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Chapter 1167 – Critical moment of life and death (1)

 Chapter 1167 - Critical moment of life and death (1)

Fresh bloodstains, spilled down to the ground.

Situ Ming's complexion was cold and concentrated, his hands unceasingly making seals.

Li Yaoyao raised her head and saw Situ Ming like this, first, she was startled into almost jumping up. Then a moment later, ecstasy flashed through her eyes!

Second Senior Brother finally displayed his blood sacrifice! She thought Second Senior Brother was so selfish, that before, when he said could throw away his life for her, this sentence was to deceive her, fortunately, fortunately.

Just when Li Yaoyao was secretly rejoicing, suddenly, she felt her body abruptly sink down.

Not good! This iron tower-like strong man was about to throw her away!

Having learned the lesson earlier from the mistakes of her predecessors, Li Yaoyao naturally wasn't so dim-witted as to be thrown out.

Just when that iron tower-like strong man shouted 'Hey-oh' and was about to throw her out, don't know when, the light muslin on Li Yaoyao's arm had already wrapped around the other side's wrist. Just when she was thrown out, Li Yaoyao cried out and spun in mid-air!

However, that iron tower-like strong man's strength really was too formidable, Li Yaoyao spun in mid-air and actually directly sprained her waist.

Seeing Li Yaoyao being thrown out, Situ Ming's heart was very anxious!

That final bit of ceremony was finally completed.

At this moment, a strong mist of blood covered the entire stage. The smell of blood was so strong that it almost made people feel sick.

The blood fluttered about everywhere like flowers, carrying a faint sweet scent.

The doomed iron tower-like strong men were completely dyed in blood from head to toe.

In the beginning, they hadn't put any thought to this blood mist at all, but when they tried to walk towards Situ Ming, they discovered that their footsteps were lighter. Their cultivation actually had gradually gone backwards.

Momentarily, the four iron tower-like strong men were completely astonished on the spot.

At this moment, Situ Ming had already pulled out the dagger from his chest. From head to foot, he looked like someone who had walked out of a sea of blood, completely soaked in blood.

Especially his chest position, that wound was as large as a fist, dripping with blood and spraying out a bloody mist.

Those four iron tower-like strong man obvious realized it was the blood on Situ Ming's body that was making things strange, they directly abandoned Li Yaoyao and strode towards Situ Ming to surround him.

The strong blood mist sucked out more than half of the four iron tower-like strong men's strength in a split second. At this moment, their remaining strength was less than one-tenth of their former strength.

"Yaoyao......Quickly make your move......" Situ Ming, with great difficulty, opened his mouth to say, but the words were disjointed because he had lost too much blood.

Li Yaoyao, at this moment, used her light muslin to wrap around the column, hugging the column and hiding in mid-air.

Seeing Situ Ming unceasingly calling out to her and she, having lost her mind out of fear, hurriedly shook her head: "No, no, I can't beat them......"

Situ Ming was anxious to the point of almost vomiting blood. Before, she couldn't beat them, now that he had used the blood sacrifice to weaken their cultivation, once Li Yaoyao made her move, then she would simply finish them off with one fist per person ah, but she still continued to hide up there!

"Quickly......" Situ Ming felt the blood supply in his body was nearly drained dry, his face, because of anxiety, was distorted somewhat sinisterly. His entire being appeared to be very frightening.

"No......" Li Yaoyao hugged the column, no matter what, she wasn't willing to come down.

Situ Ming only felt that he was seeing stars, a vast darkness spread out before his eyes!

Just now, with the blood sacrifice, he had targeted the four iron tower-like strong men, Li Yaoyao's strength wouldn't have the slightest effect from the blood sacrifice. But this idiot!

If she came down now to dispose of these four people, he still had a ghost of a chance to survive. If she still didn't come down, he really would die!

Situ Ming was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof, but because now, he had lost too much blood, with a pale complexion and cold sweat directly flowing down, his whole body was stiff like stone.