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Chapter 1125 – The Seventh Challenge (9)

 Chapter 1125 - The Seventh Challenge (9)

"Third question. You, come up." Seventh Young Master pointed in passing, and pointed at Beichen Ying.

Su Luo's heart tensed.

Li Yaoyao's hand was removed at the wrist, she didn't care, but if Beichen Ying had an accident......

But, Beichen Ying had always been clever, he might not necessarily be unable to answer it. Su Luo said secretly in her heart.

Beichen Ying took a few steps forward to arrive before Seventh Young Master.

His expression was unperturbed, full of self-confidence. One couldn't see a thread of nervousness in his features and mood. He even seemed to be eager to give it a try.

That's right, he was a progeny from an aristocratic family, a proud son of heaven. A character that was clever, wise and farsighted. Maybe she was over worrying about nothing. Su Luo secretly laughed in her heart at her concern and confusion.

The Seventh Young Master's attention had always been on the the fishing rod. He raised his eyes and cast a glance, as his gaze swept over Su Luo, a thread of ridicule flashed in his eyes.

Su Luo's brows wrinkled.

Don't know whether it was her misconception. She always felt as if this Seventh Young Master seemed to know her......Who was this person, in the end?

Just when Su Luo still remained perplexed despite much thought, Seventh Young Master had already come up with a question.

"For the sake of that girl, I'll give you a simple question." Seventh Young Master's tone was faint as if absent-minded.

For the sake of that girl? Which girl?

It was not only Beichen Ying who was puzzled, everyone else was also puzzled......If there was such a girl, that could plead for Seventh Young Master to give an easier question, then wouldn't the first part of this challenge be much easier to pass?

However, faced with Seventh Young Master's profoundly mysterious, deep eyes, no one dared to ask who that girl was.

Nangong Liuyun's hand that was holding Su Luo's tightened.

Just now, Seventh Young Master had cast several seemingly accidental glances at Su Luo, other people might not understand, but how could Nangong Liuyun, who always had his attention on Su Luo, not know?

That girl the Seventh Young Master was referring to, except for Luo Luo, there was no other.

Nangong Liuyun's strong arm made a loop, then, in an overbearing manner, confined Su Luo to his chest.

The Seventh Young Master, with a ghost of a smile, raised an eyebrow and was noncommittal.

Nangong Liuyun's forehead wrinkled slightly, however, since the other side made no move, he also wouldn't foolishly open his mouth first.

If it was anyone else, Seventh Young Master usually would be indifferent, but towards Nangong Liuyun, with his high degree of cultivation, he inevitably would still be somewhat cautious. A nobleman must have the grace and beauty of an adult, to break apart a mated pair was a matter that only her parents had the right to do so. He would not be so crooked to be that vile person.

Seventh Young Master took back his dispersed train of thought and unhurriedly told Beichen Ying his question: "There is a bridge that can only take 80 kilograms in weight, otherwise it'll cave in. Now, there is a person weighing 75 kilograms, he must carry two balls each weighing 2.6 kilograms to cross the bridge. Without using any tools, he brought over the two balls across the bridge in one trip. Then, how did he cross the bridge?"

"Ah?" After Beichen Ying finished listening, a huge question mark flickered over his forehead.

How did he carry the overweight two balls over in one trip? Beichen Ying rubbed his head. There was simply no way to do it ah. If you carried both over, then wouldn't the bridge just collapse?

Time passed in minutes and seconds.

Beichen Ying's forehead gave off a trace of cold sweat.

He subconsciously looked towards Su Luo.

Su Luo, on the sly, made a movement of tossing a ball up and down.

In a flash!

Beichen Ying's eyes lit up!

He also wasn't stupid, with only a glance, he saw Su Luo's hint.

Such a simple topic ah, how could he be tied up by a fixed mindset! Beichen Ying heavily slapped his head and loudly reported: "The answer is to toss one ball and waiting for the moment it falls to throw the other. This way, the bridge won't cave in, the answer is complete!"