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The Nine Cauldrons

Author: I Eat Tomatoes

Lastchapter: Chapter 567: The Goal of the Heavenly God Palace

Updated: 2018-10-05 13:56

Chapter 567: The Goal of the Heavenly God Palace
Chapter 566: Tracks
Chapter 565: Conspiracy
Chapter 564: Compensation
Chapter 563: Honorable One
Chapter 562: The Honorable One of Emperor Yus Hall
Chapter 561: Insightful Emptiness Realm?
Chapter 560: Attack!
Chapter 559: Pressuring Emperor Yus Hall
Chapter 558: Fight!
Chapter 557: On the Verge of a Breakout
Chapter 556: Truth?
Chapter 555: Slaughter
Chapter 554: Secret Letter
Chapter 553: Yan Danchen
Chapter 552: A Message
Chapter 551: Despotism
Chapter 550: Yuzhou
Chapter 549: The Situation Worsens
Chapter 548: The End of Qingshans Closed-door Cultivation
Chapter 547: Sixteen Years Later
Chapter 546: Wood, One of the Five Elements
Chapter 545: Name Scroll
Chapter 544: Finally Arrived!
Chapter 543: The 16th of May
Chapter 542: Qingshan Enterprise
Chapter 541: The Legend of the Nine Prefectures
Chapter 540: Teng Qingshans Ambitions
Chapter 539: The Chosen Path
Chapter 538: Conflict
Chapter 537: Suggestion
Chapter 536: The Death of the Blind Swordmaster
Chapter 535: Teng Qingshan and Tie Wu
Chapter 534: Trapped
Chapter 533: Consolidating At Every Step
Chapter 532: Half of the Territory
Chapter 531: Attack! Attack!
Chapter 530: The Hiding Place
Chapter 529: Setting Fire to Qing Hu Island
Chapter 528: Water
Chapter 527: Astonished and Angry
Chapter 526: Flesh and Bone
Chapter 525: Meeting the Parents
Chapter 524: Honored Sir
Chapter 523: Raising A Storm
Chapter 522: Qingshans Name
Chapter 521: Beneath Heavenly Cloud Mountain
Chapter 520: Flames Descend the Heavenly Cloud Mountain
Chapter 519: The Six-Thousand-Years-Old Grudge
Chapter 518: The Dao of Destruction
Chapter 517: Void Piercing Arrow! Death Arrow!
Chapter 516: The Descent of Calamity
Chapter 515: The Gathering of All Parties
Chapter 514: Preparation for Battle
Chapter 513: Breaking Off This Relationship! Ruthless!
Chapter 512: Throwing Away All Pretense of Cordiality
Chapter 511: Songyang Mountain
Chapter 510: Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 509: Making Things Difficult
Chapter 508: Emperor Yus Hall
Chapter 507: Danger!
Chapter 506: Waiting in Patience
Chapter 505: Enrolling
Chapter 504: Return
Chapter 503: Inside Hong Tian City
Chapter 502: Do Whatever You Want
Chapter 501: Only For The Fated One
Chapter 500: Pursuing the Godly Armor
Chapter 499: The Descent of the Emptiness Realm
Chapter 498: The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse
Chapter 497: A Shocking Scene
Chapter 496: The Battle Between the Insightful Realm Experts
Chapter 495: The Feast of the Emptiness Realm Experts
Chapter 494: Life and Death
Chapter 493: The Winner Takes All
Chapter 492: The Most Important Advice
Chapter 491: The Nine Prefectures Cauldron
Chapter 490: Pei San Meets Teng Qingshan
Chapter 489: The One with Patience Takes All
Chapter 488: A Set of Godly Armor
Chapter 487: Yu Tonghai
Chapter 54 The World is Astonished
Chapter 53 Incite Fear In You
Chapter 52 The Intense Battle Between the Five
Chapter 51 Appetizer
Chapter 50 A Move That Will Affect The Entire Situation
Chapter 49 Emptiness Realm Attained
Chapter 48 An Unexpected Joy
Chapter 47 The Beginning of the Internal Martial Arts
Chapter 46 Sovereign of the Sword Sect
Chapter 45 Attack! Attack! Attack!
