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Chapter 1114 – Danger Lurks on Every Side (4)

 Chapter 1114 - Danger Lurks on Every Side (4)

Su Luo's gaze gradually became fuzzy.

While being mentally dizzy, she felt that she had returned to the modern world and was wondering about in the dark.

That scene on top of Cloud Fall Mountain reappeared once again in her mind.

"Kill him, kill him!"

A voice repeated this non-stop by her ear.

The Su Luo right now was like a marionette, her gaze stared blankly, holding up the dagger in a zombie-like manner. Step by step, she approached Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun lay on the ground, sticky perspiration rushing out on his face. His complexion was as pale as paper.

Right now he was motionless, only his eyes were half-narrowed.

"Luo Luo..." Nangong Liuyun called out with great difficulty.

However, it seemed as if Su Luo completely didn't hear him. It also seemed as if she completely did not recognize the person in front of her. Still as before, she moved closer, step by step.

That deeply cold Yan Hua dagger gave off a metallic luster specific to it.

Then, it extended horizontally above Nangong Liuyun's snow-white neck.

Now, Su Luo's entire face was lifeless and dull, but the hatred in her eyes was very clear.

"Kill you, kill you, kill you.... Yun Qi, I'll kill you!"

Suddenly, Su Luo gave a loud yell, that dagger moving towards the neck's position. She lifted it up high and stabbed fiercely towards Nangong Liuyun's heart!!!

Right now, Su Luo had completely lost her bearings.

The her right now had her heart's hatred for Yun Qi magnified endlessly. To the degree that it was the last straw.

At the summit of that Cloud Fall Mountain, that dagger of Yun Qi's was still the greatest sore point in her heart. Now, after this sore spot was magnified to an endless degree, not even Su Luo herself could control this hatred.

Seeing the dagger was about to fall....

Nangong Liuyun's heart gave off some bitterness....

The reason he pretended to be weak was to find the eye of this psychological array. If he made a move now, then his plan would fall through.

He calculated this a thousand, no, ten thousand times, and figured that Su Luo could lose her wisdom. But, he could never have imagined that she would pull out a dagger to stab him to death....

Seeing the dagger that was lifted up high, about to fiercely stab down--

Nangong Liuyun's figure moved slightly, the hand hidden in his sleeves clenching tightly into a fist.

Losing the opportunity he could still look for another one, but he would absolutely not allow something to happen to Su Luo.

If she killed him, his treasured Luo Luo would blame herself for a lifetime.

He did not want her to live forever in self-blame.

Just when Nangong Liuyun's plan was about to be ruined--


Su Luo felt a burst of acute pain in her head!

A pain that bore into the heart, along with a furious voice roaring: "Stop! I command you to stop!"

This sharp voice came from Su Luo's mind. The voice was so loud it was world-shaking, making the earth quake and mountains shake.

For a moment, Su Luo only felt that both of her ears echoed with buzzing noises, with sharp pain from her eardrums, as if she was deaf.

However, it was also because of this urgent yell, that made Su Luo's hand pause slightly.

Now, her dagger was at the position of Nangong Liuyun's heart. There was only a tight fingernail's distance from his heart.

It was a real thriller.

That alarmed and furious voice wasn't uttered loudly by Nangong Liuyun, then, who could it be?

Because that loud shouting voice woke up Su Luo's consciousness.

When the awakened Su Luo saw herself holding a dagger stabbing towards Nangong Liuyun, for a moment, she was confused and rattled. She clumsily did not know what to do with her hands and feet.

Seeing Su Luo regain her consciousness, even though Nangong Liuyun was amazed, however, the greater plan for the situation was still the most important. So he continued to pretend to have been poisoned, motionlessly lying there.

Su Luo stood up in confusion.

"Little stone, you are awake? In the end, what is going on?"

Just now, she had heard it very clearly.

That furious voice that had loudly cried out in alarm at the critical moment was no stranger, it was Little Stone that had been in a coma for a long time.