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Chapter 1410 – Roaming Dragon List (8)

 Chapter 1410 - Roaming Dragon List (8)

After each person drew a lot, the judges would check it, then they had to stand in the place designated to the number to wait for their opponent to appear opposite of them.

This number also represent the order of the fights later.

First stage - 1 to 5, second stage - 5 to 10.... And so on.

"Sister-in-law, what number do you have?" Beichen Ying's luck was not good, he actually drew A1.

Didn't that mean he would appear in the first fight?

Just at this time, a man with an iron tower-like figure stomped over like a mountain, step by step, walking to the opposite of Beichen Ying.

Su Luo patted Beichen Ying's shoulder to console him.

"Number thirty-six." Su Luo lifted up the sign in her hand and walked away giggling.

Beichen Ying glared at the strong man opposite of him in displeasure. When I, grandpa, was in the Nine Different Palace Halls, how awesomely strong were those iron tower-like strongmen. This grandpa still destroyed them, just based on you guys? A piece of cake.

Let's not talk how much Beichen Ying looked down on his opponent, and talk about Su Luo over there.

With the number of people growing, very quickly, the long line of people was nearly full.

But Su Luo was puzzled.

Because she waited and waited, but her opponent still hadn't arrived yet.

"Number B36, vacant, considered as automatically forfeiting the competition." Not long after, the sound of the host could clearly be heard.

Immediately, Su Luo's mouth formed an O-shape.

The people around turned to look at Su Luo, one after another.

Damn it. Who is this person, wasn't her luck too good? Obviously, it was a two hundred people competition, there was no need for an empty place. But this lady's luck was so good as to defy the gods, her opponent actually didn't show up!

Beichen Ying incredulously opened his eyes wide, but soon after, he relaxed. That's right, Su Luo's luck had always defied the natural order, who could compare with her when it comes to luck? Able to draw out the one-in-a-hundred opportunity of a vacant position, this was a part of her strength.

This time, the news of a forfeited spot had spread through the entire arena.

Immediately, the whole arena was in a commotion. Who was this ah, so amazing. She doesn't even need to fight in the first round at all, directly advancing to the top one hundred strongest. Was there anything that was easier than this?

"Who is that Miss?"

"That's right, that's right, in the end, who is she ah? Don't know if I just so happened to bet that she would win."

"Don't know, she looks really pretty ah, could she be the Jade Lake's fairy?"

"Fart, how could the Jade Lake's fairy be as beautiful as this Miss? Are your eyes covered by feces?"

"Then you tell me, that Miss is which deity, in the end?"

Everyone was discussing this spiritedly, but no one could guess Su Luo's identity.

In fact, at that time, Su Luo and Su Qing had fought a life-and-death battle on this stage, so a lot of people in the imperial capital had seen her figure. But now, she was as beautiful as an immortal goddess ah, those people simply didn't think of Su Luo at all.

At this time, Beichen Ying winked towards Su Luo, Lan Xuan, that kid, was also worry-free, he yelled loudly and waved at Su Luo: "Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law!"

Seeing Su Luo ignoring him, he simply ran over to her with several steps. While running, he also yelled loudly: "Luo Luo, Su Luo--"

"Luo Luo?"

"Could it be--"

"This was impossible right?"

A lot of people obviously didn't believe it.

Lan Xuan, this fool, saw Su Luo as if she hadn't heard him, waved his hand, and loudly shouted: "Su Luo, over here, over here!"

"X! Really, this is Su Luo? That little concubine's kid from Su family?"

"The rumoured fifth rank, that person His Highness Prince Jin just simply snatched a place for her from Nangong family?"

"The rumored person that won't spare a drop of blood to save the official wife and brother's lives?"