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Chapter 1201 – Something major has occurred (5)

 Chapter 1201 - Something major has occurred (5)

At this time, the carriage curtain was lifted up to reveal a lovable and charming little face.

This face had the countenance of a flower and a face like the moon. It was unforgettable to anyone who saw it, but unfortunately, that neck was crooked.

Su Luo almost burst out in laughter. She hung her head low, biting her lower lip tightly. Only like this, no one would realize something was off.

However, Zi Yan, who was standing beside her, had seen it, and she poked Su Luo's arm: "Mo Yunqing is a beauty who is comparable with Li Yaoyao. But why is her neck crooked? Don't you find it strange?"

Su Luo bit her lip, restraining her expression as she raised her head and said in a deadpan manner, "Maybe she fell down by accident while she was sleeping."

"Unlikely right?" Zi Yan found it hard to believe.

No matter what, Mo Yunqing was still a sixth rank cultivator. How could she twist her neck while sleeping? This was too illogical. Moreover, even though Su Luo seemed honorable, there was a trace of deceitfulness that flashed through her eyes.

Zi Yan's eyes suddenly lit up: "Luo Luo, just now, when you disappeared, did you..."

Su Luo immediately covered Zi Yan's mouth: "No!"

"Wuwuwu--" Zi Yan almost suffocated from being covered.

Only then did Su Luo release Zi Yan and then glare at her unhappily: "You didn't find out anything, okay?"

"Understood oh." Zi Yan covered her mouth while giggling. Su Luo's behavior showed she had something to do with Mo Yunqing's neck being crooked. Just thinking about it, it felt amusing to Zi Yan.

Nangong Liuyun, having heard this, his thin attractive lips evoked up slightly. He just knew that his family's Luo girl was restless, sigh. He lovingly stroked Su Luo's head.

Mo Yunfeng and his sister completely didn't know that Su Luo was that culprit.

At this time, Mo Yunfeng laughed quietly as he greeted them: "Everyone, it's rare that you've come to the northern region. Our chance encounter can also be considered as fate. Don't know if you all would like to follow me to Central Palace for a chat?"

Nangong Liuyun's eyes narrowed half way dangerously, and with a smile that wasn't a smile, he swept a glance at Mo Yunfeng.

This glance seemed as sharp as a blade, and Mo Yunfeng was almost defeated. He took a deep breath. Only by doing this was he able to maintain his calm and collected surface expression.

"If we don't go...?" Beichen Ying arrogantly raised his chin, sneering repeatedly, "Invite us to go and we'll go, then wouldn't we be losing face?"

Mo Yunfeng's complexion turned slightly cold, somewhat unable to keep his expression.

At this time, Mo Yunqing, supporting her neck, climbed out from the carriage. When she saw Beichen Ying, she immediately scowled fiercely: "Hmph. Beichen Ying, so it really is you guys?"

"Do I know you?" Beichen Ying arrogantly cast a glance at Mo Yunqing.

"You don't know me?" Mo Yunqing's eyes opened wide. Then, she walked over quickly with her right hand supporting her neck and glared at him while panting with rage, "Beichen Ying, you dare to say you don't know me? Back then, who was it that pushed me into a mud pit? It was at that time, that you caused my neck sprain!"

Beichen Ying touched his nose guiltily, while on the other hand, he then explained righteously and self-confidently, "It's not like that was deliberate. When I was fighting with Mo Yunfeng, who told you to stand by the mud pit? A strong wind swept you into the mud pit where you sprained your neck, how can you blame me for it?"

Mo Yunqing got so angry, she almost fainted.

Su Luo, having heard this, with a 'pfft', she let out a laugh.

So, it turned out that this wasn't the first time Miss Mo Yunqing had her neck sprained. It seemed that her neck was used to dislocating, so Su Luo couldn't be blamed for it.

"Hey, what are you laughing about?!" When Mo Yunqing heard the laughter, she immediately switched targets to Su Luo, glaring at her in a rage, "Who are you? Who permitted you to laugh?!"

This indulged young woman was accustomed to being crafty, unruly, and willful. Because everyone was her family's slave, and she treated them all with an arrogant and bossy attitude.