Chapter 44 Fight! Fight! Fight!
Chapter 43 Skinning a Tiger
Chapter 42 Savior
Chapter 41 Earth Elemental Dao
Chapter 40 A Hopeless Situation
Chapter 39 Trapped
Chapter 38 Pressing Hard
Chapter 37 The Great Yan Mountain and the Nine Wolf Island
Chapter 36 Shooting Sun Heavenly Wolf
Chapter 35 An Incoming Storm
Chapter 34 News
Chapter 33 Ruthless
Chapter 32 Scarlet Fruit Wine
Chapter 31 The Nine Wolf Island
Chapter 30 Murderous Intention
Chapter 29 An Island
Chapter 28 Unsheathe and Slaughter
Chapter 27 On Qing Hu Island
Chapter 26 Gu Yong
Chapter 25 Zhao Danchen
Chapter 24 A Deliberate Action
Chapter 23 Chaos
Chapter 22 Bloodbath in Brothel
Chapter 21 Honesty
Chapter 20 The Third Disciple
Chapter 19 Choice
Chapter 18 Nomination
Chapter 17 Foreign Dignitary Huhe
Chapter 16 Nine Ringed Mountain
Chapter 15 I Am Not A Good Person
Chapter 14 Barging In
Chapter 13 Soldiers Assembled in Tielong City
Chapter 12 An Imminent Upheaval
Chapter 11 High Priestess of Snowy Lotus Cult
Chapter 10 Deployed
Chapter 9 Identity
Chapter 8 Possible Changes
Chapter 7 The Man Who Has Nothing Will Fear Nothing
Chapter 6 Three Things
Chapter 5 A Conversation Between the Teacher and the Disciple
Chapter 4 Gui Yuan Sect of Jiangning
Chapter 3 Li Residence
Chapter 2 Caught Unprepared
Chapter 1 The Phoenix Island
Chapter 75 Depart to Nine Prefectures!
Chapter 74 The Treasure of Tianfeng Clan
Chapter 73 The Power of the Phoenix
Chapter 72 The Undying Phoenix
Chapter 71 The Greatest Battle
Chapter 70 Vermillion Metal Tiger Roar
Chapter 69 A Breakthrough Once Again
Chapter 68 Recognizing Oneself
Chapter 67 The Enraged Tianfeng Martial Immortal
Chapter 66 Hand him over!
Chapter 65 Flames of Fury
Chapter 64 The Harmonization of the Spirit with the Heavens and Earth
Chapter 63 Finally Attaining Emptiness Realm
Chapter 62 Marriage of Teng Qingshan
Chapter 61 Will You Marry Me
Chapter 60 The Descendants of the Godly Axe Mountain
Chapter 59 The Turning Point
Chapter 58 The Tianfeng Martial Immortal
Chapter 57 A Hopeless Situation
Chapter 56 A Century of Sleep
Chapter 55 The World Knew
Chapter 54 Qingshans Hunt for Treasure
Chapter 53 A Skyful of Red Clouds
Chapter 52 The Consequences of Volcanic Eruptions
Chapter 51 The Total Amount of Fiery Gilt Steel
Chapter 50 A Roar That Astounded the Heavens
Chapter 49 The Blaze of Blue Luan
Chapter 48 Successfully Conquered
Chapter 47 Changing the Battle Situation
Chapter 46 The Strongest and Sharpest Blade
Chapter 45 The Allocation of the Profit
Chapter 44 Stalemate
Chapter 43 My Territory
Chapter 42 One Mans Fight
Chapter 41 All Parties Stirring
Chapter 40 Fiery Gilt Steel Valley
Chapter 39 Request to a Duel
Chapter 38 The Ox-Head Mountains in the Eastern Flower Region
Chapter 37 Which One Should I Choose?
