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Chapter 1453 – The final decisive battle (6)

 Chapter 1453 - The final decisive battle (6)

No one knew, Su Luo actually had such a nature-defying weapon as Nothingness of Space.

Also, no one knew that Su Luo was the master within her Nothingness of Space. If she wanted to decrease other people's speed, then their speed would decrease.

When Su Luo suppressed Su Qing's speed, Su Qing was trapped in an absolute passive state.

"The fusing of elements will make you unrivaled within the same rank right?" Su Luo coldly and ruthlessly laughed, "Then let me see how you can be unrivaled within the same rank!"

Before her voice had faded, Su Luo's attack arrived!

Six huge flame panthers galloped out from the sky full of Fiery Meteorite Rain. They dyed half of the sky, like the savage bloody sun's rays shining on Su Qing's face, making it scarlet.

Su Qing could clearly sense the approach of the Grim Reaper.

"No! No! I can't die!" Su Qing repeatedly retreated back.

Just at this moment, she suddenly came back to her senses!

There was something odd within the ten meter range of Su Luo's body. Then, as long as she left here, there wouldn't be a problem, right?

"Want to run? Not going to be that easy!" Su Luo detected that Su Qing want to escape her Nothingness of Space, and she immediately pursued. At the same time, she launched her attack.

Su Qing's heart felt suffocated half to death.

Originally, it was she who pursued and attacked Su Luo. Originally, it was she who wanted to kill Su Luo. But now, it'd been reversed to her being the one Su Luo was chasing to kill. This made her nearly choke to death from the mouthful of air stifled in her throat.

"Su Qing, didn't you want to kill me? Why are you running?" Su Luo's taunting voice arrived non-stop.

Su Luo knew that this time, she absolutely couldn't let Su Qing escape.

Because she already saw her Nothingness of Space, if Su Qing didn't die, then she would certainly spread this news out. Su Luo didn't want to let side issues keep arising.

The fists at Su Qing's side were clenched tightly, her fingernails ruthlessly digging into her flesh.

Seeing the flame panthers about to smash towards Su Qing's head, at this critical moment...

One could only hear a swoosh sound. Su Qing, in a flash, disappeared from Su Luo's Nothingness of Space.

What's going on? A huge question mark appeared over Su Luo's head.

But when Su Luo saw the crushed stone in Su Qing's hand, suddenly, the anger rose like fire in her heart!

It's a teleportation stone again!

Teleportation stone is random, no one knows whether the teleported distance was long or short.

Last time, Li Yaoyao relied on that teleportation stone to escape a calamity. Was it possible that the current Su Qing could also escape?

Don't know whether Su Qing's luck was good or bad.

This time's teleportation stone, the place it teleported her to wasn't far. It was actually the edge of the fighting stage. However, without a doubt, Su Qing had already escaped Su Luo's Nothingness of Space.

Just at this moment, Su Qing was faced with a very difficult choice.

One was to take advantage that Su Luo hadn't chased over to jump into the crowd and run away.

Second was to turn around and attack back and have a death match with Su Luo.

The situation was extremely critical, if she made the wrong choice, then it would be her life. At this time, Su Qing's figure was slightly motionless. Because she didn't know which road she should walk.

Teleportation stone....

When Su Qing saw the teleportation stone that she crushed in her hand, a light suddenly flashed through her head!

Oh heavens! She finally knew why it would be so strange within the ten meter range of Su Luo's body!

Space! Su Luo most certainly was a space mage!

Based on the information she had gathered before, Su Luo could teleport. Added to that, the unusual change around her body, if she didn't guess wrongly, than that was Su Luo's Nothingness of Space.

Thinking up to here, Su Qing's entire body seemed to come alive again.

She howled with laughter towards Su Luo: "Su Luo, I can't kill you, but there are people under the heavens that can kill you. Because you have too many things on your body that make people jealous!"

Su Luo's heart suddenly jumped.

Could it be that Su Qing had found out?