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Chapter 1379 – Demanding blood in the Southern Mountain (6)

 Chapter 1379 - Demanding blood in the Southern Mountain (6)

"So what?" Su Luo smilingly looked at him, "Can you beat me? Or kill me? Su Zian, I kindly advise you a sentence, you must by all means not provoke me, otherwise, your Su Manor will disappear."

Actually, dared, to, threaten, him, this, father?

"Su Luo, you believe now, no one can control you? Your grandfather has already exited closed-door cultivation! You wait for us!" Finished speaking these words, Su Zian, in spitting anger, flung his sleeves and left!

If he hadn't left, he feared he would simply be infuriated to death by Su Luo!

Seeing Su Zian angrily leave, a touch of interest flashed through Su Luo's eyes. Elder Ancestor Su had exited closed-door cultivation? If he could let Su Zian so confidently come over, presumably, his strength wasn't bad right? But so what? In any case, it was absolutely impossible she would return to Su Manor.

After Su Zian returned to the Manor, he directly hurried to the rear courtyard.

The rear courtyard was very quiet, only Elder Ancestor Su resided there.

At this moment, twilight had arrived, and Elder Ancestor Su stood beside a blooming jasper tree, lifting his eyes to gaze at the distant blood-colored remaining sun, his brows were tightly pursed.

After getting permission, Su Zian pushed open the door and entered.

"You didn't accomplish the matter?" Elder Ancestor Su's indifferent gaze swept over Su Zian's body.

Although Su Zian did his utmost to restrain the anger in his heart, anger still remained. Elder Ancestor Su, at such strength, his perceptivity was also very sharp, so with one sweep of his gaze, he understood everything.

"I failed to live up to Father's great trust." Su Zian bent his waist, his expression was disappointed, "That girl relies on His Highness Prince Jin's support, her own strength has also risen dramatically. Now, she simply does not have Su Manor in her eyes, not only that, but she also said......"

"What else did she say?" Elder Ancestor Su's brows tightly pursed.

Su Zian's gaze flashed, finally appearing to have made a firm resolution, he said while gnashing his teeth: "She said, if I still dare to call myself her father, in the future, Su Manor would disappear......"

"Impudent!" Elder Ancestor Su immediately became angry, as he raised his hand, the blooming jasper tree before his eyes, in a flash, burst into dregs, finally, it changed into fine powder and sprinkled on the ground......

There was a strange quietness all around.

Elder Ancestor Su gave off the pressure of a powerful expert, and the pressure nearly choked Su Zian.

Su Zian sucked in a deep breath and continued to speak: "Father, I'm only afraid that Su Luo won't return to the family. Even if her person returns, her heart won't be loyal ah."

"So long as her body returns, then we have succeeded, the rest...... humph, humph." Greed and scheming flitted past Elder Ancestor Su's eyes.

"Oh, that's right, father, Su Luo actually still has a little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox in her hands!" Su Zian recalled that little nine-tailed fox and immediately told Elder Ancestor Su the information.

"What did you say? A little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox?" Elder Ancestor Su was suddenly stunned.

"Yes, this son counted several times, indeed, it really was a little nine-tailed fox!" Su Zian was extremely certain.

"This is a treasure ah, a huge treasure ah." The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox's heart blood, for him, was a great supplement ah, a great supplement. Elder Ancestor Su's eyes suddenly brightened then suddenly darkened, it was difficult to hide the excited rays of light in them.

"Father......" Su Zian saw Elder Ancestor Su's heart was moved, and his heart immediately became excited. As long as they obtained the treasure, when Father ate the meat, he could at least drink some soup ah.

"Su Luo is now staying at the Southern Mountains?" Only after a long time did Elder Ancestor Su slowly start to talk.


"Her relationship with Prince Jin is very close?"

"Just lacking the last step of getting married." Su Zian confirmed.

Suddenly, the corner of Elder Ancestor Su's mouth raised in a cold and strange smile, and he nodded his head: "Good, very good."

"Father......" Su Zian was extremely curious, he didn't know what method Elder Ancestor had thought up.

"You withdraw for the time being, wait for the good news oh." Elder Ancestor Su waved his hand and directly drove Su Zian out.