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Chapter 1514 – Showdown between experts (2)

 Chapter 1514 - Showdown between experts (2)

At that time, even if Elder Ancestor Mo's identity was exposed, he was still Central Palace's people, didn't have any relationship with Nangong Liuyun.

Night, pitch-black as ink.

A black figure left Southern Mountains, leaping down the mountain with flying speed.

Earlier, Beichen Ying had already passed down Dongfang Xuan's resting place. Therefore, Elder Ancestor Mo didn't even delay for a second and directly traveled towards the place where Dongfang Xuan was.

Right now, Dongfang Xuan was sitting on a soft couch, resting with his eyes closed. Li Yaoyao sat at his side, a youthful color painted on her fingernails, peeling a round grape. With gentle movements, she placed it beside Dongfang Xuan's mouth.

Dongfang Xuan contentedly swallowed it, the hand on his long arm rubbing Li Yaoyao's head.

Li Yaoyao meekly leaned against his chest, her seaweed-like thick black hair spreading out. Like a night fairy, enchanting and alluring.

Dongfang Xuan looked until his heart became hyperactive, heating up until his throat was dry.

His finger lightly rose and lifted up Li Yaoyao's chin. He leaned over and kissed her.

Li Yaoyao immediately was greatly alarmed!

She subconsciously wanted to push Dongfang Xuan away, but Dongfang Xuan's strength was far stronger than hers.

First, not mentioning that Li Yaoyao lost her cultivation, even if she had her cultivation, Dongfang Xuan's strength wasn't something she could move against.

Dongfang Xuan's arm was like mysterious black iron. His right hand lifted up her chin, left hand embracing her snakelike waist and ruthlessly ravaging her soft lips.

Li Yaoyao was exceptionally disgusted with this in her heart, but no matter how she resisted, it was all useless.

Things that Dongfang Xuan wanted to do, no one could stop.

Dongfang Xuan thought Li Yaoyao's resistance was just her being shy and took the resistance as welcoming him. Because he was very confident in himself, he was confident that Li Yaoyao being so intimate with him was all real.

"Yaoyao, give it to me." Dongfang Xuan's expression was indistinct as he mumbled in a low tone.

"No, don't!" Li Yaoyao really wanted to run.

But the more she resisted by turning this way and that way, Dongfang Xuan's passion would increase by quite a bit. Finally, a scarlet color flashed through Dongfang Xuan's eyes, and he laughed sinisterly.

One only saw his hand use a bit more strength.

One only hear a crisp tearing sound.

Immediately after, was Li Yaoyao's shriek in fright.

Because Li Yaoyao discovered that her plain white dress was actually torn into pieces by Dongfang Xuan, the majority of which landed on the ground. There were still several strips hanging from her body, making her delicate, exquisite, pretty figure faintly discernible.

In this season, people didn't wear a lot of clothes besides a white long skirt on the outside. Li Yaoyao only had on a thin dudou and underpants.

Now, the plain white long skirt was torn into pieces, therefore, the scarlet dudou appeared in Dongfang Xuan's eyesight.

Li Yaoyao subconsciously covered the two peaks on her chest, but how could her movement be faster than Dongfang Xuan's gaze?

Dongfang Xuan's lecherous eyes became deeper an deeper, and smiled weirdly towards Li Yaoyao.

"No, don't!" Li Yaoyao was extremely frightened.

She knew what would happen if she didn't resist, so she subconsciously turned around and wanted to run.

But before she could run more than several steps, Dongfang Xuan's finger moved slightly, and the strips of cloth on Li Yaoyao's body was grasped firmly by him.

One only saw him pull immediately after, and Li Yaoyao spun in circles and returned into his arms.

Li Yaoyao felt as if she had fallen into the icy cold icehouse, her heart had an indescribable fear and sorrow.

No, no, she must not lose her virginity. She simply didn't love Senior Brother ah, how could she give her body to him? She could play along, but really doing it was not going to happen!

Li Yaoyao's eyes were full of tears as she shook her head with all her might.