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Chapter 1152 – Unexpected (2)

 Chapter 1152 - Unexpected (2)

For a moment, many of them stared at Su Luo with disdainful gazes.

"Pfft--" Luo Dieyi, who was initially grieving inconsolably and heartbroken, let out a cold laugh, "Su Luo, you should hurry up and get down. Or do you think you haven't embarrassed yourself enough?"

The corners of Li Yaoyao's lips curled up mockingly, "You can't even grasp hold of the sword hilt. Alas, how embarrassing. How do you have the nerve to step up and try to pull out the sword? If I were you, I would directly give up."

With a trace of cold intent in her eyes, Su Luo swept a glance at Li Yaoyao.

Li Yaoyao met Su Luo's gaze and suddenly, her heart stiffened. Clearly, Su Luo was a useless person completely lacking spirit force. However, that pair of eyes was so clear and bright, couldn't help but cause people to be afraid.

Li Yaoyao scoffed coldly and turned her face away awkwardly!

Su Luo frowned slightly. If she wanted to grab hold of the Cheng Ying Sword, it's not completely impossible. However... that would deal great harm to her body.

Before Su Luo could settle on a plan, all of a sudden, a shadow attacked towards her forehead.

That speed was extremely fast!

So quick that everyone only saw something glide past their eyes, and the thing had already smacked onto Su Luo's forehead.

How fast was Nangong Liuyun's speed, but even he was unable to block that thing from dropping onto her.

All they heard was a "pow" sound, and that thing had already smacked Su Luo's head until she was dizzy and almost couldn't stand on her feet.

"What's this thing?" Gloomily, Su Luo picked up that thing which had almost given her a concussion.

"What is it?" Zi Yan followed with a question curiously.

"It seems to be a glove..." Su Luo was suddenly dumbfounded. She raised her head and looked all around her, yet she couldn't find a single clue.

Why would her forehead suddenly be smashed with a pair of gloves? Regarding this point, Su Luo was truly perplexed after much thought.

Everyone also felt that this was extremely strange.

Where exactly had these gloves flown out from? Moreover, to coincidentally smash towards Su Luo's forehead?

Just looking at this situation, was Su Luo's luck good or was it actually bad?

Right when everyone was puzzled and at a loss, suddenly, a somewhat mocking voice rang out.

"Girl, just now, I forgot to give you your reward. So, I've come especially to deliver it to you now. Aren't I good?" Seventh Young Master's calm and composed voice gave everyone a scare.

No one would have thought that the seventh challenge's Seventh Young Master would unexpectedly run over to the eighth challenge.

One had to know, although this was the Nine Different Palace Halls, one was the seventh layer and another was the eighth. However, each layer was an independent world, that could only be entered through the teleportation array.

Su Luo gently stroked the glove's material, and the tips of her eyebrows raised slightly. A smile spread across her face as she said: "Thank you."

She really needed to thank this Seventh Young Master.

These gloves would save her a lot of trouble.

When Seventh Young Master received Su Luo's thanks, he laughed happily. However, when Su Luo wanted to call out to stop him, he turned around and disappeared.

"These gloves... What are they?" Curiosity filled Zi Yan's eyes.

"Try them and we'll know." Su Luo smiled shallowly and calmly put on that pair of blue gloves.

If she hadn't guessed wrong, these gloves would bring her a great and pleasant surprise.

Seeing more and more of the black air rushing in, Su Luo took a deep breath, and with her gloved hand, she slowly reached towards the sword hilt...


Everyone's sight blurred for a second, when their eyes refocused, they saw that she had already firmly grasped onto that sword hilt!

She'd gotten hold of it! Moreover, she'd done it so easily!

Li Yaoyao was so shocked that her jaw was about to drop to the ground!

How could this be?

Every one of them who had wanted to touch the sword hilt had all needed to spend an immeasurable amount of spirit force to fight with that barrier, and even then, only managed to touch the sword hilt after great difficulty. However, Su Luo...

After she put on that unfathomably mysterious glove, she could immediately take hold of that sword hilt? That barrier actually didn't reject her whatsoever?

Was there anything so unfair as this?!

Li Yaoyao and Luo Dieyi gnashed their teeth resentfully. Their eyes glared at Su Luo's back, wishing they could glare two bloody holes into her.

However, regardless of how much they resented her, it was a fact that Su Luo had grabbed hold of the sword hilt.

Now, the only thing Su Luo needed to do was to draw out that blade.