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Chapter 1205 – Harboring each of their own thoughts (2)

 Chapter 1205 - Harboring each of their own thoughts (2)

Mo Yunqing couldn't bear to watch.

Her whip wasn't an ordinary whip. The tails of one hundred kinds of spirit beasts had been refined and transformed into this rhinoceros phoenix tail whip!

Just when Mo Yunqing predicted that this little thing's teeth would break from biting the whip, instead, she saw this little divine dragon immediately bite the whip's tail off!

It was bitten off!

The rhinoceros phoenix tail whip, that was refined from the tails of one hundred spirit beasts, was bitten off just like that!

Mo Yunqing felt like the whole world had gone mad. Her outlook on the world had been completely overhauled.

This little dragon actually... actually bit off her rhinoceros phoenix tail whip! Moreover, it seemed as if the whip was really delicious. The little dragon directly snatched the whip from the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox's paws and gnawed at it with crunching sounds, like he was gnawing on sugarcane, eating it extremely joyously.

The envious eyes of the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox at the side didn't know how to turn anymore. She stood on tiptoes on her two little hind legs and grabbed the little divine dragon with her two front claws, saliva dripping out from her mouth.

"Want to eat, want to eat. I also want to eat ah... boo hoo..."

The little divine dragon probably thought that the fox was rather annoying and swiped a claw at her.

As a foodie, the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was immediately flipped over. However, she immediately scrambled back onto her feet and grabbed hold of the little divine dragon again, staring until her eyes almost popped out.

The little divine dragon glared at her gloomily. The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox stared back, not to be outdone.

Ordinarily, this little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was extremely sinister and crafty, always bullying the little divine dragon. However, in the presence of food, the little divine dragon's strength had absolute superiority. So, at this time, the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox would pretend to be weak and act cute to plead for the food.

As a male, the little divine dragon scowled gloomily. Finally, he begrudgingly squeezed out a bit of the food and gave it to the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

The little spirit fox happily opened wide her crimson and moist little mouth.

The little divine dragon pinched the rhinoceros phoenix tail whip into powder and tossed it into the little spirit fox's mouth.

The little spirit fox spun around happily. After she finished eating, she carried out her act again, pitifully asking for food from the little divine dragon. Because neither her claws nor her teeth could do it, without big brother little divine dragon helping her, she wouldn't be able to eat it~~.

The little divine dragon glared at her impatiently. Ultimately, he, who loved protecting his food, still begrudgingly squeezed out another mouthful of food into her mouth...

The interaction between the two little spirit pets were extremely human-like. Seeing their adorable and cute behaviour, Mo Yunqing was nearly dumbfounded.

However, when she snapped out of the trance, she immediately went into a violent rage!

What they were eating wasn't something else but the weapon she was most proud of! And to think that they were eating it so happily!

"Close your mouth!!!" Mo Yunqing charged over, panting with rage, and swung out with her hand.

However, pitiful Mo Yunqing had forgotten that the little divine dragon was able to bite the rhinoceros phoenix tail whip she considered a divine weapon,like sugarcane. So, how could he possibly be an easy opponent to provoke?

Just as Mo Yunqing's hand swung over, the little divine dragon immediately bit towards her hand!

"Ah!" Mo Yunqing cried out in alarm, withdrawing her hand urgently. If she was slower by even one step, her hand might have been bitten off by the little divine dragon.

The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox usually cooperated really well with the little divine dragon. Seeing that the little divine dragon didn't manage to bite Mo Yunqing's hand, the little spirit fox became unhappy. She jumped up angrily and grabbed Mo Yunqing's clothing with her two little claws, with swooshing sounds, she charged up to Mo Yunqing's head.

"Ah, ah, ah, really hurts! Let go, let go!" Mo Yunqing felt like the hair on her head was about to be bald from being pulled, making her so anxious that she shouted and screamed.

The little spirit fox was just being naughty. Her two little paws stepped onto Mo Yunqing's crooked neck. Then, with all her might, her two little claws, with all their strength, pulled at the hair on Mo Yunqing's head, gathering it bundle by bundle. The little spirit fox's claws were incomparably sharp, so it was like cutting rice straw, one bundle after another bundle.