Chapter 36 The Martial Saintess
Chapter 35 Tempted
Chapter 34 Big Movements, High Popularity
Chapter 33 The Second Follower
Chapter 32 Old Wangs Story
Chapter 31 My Name is Yang Dong
Chapter 30 The Choice of Daos
Chapter 29 Mu Yunyi
Chapter 28 One Year
Chapter 27 The Four Successive Moves
Chapter 26 Six Stone Inscriptions
Chapter 25 Demonic Beast Mountain
Chapter 24 Return
Chapter 23 Godly Beast Dark Elegant Horse
Chapter 22 The Treasure Hunting Journey in the Dreamy Cloud Swampland
Chapter 21 Dreamy Cloud White Fruit
Chapter 20 Teng Qingshan Versus the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal!
Chapter 19 Dreamy Cloud Ancient City
Chapter 18: Twenty Years Old
Chapter 17: The Most Powerful Technique
Chapter 16: The Final Phase of the Supreme Force, A Perfect Body!
Chapter 15: The Request To Be His Follower
Chapter 14: Revenge?
Chapter 13: Seduction
Chapter 12: Who captures who?
Chapter 11: One Cannot Defy Destiny
Chapter 10: Shuangshan City
Chapter 9: Hall of Assassins
Chapter 8: Reputation
Chapter 7: Soldiers are Fiercer than Bandits
Chapter 6: A Plea for Help
Chapter 5: Paying a Visit
Chapter 4: The Glowing Cauldron
Chapter 3: The Lair of Bladelike Chi
Chapter 2: Old Wangs Request
Chapter 1: Good Teacher
Chapter 61: Everything Has Its Vanquisher
Chapter 60: ?Nine Thunder Blade Scrolls?
Chapter 59: Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 58: Sky-high Price
Chapter 57: Blunt Vanadium Stone Tablets
Chapter 56: The Assembly of the Grand Clans
Chapter 55: An Unexpected Joy
Chapter 54: Preparing Gold
Chapter 53: A New Home
Chapter 52: Pay and Return
Chapter 51: Godly Axe Mountain
Chapter 50: The Shocking News
Chapter 49: Turn of Events
Chapter 48: Compelling Concupiscence
Chapter 47: Nanshan City
Chapter 46: The First Follower
Chapter 45: Fu Dao
Chapter 44: Trouble
Chapter 43: Ah Shou
Chapter 42: How can we stop him?
Chapter 41: Unpolished Jade
Chapter 40: Boss, Let me do it!
Chapter 39: Raging Out of Humiliation
Chapter 38: Gambling Cage Fight
Chapter 37: Selection
Chapter 36: The Slave Market
Chapter 35: Young Master Li
Chapter 34: Drawing Blades Against Each Other
Chapter 33: Danyang City
Chapter 32: Duanmu?
Chapter 31: Robbing
Chapter 30: The Only Good News
Chapter 29: Human Habitation
Chapter 28: Grass of Immortality
Chapter 27: The Mother of Blue Luan
Chapter 26: Theres Still Something Troublesome
Chapter 25: Swimming Pisces Body Art
Chapter 24: The Piercing Screech
Chapter 23: Time Flies
Chapter 22: Seclusion
Chapter 21: The Omnipotent Expert, Poetic Sword God Li Taibai
Chapter 20: Celestial Jade Annulus
Chapter 19: Borrowing
Chapter 18: Spear and Sword
Chapter 17: Assisting Your Own Blood But Not Justice
Chapter 16: Cloud Piercing Arrow
Chapter 15: Give Me All
Chapter 14: Thank You Senior For Instructing.
Chapter 13: The Forbidden Area of the Sword Tower
Chapter 12: Northern Yan Town
Chapter 11: The Strange Region of the Sea
Chapter 10: What is that?
Chapter 9: Voracious
Chapter 8: Fail to Subdue?
Chapter 7: Pierced Through With One Thrust
Chapter 6: Practicing Fist Art Under the Sea! Picking Fruits On the Island!
