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Chapter 1236 – Big operation of excavating the tree (8)

 Chapter 1236 - Big operation of excavating the tree (8)

Then, the problem was, what must she do to have this letter spread out?

Su Luo sat on the circular chair with her chin supported by one hand, pondering. Her finger tapped her cheek.

Suddenly, Su Luo's eyes flashed, a scheme rapidly took shape in her mind.

Since she couldn't openly and brazenly take this letter outside, then, she'd have to design a plan for those people to come over. Moreover, this would seem more natural.

As for how to draw those people over here...wasn't this already ready-made?

Su Luo's eyes bent, smiling very complacently.

Her hand moved slightly, directly releasing the Divine Spirit Tree's breath--

Central Palace had as many experts as clouds, and the breath they were most familiar with was none other than the Divine Spirit Tree's breath.

Moreover, that Divine Spirit Fruit Tree, because it was pulled up by the roots while alive by a person, right now, its heart was still uncomfortable. As a result, it still gave off 'ssss' sounds of resistance endlessly.

Su Luo directly lifted the Divine Spirit Tree out, exposing its crying sound to the atmosphere.

Disordered breath and the sound specific to the Divine Spirit Tree...

As a result, Central Palace's experts that had sharp perceptiveness quickly dashed over!

Those four elders that had been chasing outwards rushed for part of the way, after finding nothing, each and every one of them returned to the manor.

Just when they were entering the gates to Central Palace, they sensed the difference in this direction. The four of them exchanged a glance, using all of their strength to rush over here. Could it be that the Divine Spirit Tree still hadn't left Central Palace? This notion could very possibly be true!

Otherwise, with them split into four different directions to chase, they still couldn't even find a trace.

What did the Divine Spirit Tree signify for Central Palace? These several elders understood more thoroughly about this than anyone else!

As a result, the four elders were like hawks, rushing past to pounce towards Mo Yunfeng's courtyard.

"Those four fools are still one thousand meters from here." The little stone continued as before, dedicated to his work of informing Su Luo of specific happenings.

Su Luo nodded her head as if taking everything seriously, she blowed dry the letter that still had a bit of ink on it. She didn't put the letter away into an envelope. Rather, she spread it open directly on the table.

If she did too much, too deliberately, then traces would be left behind.

On the contrary, to frankly spread it out on the table, seemed even a little more real.

"There's still five hundred meters." The little stone depressedly announced.

"Going." Su Luo patted the Divine Spirit Tree's head, then took it back into her space. Immediately after, was a burst of teleport.

Just when Su Luo's figure had disappeared from within the study.

That door, with a 'bang--' sound, was heavily knocked open.

The four elders of Central Palace descended into this tiny study like gods.

"Just now, the Divine Spirit Tree's breath appeared from here, that's right, just right here. Everyone carefully search separately!" The First Elder instructed loudly.

Right now, he was also anxious ah, so anxious that his brows were beaded with sweat. Several hundred years, and he hadn't been this anxious before.

Immediately, the four elders split in four directions, using all their strength to rapidly search this entire place inside and out once thoroughly.

However, no matter how carefully and conscientiously they checked, they still didn't find any trace of the Divine Spirit Tree.

"How can it be like this? Just now, it was clearly here, really seen a ghost." First Elder's complexion was unwilling, eyes sharp as a falcon.

"Properly search again, check to see if the opponent left behind any words or phrases!" First Elder felt that the opponent was very likely an expert. This expert who snatched away the Divine Spirit Tree might still mock and make cutting remarks about their Central Palace.

"Eh? There is a letter on the table." The Fourth Elder's eyes brightened.

"Bring it over and let me have a look." First Elder, in an ice cold manner, stood in place, his face was imposing all the way down, giving off a strong natural might that wasn't anger.