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Chapter 1197 – Something major has occurred (1)

 Chapter 1197 - Something major has occurred (1)

Such a strong force, Su Luo felt that her butt really hurt. Su Luo didn't know what she sat on, she only knew it was a round spherical object.


An ear-piercing screech came from under Su Luo's butt.

Su Luo looked down--

Aiya, not good, this fall of hers definitely startled the gods and made ghosts cry. She actually sat on top of somebody's head!

Su Luo wanted to laugh, but didn't dare to, her face turned red from holding it back.

"People come! Catch the assassin!" A sharp screech came from a buried neck!

It was a female voice.

Su Luo secretly said 'not good' in her heart. Just now, when she fell, she saw it clearly. This was a very strong group of people.

However now, Su Luo already clearly understood everything that happened in her head. She suddenly disappeared in place, and suddenly appeared here. She was eighty percent certain that her teleporting skills were stronger.

"I wink, I move, I once again move in a wink!" Su Luo silently chanted.

Very quickly, a white light flashed by, and Su Luo 's figure disappeared from that girl's neck in an instant.

"Third Miss, are you okay? Where's the assassin?" A group of people hurriedly ran to her and surrounded this Third Miss's horse carriage.

This Third Miss wasn't just an ordinary third miss, she was Central Palace Mo family's most favored third miss.

Central Palace was one of the ten great families on the continent, along with Green Jade Palace and the Jade Lake's Palace, they stood side by side in strength as the three Palaces.

"Huh, where is the person?" Third Miss Mo Yunqing only felt her neck become light, when she looked again, that person had disappeared into thin air.

"Ouch, my neck!" After Third Miss returned to her senses, she only felt that her neck had nearly broken from being sat on. It was so painful that she almost started to cry.

"Third Miss?" The captain of the guards who was outside heard his family's third miss's cry of pain, and lifted the carriage's curtain without hesitation.

Inside the carriage, the originally charming and pleasant Third Miss now had her neck crooked and her face tilted. She hugged herself and laid down on the board in the carriage, crying out with sounds of pain.

When the captain of the guards looked again, the roof of the carriage was seriously damaged, there was a huge hole in it, and wood fragments fell all over the ground.

"This...." In the end, what happened? How could the carriage roof break out of nowhere?

"Are you guys dead? Quickly go and catch the assassin! Must this Miss be dead before you guys will be willing!" Mo Yunqing was usually arrogant and cold towards these people below her, without a generous face. Now, she was even angrier in her rebuke.

"But..." They simply didn't see an assassin ah!? Where should they go to catch him? This captain of the guards was suddenly empty-handed without a plan and felt his head get big.

"Why haven't you quickly gone!!!!" Mo Yunqing's whip directly thrashed over, but also because of this, she pulled on her injured neck.

This Mo family's third miss immediately covered her neck, and cried bitterly: "My neck is about to break... boo hoo, boo hoo..."

"Third Younger Sister, what's the matter?" Mo family's second young master Mo Yunfeng rode his horse quickly over.

"Second Older Brother, quickly help me catch the assassin! Someone attacked me!" When Mo Yunqing saw her older brother, it was as if she had found a pillar and complained loudly.

"Assassin? Where is this assassin?" Mo Yunfeng wrinkled his beautiful, sharp eyebrows.

"Second Older Brother! How can there be no assassin? Then could my neck be sprained by itself?" Mo Yunqing immediately opened both eyes wide to glare at Mo Yunfeng incredulously, "Just now, there really was an assassin that fell from the sky and broke my neck!"

Mo's third miss was too embarrassed to say that the person had directly sat on her neck and broke it, because that would make her look like a livestock someone rode on. It was too disgraceful to death of her status as the Mo family's third miss.