Chapter 5: Iron Leaf Island
Chapter 4: A Dangerous Negotiation
Chapter 3: A Big Trouble
Chapter 2: An Enormous Creature
Chapter 1: A Turbulent Evening
Chapter 53: Set Sail
Chapter 52: The Calamity of the Future
Chapter 51: Bloody Battle at Dawn
Chapter 50: Ascending the Island
Chapter 49: Northern Sea Battleship
Chapter 48: The Three Foreign Dignitaries
Chapter 47: Invitation From the God of Heaven
Chapter 46: Flying Away with Just a Back Hit
Chapter 45: You didnt disappoint me
Chapter 44: The Life and Death Cliff
Chapter 43: Unexpected
Chapter 42: Dark Blaze Rod
Chapter 41: The Power of One Punch
Chapter 40: The News From Afar
Chapter 39: Out of Seclusion
Chapter 38: Strict
Chapter 37: God of Heaven Mountain
Chapter 36: Goddess
Chapter 35: The True Identity
Chapter 34: Came Forth On a Divine Eagle
Chapter 33: Tantra
Chapter 32: The Two Great Messengers of God
Chapter 31: The Nonpareil Martial Force
Chapter 30: Its Him!
Chapter 29: Thinking of Escaping?
Chapter 28: A Thunderous Roar
Chapter 27: Transmutation Unity Law
Chapter 26: Send the Riders and Horses Flying
Chapter 25: Whole Gale Tribe
Chapter 24: Internal Supreme Force
Chapter 23: Blood Flowed like River!
Chapter 22: Teng Qingshans Ambition
Chapter 21: Travelling Alone
Chapter 20: Restriction
Chapter 19: Underground Pursuit
Chapter 18: Catch Teng Qingshan Alive
Chapter 17: Heavy Encirclement
Chapter 16: A Dark and Quiet Time
Chapter 15: Emperor Yus Hall Makes its Move!
Chapter 14: Ambush in Yuzhou
Chapter 13: Being Safe is a Blessing
Chapter 12: The Search of the Whole City
Chapter 11: Who are you?
Chapter 10: Night Visit at a Mansion House
Chapter 9: He is Teng Qingshan!
Chapter 8: Godly Thunderbolt Hawk
Chapter 7: Huyue County, Xiao Yao Palace
Chapter 6: Skill Progressing into Dao
Chapter 5: Training On Horseback
Chapter 4: Tea House
Chapter 3: Official Bounty Document
Chapter 2: Didnt Die?
Chapter 1: Blind Swordmaster
Chapter 54: The Descent of Great Calamity
Chapter 53: Two Flood Dragons
Chapter 52: A Game of Guessing Pebbles?
Chapter 51: Kowtow
Chapter 50: An Instant Explosion
Chapter 49: Thinking it through
Chapter 48: Optical Illusion
Chapter 47: Fishing in Murky Waters
Chapter 46: Orders
Chapter 45: Blast a Way Out
Chapter 44: Die!!!
Chapter 43: Becoming a Fish
Chapter 42: Identity Exposed! Slaughter!
Chapter 41: The Unexpected
Chapter 40: Godly axe, unleashes the limits!
Chapter 39: Emperor Yus Gifts
Chapter 38: Emperor Yus Request
Chapter 37: A Mystical Place
Chapter 36: Its Fate!
Chapter 35: You are not the destined one
Chapter 34: Mountains beyond mountains
Chapter 33: The Doleful and Furious Roars!
Chapter 32: The right road on the map
Chapter 31: Pass on the Order
Chapter 30: Bone Shrinking
Chapter 29: One Crashed to Death!
Chapter 28: Maze
Chapter 27: Two Ways
Chapter 26: Man and Beast Converse
Chapter 25: The Tentacle Monster
Chapter 24: Pulling the willow
Chapter 23: A Nobody
Chapter 22: A Team of Powerhouses
Chapter 21: Its him!
Chapter 20: The Blurry Figure
Chapter 19: Struggling between life and death
Chapter 18: Gathering of the powerhouses
Chapter 17: Extraordinary
Chapter 16: Heavenly Flooded Palace
Chapter 15: Two Poles
Chapter 14: The Underground Lake
Chapter 13: Teng Qingshans Anger!
Chapter 12: A Storm Rises
Chapter 11: Bad News
Chapter 10: Execution!
Chapter 9: Bottomless pit
Chapter 8: Let the madness take over!
Chapter 7: Teng Yongfan
Chapter 6: Catching people
Chapter 5: Realm of Emptiness
Chapter 4: Celebration
Chapter 3: Lets battle! Lets battle!
