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Chapter 9:


"... [Sevens] activate."

Reacting to my voice, a wind of blue light swept over the area.

The Jewel showed off a glimmer to an extent it had never shown before. Like the final flicker of a candle's flame.

"Dammit, I didn't want to have to use it."

It forcefully induced an immediate single Growth. To me, that meant my memories I didn't want to remember would be put into mass production again. Well, no matter what I do, I'm damn cool, so there's no helping that the others carve it into their memory.

But there was something I couldn't forgive. It was that the Jewel would lose its power, and return to being a simple gem.

It meant the Jewel that had accompanied my travels to this point would be reset. It would go back to being a gem with only the Skills recorded onto it.

If you think about how the Skills would remain, perhaps that was for the best, but there was something more precious...

... My thought patterns gradually cleared up. The sensation of power flowing up from the depths of my body blew away all the fatigue I had built up. And with the Mana expanding and acting up within, iy was a sensation you could call reminiscent of libido.

"Here it coooommmeess!!"

As I cried out, from the Jewel, seven weapons...

Manifested around me and pierced into the floor.

The First's giant sword.

The Second's bow.

The Third's sword.

The Fourth's daggers.

The Fifth's galient blade.

The Sixth's halberd.

The Seventh's gun.

They all stuck into the floor as if to surround me, and Agrissa looked down over me from above. Her eyes narrowed as she inspected my figure.

"... You've forcefully raised your adaptability level. No, they call it Growth in this era. And that Skill... so it's a type that lets you master seven weapons. That's an interesting Skill."

To Agrissa's face full of confidence, I gave a light laugh. Perhaps Agrissa was holding him back, as my ancestor Lyle held up his weapon and took some distance.

I turned to Agrissa and spoke.

"That's where you're wrong. It's Sevens because I can use seven weapons? I'm not so simple of a man. And come down here already. If you float naked like that, it feels as if I'm peeping on you, does it not? You'd be much cuter if you showed some more modesty, Agrissa."

I said as I brushed away my bangs and got my hairstyle in order. Agrissa looked down over me with a little surprise.

Aria looked at me and lowered her shoulders.

"... Hey, could it be your Skill's actually..."

Before Aria could say it.

"Let me take a guess at what's on your mind. You think it's a Skill to forcefully manifest me in my flawless, perfect form, don't you? Don't say it, I know. I mean, we all share a bond of love!"

But Shannon, on those words.

"No, we're linked with Connection, so it wouldn't be strange for you to read..."

But the one who cut her off was Monica.

"To think it was a Fever Time. But with this, our chances of victory rise a bit. For the Chicken Dickwad has never lost once while in this state."

To Monica's delight, I shook my head to the side.

"That's wrong. At the very point I came here, it was my victory! For I'm a man loved too much by the goddess of victory!"

There, Agrissa raised a grand laugh.

"Ahahaha, a post-Growth brings about mental instabilities, so that's how it affects you. I see, how interesting. The elevation of power from your Growth brings an influence to your mind. But... it's unacceptable for you to think you can win."

Right after, my ancestor cut in my direction. But I didn't move. My lovable wives around tried to move for my safety, but I stopped that action.

"You don't have to do anything. Well, just you watch... it'll be over before you know it."

My ancient ancestor approached before my eyes, and as he lifted up his greatsword, I looked at its blade as I laughed. I heard a voice from behind. On that voice everyone turned.

"You've called me up at quite a fun time. Well, maybe summoned would be more appropriate."

The master of that aloof voice pulled a sword from the ground and repelled the greatsword of my ancestor. Perhaps misjudging the length of that invisible blade, my ancestor leapt back.

His silky blond hair cut just so it wouldn't touch his shoulders. Wearing a short, green mantle, holding the invisible blade against his shoulder... the Third looked around.

"Even so, he leaps around quite flashily."

He said and laughed. And the next voice to call out was the Seventh's. drawing out the gun stuck into the floor from the bayonet attached to its muzzle, he fired off a number of rounds into our ancestor who had started to motion once more.

Those bullets he tried to sweep away warped and opened a number of air holes in the ancestor. As he was undead, they would probably close up, and that was only a matter of time.

"Lyle, you did well. This is an appropriate timing for you to use your trump card."

