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Chapter 1455 – Su Qing dies (2)

 Chapter 1455 - Su Qing dies (2)

The Variant Red Acacia Tree rarely got a chance to show off, but to be cut off mid-way, it expressed that it hadn't played enough. However, it still obediently listened to Su Luo, and a long sharp needle entered Su Qing's throat.

Afterwards, the Variant Red Acacia tree, in order to vent its dissatisfaction, like a willful little child, it tossed this silk cocoon-like cage up high. Afterwards, in mid-air it suddenly took back its long vine.

This unforeseen event happened very fast, everyone was all stupefied.

Su Qing was still immersed in her pain, so momentarily, she couldn't return to her senses, therefore--


A loud sound echoed, and Su Qing completely didn't react. Her entire person smashed down in a straight line!

That 'bang' sound from just now, was the sound of Su Qing's entire person smashing into the ground.

Everyone stared blankly!

That was Su Qing ah. That was a ninth-ranked expert ah. Suddenly smashing to the ground from mid-air, pounding an indentation into the ground! In the end, what just happened?

Everyone used a foolish expression of seeing a ghost to look at Su Luo.

At that time, all of them thought that this Miss relied on her backer and dirty tricks to advance. Now, she used iron facts to prove that she had advanced based completely on strength and not dirty tricks.

Because she easily oppressed the ninth-ranked expert Su Qing!

"Su Qing! Get up! Get up!"

Under the stage, countless voices carried unwillingness, tearing their hearts and splitting their lungs to force Su Qing to get up and fight.

These people weren't being kind-hearted, the fact was that they had bet all of their worth on Su Qing. If Su Qing lost, then they would all lose their family's fortune ah.

Among them, this also included Su Zian. After Su Zian was convinced that Su Qing would win, he took all the available funds in Su Manor and bet on Su Qing to win.

A lot of betting family shops' return for Su Qing's win wasn't high because everyone knew Su Qing would win. Moreover, she would win steadily. Only one betting family called "Luo Luo was mighty and domineering" betting shop, not fearing death, had adjusted the compensation for the bet to be one to one. Therefore, nearly half of the capital had run over to this second-rate betting shop to bet Su Qing would win.

Moreover, this betting shop was really brave ah, actually accepted it all without question!

Afterwards, when several powerful families found out, they also shipped over boxes after boxes of money to all bet that Su Qing would win. Coming across this kind of fool, who wouldn't want to seize the opportunity to win more?

This betting shop's behind-the-scenes leader seemed to really lack any brains, actually accepting it all without question! Other people dared to bet, this shop dared to accept. That boldness was like a tiger that swallowed the whole country.

This betting shop also became the laughing stock in the capital in one night. Everyone laughed that the head behind the scenes of this shop must be crazy.

But what made all of them despair was, it turned out, the head behind that shop's mind wasn't full of water. The ones whose heads were full of water were all the fools like them!

However, it hadn't reached the last minute, so everyone still held on to the last thread of hope. They hoped a miracle would happen on Su Qing's body.

"Su Qing, get up! Su Qing, continue to fight!"

"Su Qing, could it be you want to lose again?"

"Su Qing, was the humiliation from before not enough?"

"Su Qing, did you forget your goal?"

A countless number of people's voices sounded at Su Qing's ear.

Under the pain, Su Qing's mind became fuzzy and confused, there were only echoes in her head. This made her confused and disoriented, however, in the wake of these clamoring noises, Su Qing finally woke from her confusion.

She opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was Su Luo looking down on her from up high.

Su Luo's face had mockery and a ridiculing sneer. Just like that, she stood there up high, looking down at her as if looking at a very insignificant ant.