Chapter 2: Enemies At The Gates
Chapter 1: Retreat and Pursued!
Chapter 38: Vermilion Tiger Roar
Chapter 37: Obliteration of a Clan!!!
Chapter 36: Stones That Cut Through The Air!
Chapter 35: Golden Scale Guards
Chapter 34: Take the order!
Chapter 33: Drastic Changes
Chapter 32: The Turbulent Undercurrent
Chapter 31: The Fourth Strike
Chapter 30: The Magical Effect of the Scarlet Fruit Wine
Chapter 29: Pei San
Chapter 28: Father-In-Law?
Chapter 27: In Gui Yuan Sect
Chapter 26: The Guard Tie Ta
Chapter 25: No Longer There?
Chapter 24: Realm of Self-Actualization
Chapter 23:
Chapter 22: Black Steel Treasure Map
Chapter 21: Black Small Cauldron
Chapter 20: Silver Horn Mountain
Chapter 19: Breaking through the Innate Realm
Chapter 18: Kill a Way Out!!!
Chapter 17: Moving during Chaos
Chapter 16: The lair of the monkeys
Chapter 15: Steeled Arms Monkey Mountain
Chapter 14: Secret
Chapter 13: To Kill by Poison
Chapter 12: The Boorish South
Chapter 11: Help Settle Down
Chapter 10: Swordsman
Chapter 9: The Map of the Desolate Land
Chapter 8: The Limits of the Dantian
Chapter 7: The Direction of the Spear
Chapter 6: Character
Chapter 5: Martial Pavilion
Chapter 4: The Four Heaven Grade Secret Manuals
Chapter 3: At The Main Hall
Chapter 2: Flying Knife
Chapter 1: Unity of Spirit and Qi
Chapter 76: Jiangning
Chapter 75: An Intensive Battle Between the Strong
Chapter 74: Change in the Body
Chapter 73: The Spirit Roots Unique Effect
Chapter 72: Making a Fortune!
Chapter 71: The Strongest!
Chapter 70: Innate Master!
Chapter 69: Evil Creature!!!
Chapter 68: The Eruption of the Red Scaled Beast
Chapter 67: Melted Bones and Flesh
Chapter 66: A Common Target
Chapter 65: Maturation of the Spirit Fruit, A State of Panic!
Chapter 64: Kill Them!
Chapter 63: Encounter
Chapter 62: Monopolize
Chapter 61: Red Scaled Beast
Chapter 60: Underground
Chapter 59: Gu Shiyou
Chapter 58: Fusion
Chapter 57: Yin and Yang
Chapter 56: Elites Galore
Chapter 55: Overestimating Ones Own Capabilities
Chapter 54: Guan Lu
Chapter 53: Raging Storm
Chapter 52: Black Fire Spirit Root
Chapter 51: Adolescent Beast?
Chapter 50: Teng Qingshan and the Demonic Beast
Chapter 49: Black Monster
Chapter 48: The Two Secret Manuals
Chapter 47: Strange Occurrence At The Border
Chapter 46: The Power of a Force of One Hundred and Eighty thousand Jin
Chapter 45: Man of Blood
Chapter 44: Bloody Battle in the Late Hours
Chapter 43: Expert
Chapter 42: Gold Silk Vest
Chapter 41: Army of Thousands of Men and Horses
Chapter 40: Bloodstone Slope
Chapter 39: Long Journey
Chapter 38: Orders!
Chapter 37: Who is she?
Chapter 36: Back Home
Chapter 35: Master Liu San of the White Horse Gang
Chapter 34: New Lieutenant
Chapter 33: Striving for Self-Improvement
Chapter 32: The arrival of Ji Hong
Chapter 31: A thorough investigation
Chapter 30: Poisoned
Chapter 29: Slaughter
Chapter 28: Pursuing in secret
Chapter 27: Legacy of the Ultimate Flame
Chapter 26: Stealing gold
Chapter 25: Lord Lieutenant, are you alright?
