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Chapter 1214 – A freak combination of factors (4)

 Chapter 1214 - A freak combination of factors (4)

"That's right, it's fine if we don't go to Central Palace!"

Don't know from where Beichen Ying came from to wind up here, as he aggressively glared at Mo Yunfeng.

"That's right it's not like we really wanted to go to Central Palace to begin with. If it weren't for you, Mo Yunfeng, inviting us with great hospitality, who would want to go? Humph! Since it's like this, then we won't go to Central Palace!" Zi Yan had her chin tilted up, arrogantly slanting sidelong glances at Mo Yunfeng.

For a moment, Mo Yunfeng felt that his brain had grown large.

Before, with great difficulties, he was able to move these several lords to go. If now, they didn't go, then didn't that mean that the gains he made wouldn't make up for his losses? Just based on that move Su Luo revealed, if he were to really use strength, although he would be able to seize the opponent, however, Central Palace's loss would also be disastrous ah.

After pondering over some more, then discuss it. Mo Yunfeng had no choice but to accept this reality.

His face squeezed out a smile, and he cupped his hands and apologized: "Because little sister never had a strange illness since birth, so my heart was very anxious. Just now, I was lacking in manners, so everyone, please don't take offense."

"Nangong doesn't have medical expertise." Su Luo coldly tossed out a sentence.

"Yes, yes, I know." Mo Yunfeng could only give up on the plan of getting Nangong Liuyun and Mo Yunqing together so the rice could be cooked. Helplessly, he turned and left.

Watching his hasty departing rear view, Beichen Ying's heart inevitably had some doubts.

"What's the matter with Mo Yunfeng? Could it be that he came to probe Second Brother's strength?" Beichen Ying asked Su Luo in a low voice.

"It's not that." Su Luo's pupils turned slightly, her eyes containing a smile. She started to tell them the matter in a low voice by their ear.


Su Luo had only told half of the story before these two directly spurted out their laughter.

Beichen Ying's behavior was even more extreme, he covered his belly, laughing until his entire person was about to collapse.

"Ouch, ouch, my stomach...about to cramp up." Beichen Ying laughed until he almost couldn't breath and wickedly said, "Sister-in-law....this move is really too ruthless...but I like it...really like it..."

"How does this even count? It's merely ordinary ah, wait for a while, I'll bring you guys to watch a great play." Su Luo clapped her hands with a smile that was mysterious and strange.

"There's still more?" Zi Yan was very interested, she just knew, following by Su Luo's side, there would be countless fun things waiting for her. This was much more fun than staying in that stupid and stuffy Purgatory City.

"Yes, I guarantee the following will be more marvelous than what happened before." Su Luo said, full of confidence.

Her words, made Beichen Ying and Zi Yan all the more excited, both of them incessantly urged Su Luo to quickly go.

"Okay fine. Both of you follow me, we'll walk over slowly, the time should be about right." Su Luo smiled with a card up her sleeves as she directed these two people.

Nangong Liuyun was cultivating in the tent, therefore, Su Luo left Cheng Ying sword behind.

Cheng Ying sword and Chi Xiao sword both had sword spirits in them. If they encountered danger, they could automatically carry out an attack. Moreover, both of their strength were pretty good. Therefore, Su Luo had no worries with regards to Nangong Liuyun's safety.

At this moment, Mo Yunfeng's heart was abnormally tangled.

This poison Half-step Madly Affectionate Couple, the toxicity broke out very quickly, if it was not treated, a person would die within six hours. It could be said that this poison was exceptionally vicious.

But detoxification wasn't difficult, only needed to suck out the liquid poison. Then, eat some medicine to clear the poison, and it was enough to clear most of the poison.

But, the current problem was...Mo Yunfeng was injured in the chest area ah! With regards to an unmarried female, that was a very sensitive area....

In the end, who should he ask to suck it out.... Mo Yunfeng thought about it until his head got big. It's not that he hadn't considered letting an imperial guard to go suck it out, once it was done, then kill the guard to solve the main problem. However, when all's said and done, his younger sister was still violated....