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Chapter 1217 – A freak combination of factors (7)

 Chapter 1217 - A freak combination of factors (7)

Beichen Ying released Mo Yunfeng, then pulled Su Luo and Zi Yan along and was just about to walk out.

"I order you guys to halt!" Now, Mo Yunfeng had finally returned to his senses, and he hurriedly called them to a stop. At the same time, with quick action, he covered Mo Yunqing well with a quilt.

"What? Second Young Master Mo, are you really going to kill people in order to silence them?" Beichen Ying arrogantly turned around, both hands crossed over his chest, looking down with a ghost of a smile as he raised an eyebrow.

Mo Yunfeng's face was stiff, so dark that water almost dripped out. However, he had no choice but to explain: "Just now, that matter, you guys misunderstood. Just now, I...was helping Qing'er to heal a wound."

Beichen Ying's face was full of a very dubious smile: "Oh, heal a wound ah. Right, right, we all understand."

Finished speaking, he turned around and was about to leave.

Mo Yunfeng had no choice but to hurriedly pull him to a stop. If Mo Yunfeng let him go right now, the misunderstanding would forever be unable to be explained clearly.

"The place where Qing'er was wounded is relatively unusual, as a result, it would that?" Mo Yunfeng gave them a look saying 'you guys understand right'.

Beichen Ying nodded his head, his face was serious and deadpan as he said: "Okay, okay, we all understand."

"Brother Beichen..." Mo Yunfeng was about to cry, why was it that he had a feeling that it's only making things worse? This feeling was simply too horrible.

Beichen Ying patted his shoulder, in a manner full of deep sorrow: "Brother Mo, your younger sister's chest is really poisonous ah. Look at your lips, swelling to the size of sausages. Next time, if you want to eat on the sly, then remember to better prepare a solution to the poison oh."

Finished speaking this sentence, he brought Su Luo and Zi Yan to leave while strutting out.

When Mo Yunfeng heard this, his heart was both anxious and furious.

Beichen Ying's last sentence clearly indicated that he was still being misunderstood. In all honesty, he really didn't do something that vulgar okay?

The more Mo Yunfeng thought about it, the more anxious he became. Finally, he couldn't suppress it and directly spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Second Young Master!" The captain of the guards nervously cried out in alarm.

At this moment, his mind was trembling in fear. He was very much afraid. If it was possible, he really wanted to rush out the door and escape to a faraway place. Henceforth, to never see any people from Mo family.

This call to Mo Yunfeng reminded him of the captain of the guards.

"Slap!" Mo Yunfeng's hand directly slapped over heavily, mouth bellowing: "Didn't I tell you guys to guard the door? What is it that you guys do to make a living! Why did you let a person run in! Eh?!"

Right now, how could he still have that lowered tone to smile apologetically to explain to Beichen Ying, that appearance? Now, his facial features were sinister and twisted. His entire face was so terrifying that it made people jump in fear.

Every sentence he spoke, he would smash his fist onto the captain of the guard's body.

Four fists were smashed down in succession, the head of this captain of the guards was directly smashed open like a flower. Both of his eyes were opened wide, he died with remaining grievances.

"There's still the three of you guys!" Mo Yunfeng's hate still hadn't been resolved, and he seethingly kicked over.

"Second Young Master, spare our lives ah. Second Young Master, we didn't see anything ah!"

"Second Young Master, we guarantee we won't say anything ah!"

"Second Young Master, we will definitely stand on your side, to prove you and the Third Miss are innocent ah!"

These three guards were so scared that their faces were pale, speaking incoherently. Every sentence actually pointed out to Mo Yunfeng the fact that they must die.

Mo Yunfeng was extremely furious, just when he was about to directly swat them dead, he suddenly discovered that outside was very quiet...

He turned his head to look and nearly vomited out blood from being angered!

Damn it, what's the matter with the layers of people outside surrounding them? Why was it that they all suddenly came over to surround them?

Just when Mo Yunfeng was puzzled, he saw them waving weapons loudly, shouting while running in: "Second Young Master, where's the assassin? Where did the assassin go?"