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Chapter 1387 – Big plan of making money (2)

 Chapter 1387 - Big plan of making money (2)

Just when Su Luo hung this jade pendant on her body, suddenly, the aura on Su Luo's body abruptly changed. Now, she looked like a little miss that didn't understand cultivation at all.

"Wow! So it's really like this!" Beichen Ying's eyes brightened in a flash, "As expected, this jade really has the ability to deceive, able to conceal a person's aura."

"Moreover, you can control it to show the strength you want to show. For example, say you want people to think you are only at first rank strength, then you are completely able to reveal a cultivation at first rank." Su Luo smilingly explained.

Only, this jade pendant was somewhat of little value. It's impact wasn't as great as a spirit pinball.

Suddenly, the rays of light in Beichen Ying's eyes shot in all directions!

"I have it!" One could only see him waving his fist in excitement, clearly, he was very excited.

"What's up? Su Luo asked curiously.

"Do you know why I came to find you this time?" Beichen Ying winked his large, pretty and bright eyes.

"Why did you come?" Su Luo asked with some curiosity.

"Do you want to earn a fortune or not?" Beichen Ying grinned with 'he he' sounds and crossed his hands over his arms. His face was so proud of himself that he couldn't conceal it.

"Money ah? With regards to us, does money even have any meaning?" Su Luo calmly replied with a question.

With regards to them as cultivators, money was merely a worldly possession. Money already couldn't buy the things they needed. Only crystal stones were useful to them.

"What we will be winning will be crystal stones." As if he could hear Su Luo's thought, Beichen Ying smilingly sat down on a rock at the side, as he unhurriedly said, "Every time the four countries power struggle competition, it will always feature a gambling joint. Last time, a large part of it was won by Luo Haoming from Luoyu Palace Hall. It really was a great regret in my life."

"Luo Haoming is...." Su Luo asked indifferently, able to win and snatch away crystal stones from Beichen Ying and Nangong Liuyun's hand, he certainly was not an ordinary character.

"Luo Haoming is Luo Haochen's biological older brother." Beichen Ying, seeing Su Luo didn't know, so he started to help her plug the holes in her knowledge, "Like this kind of family's number one successor, normally, they would be single-mindly cultivating. They would hardly ever come out to move about. But it cannot be denied that their strength are all very formidable. Moreover--"

Nangong Liuyun's eyes narrowed slightly, the corner of his lips slowly hooking up. His pitch-black as night eyes seemed profoundly mysterious, no one could guess at the thoughts in his heart.

"Moreover what?" Su Luo questioned closely to ask.

"Moreover, the number one from last time's Roaming Dragon list was this Luo Haoming!" Beichen Ying really didn't want to say this matter out loud. In the end, he only sighed and told the truth.

"The four countries power struggle competition, in fact, has another name, called the ranking competition for the Roaming Dragon List." Beichen Ying, seeing Su Luo completely didn't know, so he explained it to her bit by bit, "The last competition, because we were still young, so we all couldn't participate. But the majority of the people in our older brother's generation all participated.

Older brother's generation? Su Luo's eyes blinked.

Beichen Ying unhappily looked at Su Luo: "These days, indeed, you have seen a lot of the younger generation from influential families. But none of them are the number one successor to the families.

"Those people are..." In this aspect, Su Luo was a complete novice. That's also right, because these days, if she wasn't being chased to be killed, she was just fleeing, or she was searching for antidotes. Where would she have the time to understand these things from every country? Also, there was no one to tell her these stuff.

Beichen Ying lifted his eyes to steal a look at Nangong Liuyun. Seeing that he didn't stop him, so he talked non-stop to teach everything to Su Luo: "Among the ten great families, the absolutely amazing characters are many. Just take the Roaming Dragon list to explain. The top of the list on the Roaming Dragon list is Luo Haoming, at that time, he was tenth-ranked. The second person on the list is Anye Xin, the number one successor for Anye family, tenth rank. The third person is Central Palace's number one successor, Mo Xiaoxun, ninth rank. Only after these people got on the Roaming Dragon list, did they all concentrate fully on cultivation. So, you couldn't even bump into them."