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Chapter 1174 – The last challenge (1)

 Chapter 1174 - The last challenge (1)

That's right! How could they have forgotten about such a treasure? Spirit pinballs ah! The reward given to them by the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls!

Beichen Ying fiercely slapped his own forehead, wishing he could smash his head like a melon. He actually forgot such an important thing!

Now, even Zi Yan wanted to puke out blood, because she had also completely forgotten about the spirit pinballs.

They looked at each other, and saw identical annoyed expressions in each other's expression.

At this moment, that iron tower-like strong man was getting closer, step by step.

Although his back was wounded by the corrosive powder, but to kill these two lowly ants in front of him, was still the task coming from his brain.

Just at this moment Zi Yan fished out that spirit pinball from her sleeve, and ruthlessly smashed it towards the iron tower-like strong man!

But, at this time, Zi Yan's breath was very weak, without much strength. Although that spirit pinball smashed towards the face of the iron tower-like strong man, he quickly was able to avoided it.

"Rumble-- "

The spirit pinball gave off a huge sound of explosion.

For a second, it was as if an atomic bomb exploded. Momentarily, the earth quaked and mountains shook. The sound was deafening, and black smoke curled up all around.

Because that moment tore at the wound, Zi Yan couldn't take a breath. She covered her chest as she violently coughed.

But what made Zi Yan depressed was that her hard work was all for nothing, and she even wasted a spirit pinball.

Because that iron tower-like strong man dodged in time, he only felt a trace of the effect. His forehead felt dizzy from the explosion, but otherwise, he didn't have any serious injury.

When Beichen Ying saw this, he suddenly felt it wasn't good.

Taking advantage of the moment the iron tower-like strong man shook his head to get rid of the dizziness, he took a breath, endured the pain in his body and suddenly moved forward!

He rushed up and directly smashed the spirit pinball at the iron tower-like strong man's chest!

"No, Beichen Ying!" Zi Yan screeched as her face paled in fear!

Who would have known that the strong iron man, suddenly being attacked by Beichen Ying, would heavily kick towards him. As a result, Beichen Yin was sent flying backwards far away.

As he was kicked flying, Beichen Ying's lips curled into a satisfied smile.

Sure enough, he had guessed right.

A person's subconscious reaction was really cute.

Zi Yan was also smart, after Beichen Ying was kicked flying, she endured the pain and, relying on her last breath, flew out to catch Beichen Ying.

Otherwise, Beichen Ying, who had no spirit strength left, would breathe his last from the fall.

As for that pitiful iron tower-like strong man, his reaction had, in a timely manner, avoided the first spirit pinball. The second spirit pinball directly was shot into his chest by Beichen Ying in the moment when he didn't detect it. How could this one be so easily avoided?

Just when he reacted to pull the spirit pinball out, the spirit pinball had already exploded in his chest area!


A loud explosive sound erupted from his chest, endless earth-shattering spirit energy filled the air, overwhelmingly fierce!

That sturdy body of the iron tower-like strong man was immediately blown into meat chunks, spattering everywhere.

The powerful vibrations only settled down after a long while.

Now, the opponent's two iron tower-like strong men had bravely sacrificed their lives. In the distance, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan also fell to the ground, covered in blood from head to toe.

Su Luo, with quick steps, rushed up and stuffed a Life Replenishing Golden Pill into each of their mouths. Then, she directly poured Celestial Spirit Water into their mouths.

"Fortunately, they are still breathing." Su Luo wiped the sweat off of her forehead with incomparable relief.

The so-called concern for chaos. The fight on the stage was intense, she, who was under the stage, also became anxious. Fortunately, this challenge, they got through more scared than hurt.

On the stone stage, the originally terrible bloody mess, without being noticed, had already gradually restored to before.