn't dare touch her was immediately impassioned, he pulled open his tattered trousers and didn't do anything else before he directly entered.


The intense pain made Li Yaoyao wake up with a start, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Afterwards, her eyes opened wide in a flash!

An incomparably ugly and dirty man was on top of her, sinisterly smiling at her. The pain coming from her lower body told her exactly what was happening.

"No!!!" Li Yaoyao screeched, scared to the point that her rosy appearance turned pale.

However, the beggar's movements were quicker than hers.

Just when Li Yaoyao almost gave voice to her alarm, the beggar had long ago extended his big hand and firmly clamped down on Li Yaoyao's mouth. He evilly and maliciously warned her: "Don't shout!"

Li Yaoyao, while crying bitterly, she also shook her head, whimpering sounds coming from her mouth.

But at this moment, the beggar already couldn't endure it. Wherefore would he still have the time to care about her feelings. While he covered her mouth, he joyously galloped on her body.

On top of the roof, Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance. Afterwards, the two people simultaneously withdrew and left.

What will happen next, they also don't know.

They didn't deliberately do things to give Li Yaoyao such a conclusion. All of these were merely coincidences that all came together. If you must assign blame, then blame Li Yaoyao's luck for being this bad.

The two people returned to the Southern Mountains and the night quietly passed.

Speaking of Li Yaoyao over there.

This beggar moved on her body, but because he was too joyful, it was to the extent that the beggar was unable to control himself and ruthlessly did it many times.

In the end, Li Yaoyo fainted.

The beggar, after being perfectly satisfied, used the red dudou to wiped his body clean. Afterwards, he threw the dudou tarnished with white liquid on Li Yaoyao's face.

Then, the beggar left, perfectly contented.

In the cold wind, Li Yaoyao was like a withered willow tossed about by the wind and rain, tottering on the verge of collapse.

As dawn broke, the morning light penetrated through the sky.

Li Yaoyao hadn't returned all night, the people of the Jade Lake's Li family naturally were worried. Li Aoqiong personally lead a group of people to look for her.

Because he knew where Dongfang Xuan's courtyard was, so Li Aoqiong didn't even have to think before heading in this direction.

However, before they walked to the courtyard. They saw a white body shivering in the wind through the mist of dawn.

At this time, Li Yaoyao was surrounded by a group of people. This group of people had Li Yaoyao surrounded in the middle, gesturing at her body but no one dared to take a step closer.

Because her face was covered by the dudou, no one know who this seductively curved, exquisitely fine woman was.

Several bullies and rogues were stroking their chins, about to go up and enjoy this fine delicacy.

"Ruining a family's tradition!" When Li Aoqiong passed by, he despisingly spit toward her.

The people behind him also followed Li Aoqiong to spit.

But because of the sound of these footsteps, it woke up Li Yaoyao from her faint.

Li Yaoyao felt so much pain, as if her whole body had been run over by a horse carriage. The pain almost suffocated her.

Li Yaoyao opened her eyes, took down the dudou and looked around bewilderedly.

Li Aoqiong's gaze just so happened to shoot by and saw Li Yaoyao under the dudou--

This glance immediately scared Li Aoqiong until his soul flew away. His entire person seem to have an epilepsy stroke, shuddering non-stop.

"Eldest Young Master!" The subordinate cried out in alarm.

What's wrong with Eldest Young Master? Why did he look as if he had seen a ghost?