Chapter 24: Purple Gold Mine
Chapter 23: I gave an inch, he took a mile
Chapter 22: Yan Danchen
Chapter 21: Obsessed
Chapter 20: Summoned Late At Night
Chapter 19: Reckless Bull Power Burst, Ninth Stage!
Chapter 18: A move of heart?
Chapter 17: The Sixth Stage
Chapter 16: My Name Is Teng Qingshan
Chapter 15: Pay a visit
Chapter 14: Power
Chapter 13: Vigor of the Reckless Bull
Chapter 12: Lieutenant Bai Qi
Chapter 11: Unpolished Jade
Chapter 10: Dark Demonic Horses
Chapter 9: Innocence of a newborn?
Chapter 8: Cangjiang Sword Arts
Chapter 7: Only one left
Chapter 6: What a huge difference
Chapter 5: Zhuge Yuanhong
Chapter 4: Six Thousand Black Armored Soldiers
Chapter 3: First Rated Warrior
Chapter 2: The Examination To Join The Sect
Chapter 1: Jiangning County
Chapter 57: Turbulence
Chapter 56: The Aftermath
Chapter 55: Its you!
Chapter 54: Falling Apart
Chapter 53: Desire to marry my sister?!
Chapter 52: He didnt die?
Chapter 51: Returning Home
Chapter 50: Horrifying pebbles
Chapter 49: Who killed him?
Chapter 48: Human lives are as cheap as grass
Chapter 47: Come with me!
Chapter 46: Local Tyrant
Chapter 45: Reincarnation
Chapter 44: The spear is done!
Chapter 43: The Main Tower of Jiangning
Chapter 42: Expert
Chapter 41: Seven Jin and Two Taels
Chapter 40: Loss and gain
Chapter 39: Battle between man and python
Chapter 38: The Depths of the Frost Jade Pool
Chapter 37: Godly Tiger Form Technique
Chapter 36: Teng Qingshans Thoughts
Chapter 35: The Visitation of the Matchmaker
Chapter 34: Two hundred taels of silver
Chapter 33: A Way to Live
Chapter 32: Hiya! Flying Knife!
Chapter 31: Red Copper Hammers
Chapter 30: Iron Mountain Gang
Chapter 29: Four Years Later
Chapter 28: The strongest plan begins!
Chapter 27: Teng Qingshans Tiger Fist
Chapter 26: Defeating the enemys leader
Chapter 25: Bandits
Chapter 24: Hong Si of the White Horse Gang
Chapter 23: ?Earthly Ranking?
Chapter 22: Greed
Chapter 21: Delivery
Chapter 20: The: 26th: day: of: the: Twelfth: Lunar: Month
Chapter 19: The Strongest Plan
Chapter 18: Yangzhou Salt Merchant
Chapter 17: The Internal Strength Expert
Chapter 16: New Leader
Chapter 15: Returning Home
Chapter 14: Crazy Wolf Pack
Chapter 13: The Hunting Squadron.
Chapter 12: How Time Flies
Chapter 11: The Spear Skills of Teng Qingshan
Chapter 10: Choice
Chapter 9: The Clans Plan
Chapter 8: Set the World Alight
Chapter 7: Yearly Ceremony
Chapter 6: What a Strange world!
chapter 5: A one hundred and twenty Jin Wolf Fang Mace
Chapter 4: The Battle List
Chapter 3: Cousin Qinghu
Chapter 2: The Difference Between the Past and the Present
Chapter 1: Teng Jia Village
Chapter 18: Wolf
Chapter 17: Bloody
Chapter 16: Parties converge
Chapter 15: The Upcoming Storm
Chapter 14: Horizon Line
Chapter 13: Millennium Evolution
Chapter 12: Millennium Chronicle
Chapter 11: Chun Tian - The Fugitive
Chapter 10: Laugh at me
Chapter 9: Tiger Shaped Magical Arts
Chapter 8 : The Potential
Chapter 7: Tiger Fist
Chapter 6: War of Life and Death
Chapter 5: Powerful enemies
Chapter 4: The magic eyes
Chapter 3: Yang Zhou City
Chapter 2: He was called "Wolf"
Chapter 1: Teng Qingshan