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Chapter 1240 – Entering the forbidden area again (3)

 Chapter 1240 - Entering the forbidden area again (3)

Mo Zixu originally didn't believe it, but these few days the rumours spread abuzz. There were so many people willing to bear witness, and together with today's material evidence, he couldn't help but to believe.

After having kicked Mo Yunfeng flying, Mo Zixu's body swayed, directly spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Pfft--" Mo Zixu spit out seven mouthfuls of blood in a row before his body could stabilize.

First Elder originally nearly went mad from anger, but seeing Mo Zixu like this, he somewhat couldn't bear it.

He looked at Mo Zixu in an ice-cold manner: "You, sitting in the position of master of the family. really haven't done a competent job. If it wasn't for the fact that your older and younger brothers had died, you would immediately be stripped of your title as this palace's master."

Mo Zixu was admonished until he couldn't lift up his head.

First Elder scoffed coldly: "Starting from tomorrow, Mo Yunfeng will leave for the mountains to cultivate in seclusion, as for Mo Yunqing, quickly find a man and marry her off so as to avoid any problems. Hmph, after today, this matter should never be mentioned again, otherwise, you will take responsibility for the consequences!"

When First Elder got angry, nobody dared to talk back.

Momentarily, there was a strange quietness to the atmosphere.

First Elder heavily glared at Mo Yunfeng with a look that expressed resentment at him for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvements. Afterwards, he tossed his sleeves, turned and left.

If it wasn't for the Divine Spirit Tree being stolen, Mo Yunfeng's, this matter, definitely wouldn't be forgiven so easily. However now, the most important thing was to retrieve the Divine Spirit Tree, other matters could be pushed back and wait.

After First Elder scoffed heavily, he directly flung his sleeves and left.

The other three elders looked at each other in dismay, soon after, they also followed the First Elder and left.

Very quickly, there were only the father and son that remained in the room.

'Dad..." Mo Yunfeng smiled bitterly, "This matter, your son really is framed..."

Mo Zixu glared at him with ice-cold eyes: "When you were younger, you said you'll marry Yunqing when you get older. Won't let her be married off to another family and suffer hardship."

Mo Yunfeng stifled a mouthful of blood in his throat.

Such stupid words, how could he have said it? Besides, when he was young, who hadn't said something retarded when they're a child?

Moreover, with Yunqing being unruly and headstrong, he'd rather like Su Luo, that loathsome girl.

Mo Zixu looked at him coldly, then directly tossed his sleeves and left.

"Da..ddy..." Mo Yunfeng wanted to pull his father to a stop, but Mo Zixu was already gone without a trace.

Looking at this cold courtyard, Mo Yunfeng felt the sadness well up, he squatted and held his head in his hands gloomily.

The first half of the night, he slept so well and even had a few beautiful dreams, but in less than two hours, this treatment was like from heaven falling into hell?

Who was it, in the end, who framed him?

According to logical reasoning, who would gain the most from him losing power, was the most suspicious black-handed person behind the scenes.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in Mo Yunfeng's mind, that person, ever since this matter happened, from beginning to end, hadn't shown himself.

Moreover, this person had always been unable to deal with him and third younger sister.

If something happened to him, then the one who would gain the most advantage naturally was him--

His older brother, Mo Yunhai!

Because of the next selection of candidate for the Palace's master, Mo Yunfeng and his older brother Mo Yunhai's relationship was always bad.

Because, according to the rules, with respect for the elder, Mo Yunhai was to be the young master of this palace, but who could have known that Mo Yunfeng would emerge as a force to be reckoned with. His strength pressured Mo Yunhai, at the same time, Mo Yunfeng's ambitions also followed to increase sharply. Moreover, Mo Yunqing and Mo Yunfeng's relationship was especially great.

Mo Yunhai and Mo Yunfeng had always fought openly and maneuvered covertly. They fought like irreconcilable adversaries, therefore, this time, Mo Yunfeng placed this attack on Mo Yunhai's head, to the extent that he directly overlooked Su Luo's side.

This point was something Su Luo hadn't thought of before.

Su Luo, after several teleportation, felt more scared than hurt, returned to that remote courtyard in Central Palace.