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Chapter 1224 – Divine spirit fruit (5)

 Chapter 1224 - Divine spirit fruit (5)

Mo Yunfeng, in the beginning, didn't understand what he heard, only after seeing Beichen Ying and the others choke back their laughter, did he finally return to his senses.

"Miss Su, please don't joke, this......" Mo Yunfeng was so depressed that he was almost driven mad.

Su Luo pretended to be angry and glared at him. Finally, helplessly, she still took out a dagger to cut her bright, snow-white wrist.

The Yan Hua dagger was incomparably sharp, giving off an awe-inspiring cold aura.

Although it only lightly streaked across, but the cut was not small. Dark red blood flowed out, very quickly, if filled more than half a bowl.

At this moment, don't know if this was the effect of the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, that cut actually healed rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye. Very quickly, the originally scarlet wound on Su Luo's right wrist, now, only a shallow scar was left behind.

Just like this......healed?

They had seen it with their own eyes, absolutely impossible to fake. For a short while, everyone was deeply shocked.

Especially Mo Yunfeng, at this moment, his eyes were opened wide until they were perfectly round, wishing he could stare a hole into Su Luo's wrist.

Such miraculous blood! Mo Yunfeng's pair of eyes shone brightly. This blood with the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, absolutely was like what the book said, able to raise the dead and put flesh on bones. It could also extend one's life, and increase a person's cultivation!

"You can now get lost." Nangong Liuyun, with an ice-cold gaze, directly showed him the door.

"You aren't welcomed here, quickly get lost!" Beichen Ying's face was black.

Mo Yunfeng, having obtained the result he wanted, also didn't bother with their nasty manner. He very carefully held that half a bowl of incomparably precious blood, and excitedly left.

In the study.

Mo Yunfeng, holding the blood with the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, quickly arrived in the study that was in a strategic place.

"Honorable Father, I got the blood." The excitement in Mo Yunfeng's eyes was difficult to conceal.

"This quickly?" Mo Zixu subconsciously was somewhat surprised. According to his understanding of those several people, they shouldn't have compromised so quickly. Not to mention, in that group, was Nangong Liuyun, an exceptional genius that was extremely difficult to deal with.

"Honorable Father, this can't be fake, this blood came from Su Luo personally cutting her hand, this son saw it with his own eyes." Mo Yunfeng excited repeated, "Honorable Father, can just one drop of this blood prolong a person's life by ten years?"

The word 'death', was a difficult problem throughout the ages, countless monarchs and leaders all seeked this path to immortality. At the moment, this half-full bowl of blood, after taking it, how many years could this increase one's longevity ah? The more Mo Yunfeng thought about it, the more excited he became.

"This blood......" Mo Zixu lifted up the medicine bowl, carefully examining it. He carefully smelled it for a moment.

"Father, how is it?" Mo Yunfeng excitedly asked.

"The smell of this blood does have a bit of spirit energy and ginseng flavor, more likely than not, that Miss Li's words were true." This was Mo Zixu's cautious nature and didn't say everything.

In fact, just based on the spirit energy in this blood, Mo Zixu's heart already believed seventy to eighty percent.

"When that Miss Su gave you her blood, she didn't say anything?" Mo Zixu's actions were usually cautious, this time, he also didn't let this pleasant surprise cloud his mind.

Mo Yunfeng suddenly recalled, he slapped his head and immediately said: "That Miss Su indeed said something. She said her blood was poisonous."

"Poisonous?" Mo Zixu controlled his expression, "This matter can be big or small, you go catch a dog and test it to see if it's true or false."

"Okay." Mo Yunfeng turned around and left, very quickly, he returned, carrying a white poodle in his hand. This was one of the numerous pet dogs Mo Yunqing raised.

Mo Zixu let Mo Yunfeng feed this pure white poodle a drop of blood.