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Chapter 1382 – Strange jade pendant (3)

 Chapter 1382 - Strange jade pendant (3)

The empress naturally also didn't believe it, because such a fast promotion speed, even Nangong Liuyun was incapable of doing so, to say nothing of Su Luo, who carried the name of being a waste material?

"I heard they returned several days ago, why haven't they come to pay respects to Your Majesty?" The empress frowned, "No matter how powerful His Highness Prince Jin's strength is, he is still your son, when all is said and done ah."

This eye medicines that were applied......

Emperor Jing just berated her on the spot: "What do you understand woman? Don't talk rubbish! He certainly went to cultivate, otherwise, how could he not enter the palace?"

He may have said that, but that doubt had long ago unwittingly been buried, as for whether or not the root would germinate, one would have to see in the future.

The second day, Emperor Jing waited and waited, and still didn't see Nangong Liuyun.

The third day, it was also like this.

The fourth day......The empress and the crown prince encircled at the irritable Emperor Jing's side. She again applied medicinal eye drops imperceptibly.

Emperor Jing slapped the table in a rage and bellowed: "People come, go to the Southern Mountains and call over Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo for me!"

If the old tiger didn't show its power, they might really believe he was an ill cat oh? He had returned to Eastern Ling for so long, don't speak of paying respects, he didn't even give a greeting. Did he, Nangong Liuyun, believe the imperial capital was a hotel? Did he still have this father in his eyes? Was it because he had become strong so he didn't put anyone in his eyes? The more Emperor Jing thought, the angrier he became.

Southern Mountains.

This day, as usual, after Su Luo finished her cultivation, she then leisurely lied down on the grass turf to rest.

Her consciousness inadvertently entered her space, seeing everything in her space, she suddenly felt somewhat annoyed.

In the period before, since she was continuously being chased to be kill, so she hadn't properly sorted out her space. As a result, it seemed extremely chaotic inside. After all, at that time, she looted Central Palace's Treasure Storage Pavilion, how could things not be in a mess?

Taking advantage that she had time now, Su Luo began to sort out the stuff in her space, she packed them properly by arranging them into categories.

Actually, she didn't need to work hard. She only need to sat in place, with her eyes tightly closed, controlling these treasures with her consciousness. Afterwards, she let them automatically fly to the place they were to be placed and then it's done.

Unwittingly, the stuff had already more or less been sorted out. Seeing the neat, clean and tidy appearance before her eyes, the corner of her mouth hooked into a satisfied smile. Suddenly, her smile stiffened at the corner of her mouth.

She remembered that originally, at the Central Palace's Treasure Storage Pavilion, she took several treasure swords. Although those several swords hadn't given birth to a sword spirit like Chi Xiao Sword and the Cheng Ying Sword, they were still exceptionally difficult to find treasure swords ah. Su Luo originally wanted to divide these several swords to Beichen Ying and them, but just now, when she arranged things, she didn't see those swords.

Could it be she was mistaken? Su Luo closed her eyes, and her consciousness started to spread to her entire space.

However, she had combed through her space inside and out, and there still wasn't a trace of them.


Su Luo's eyes suddenly shone.

Su Luo bent down and picked up a jade pendant from the underbrush.

This snow-white jade's color resembled water, gentle and transparent. When you held it in your hand, it gave people a kind of cozy feeling, as if they were bathed in spring wind, so much so that she even felt her spirit breath change. This jade pendant, its jade quality was absolutely good, but this wasn't what aroused Su Luo's attention.

Through this jade pendant, Su Luo recalled a matter.

Originally, when she was in the Treasure Storage Pavilion, she saw a worn-out sword that was black with no light, but at that time, the little divine dragon nevertheless loved this sword very much.

At that time, Su Luo was puzzled in her heart, but she didn't have the time to think and only stuffed it in with all the rest into her space. Afterwards, she was chased to kill all the way and completely forgot this matter thoroughly. Now, seeing this jade pendant, she remembered.