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Chapter 1123 – The Seventh Challenge (7)

 Chapter 1123 - The Seventh Challenge (7)

However, Seventh Young Master's expression suddenly changed!

"Are you really foolish or faking being foolish?" Seventh Young Master was rather curious.

"Ah?" Li Yaoyao had a question mark across her entire face.

Seventh Young Master couldn't help but take her as an idiot and carefully explained: "What this young master is referring to as the things on your body, for example--"

His fair as jade finger, pointed at Li Yaoyao's wrist.

"Or such as--" Following that, he pointed to Li Yaoyao's leg.

Li Yaoyao stared blankly, immediately after, she returned to her senses and couldn't help but to cry out loud in alarm: "No! No! NO!!!"

She finally understood!!!

This Seventh Young Master's so-called 'leave behind an item on her body' wasn't indicating something else, rather, it pointed to her hand or leg!

How can this be possible?!

Li Yaoyao felt that she was about to be scared senseless.

She turned around and immediately ran towards Situ Ming's direction.

Under this kind of circumstances, the only person who would save her was Second Senior Brother!

"Second Senior Brother, save me!" With wide strides, Li Yaoyao ran very quickly.

Situ Ming's reaction wasn't slow either. He flipped his hand to form seals and immediately smashed it towards Seventh Young Master's face!

How could his precious Yaoyao have her hand or leg chopped off? Even if you kill him, he would never allow something like this to happen!

However, something that made Situ Ming spit out blood, happened.

That palm seal he shot out was frozen in mid-air, motionless, unable to advance nor retreat.

Situ Ming's complexion became very unsightly.

He had known since earlier that Seventh Young Master was very powerful. His strength was greater than his by more than one notch. However, to think he was this powerful... It was really unimaginable... A cold chill slowly crawled up from the soles of Situ Ming's feet to his back.

He had a very ominous premonition.

Seventh Young Master stood with his hands behind his back and a smile on his face. He watched Situ MIng with a smile that was not quite a smile. His eyes flickered as if he was looking at an idiot.

Suddenly, that palm seal, which had initially been frozen, moved.

One could see it was as if it had intelligence, it flipped over rapidly and made a U-turn. Unexpectedly, it then shot straight towards Li Yaoyao!

Right at this moment, Li Yaoyao was hiding in Situ Ming's embrace. Both of her arms were wrapped tightly around Situ Ming's neck.

That palm seal seemed to have grown eyes, with a 'whoosh' sound, it flashed past like a ray of light!


Just at this moment, a desperate painful cry exploded from Li Yaoyao's mouth.

One only saw her right wrist was broken apart from the base of her hand!

Her hand was actually severed by that palm seal Situ Ming had personally sent out.

At this moment, blood was gushing out from Li Yaoyao's wrist like a spring, spraying out onto the ground.

In a moment, her face, her remnant fairy-styled skirt, and the ground, were all mottled with blood. The strong smell of blood permeated through the air.

The surroundings became very quiet.

It was so quiet that they could clearly hear the sound of each other's heartbeat.

No one could have imagined that the soft-spoken and smiling Seventh Young Master would be this ruthless when he took action. While he was speaking in a friendly tone, Li Yaoyao's wrist was snapped off from the base of her hand and cracked into fragments.

Everyone's gaze uniformly looked towards Seventh Young Master.

At this moment, his expression was as tranquil as jade, gentle, pure and holy, like he was a god who had descended into the human world. He was so noble, not a bit of dust contaminated him.

Li Yaoyao's blood-curdling screech lingered on, but this Seventh Young Master continued to smile like nothing had happened.

"You. The second question." Seventh Young Master cast a glance at Situ Ming.

Currently, Situ Ming's vision was a sheet of red! He was burning with rage, about to explode at any moment!

However, he was very clear about what sort of conclusion it would be if he was to rush up now.

With a mere wave of his sleeve, Seventh Young Master could turn Situ Ming into ashes!

"Second Senior Brother... Just for my sake... You mustn't be rash..." Li Yaoyao sobbed spasmodically as she pleaded in a low voice.