The footsteps stopped just before they passed me by, and a hand rested on my shoulder. His other hand was clasped around the galient blade.

"If you could drive her so far, then you've done well. We'll cooperate for the rest of the way."

And walking off, the Fifth swung his sword, winding its snake-like blade around the ancestor leg. In his opposite leg, a dagger stuck in.

His mid-length blue hair swaying in the wind, the one making a movement to push up his glasses was the Fourth.

"You've grown quite hardy, Lyle. Well, normally I'd want to tell you not to rely on the dead, but if you're taking on the dead all the same, perhaps there's no helping it."

Racing past me, the Sixth with halberd in hand took a swipe and knocked the large sword out of our ancestor's hands.

"Good grief, you've picked a fight with something crazy. Let me help out too.

As he turned to me, the Sixth laughed. And to my side, with his bow poised in his hands was the Second in his hunter's clothes. He smiled a bit as he spoke.

"Truth is, I wanted to try it out; this silver bow of yours. Now then, you want plain old me to show off my craft?"

And the arrows he fired changed their course, as if each of of them held its own will as they pierced into our ancestor and exploded. As a dead man brought back, he regenerated himself, and the speed he grew back was exceptionally fast. Even the large sword he lost was beginning to grow back from his hand.

But I could tell the battle was already settled.

"Gahahaha, you got big when I wasn't looking. Looks like you've gotten a bit more up to it, but you've still got a ways to go!

Drawing the giant sword from the floor, the one who ran forward and leapt was the First. Laughing as he lowered the sword down on our ancestor, the grand blade let off a pale light creating a shockwave through the dead man and a large area behind him.

The same destructive power as ever.

Our barbarian of a founder held that sword over his shoulder.

"This thing's nice. Feels like I could cut through anything!"

Towards the First, the Second sighed.

"Cut? Are you sure you don't mean mash? Just look, there isn't anything left behind."

Before my crossed arms, seven individuals had manifested. On the appearance of my allies I had relied on too much, I looked at Agrissa in the sky as I laughed. There, Agrissa spoke.

"So you called back seven individuals recorded in the Jewel. I see, so that's why... but you guys know no mercy. Even when the one you just brought down was your own predecessor."

There, the Third was the same as ever.

"Oh well, I'm sure he was in pain, being manipulated by you. Probably. And so we shed tears as we freed our pitiful ancestor from your clutches... you know, that sort of thing?"

The Fourth matched his pace.

"Quite right. I got the feeling he was screaming, 'Please stop me!' with his eyes. Probably."

The Sixth was the same.

"If I was in his shoes, I'm sure I would say the same... Probably."

There the First was surprised.

"Eh? That was our ancestor!? That threatening guy!? No ways!"

The Second looked at the First.

"Go look in a mirror. You'll find an even more threatening-looking barbarian man reflected back."

I nodded.

"Sure enough."

There, the first chuckled along with the rest of us.

Floating Agrissa didn't seem too pleased with her favorite- our ancestor- having fallen.

"... With an increase of a mere seven, you sure put up quite the strong front. That's enough. I won't stop my hands at six million. However many ten or hundred million dead men I need, I can prepare them to crush you. With your measly numbers, just how far do you think you can fight..."

I tilted my head. The other seven were the same, heavily questioning Agrissa's tone of voice.

And I finally noticed Agrissa was still under some misunderstanding.

It's Sevens because it revives seven ancestors? Of course not.

"It seems you're still misunderstanding something, Agrissa."

There, Shannon gave an, 'Eh!?' in reaction to my words. It seems my allies were under the same misconception as well. Aria, Gracia and Elza averted their eyes from me. These girls are so idiotically cute.

I looked at the Jewel in the palm of my hand. The blue Jewel sparkled, and inside of it... I could see tiny stars. The blue, shining form of our mother soil, the 'Earth'.

I gripped the Jewel, and thrust out that fist towards Agrissa.

"Sevens... the Seventh. As I carry on the blood of Septem, it's a Skill I can use as a direct line of the Seventh Goddess. Growth? That's nothing more than a bonus. The true meaning of Sevens is..."

Once I had said that much, a large explosion rang out around where the allied army's formation was stationed. Several explosions, then several dozens, and with hundreds and thousands hammered in, it must have been an extra-large magic.

The Fourth shook as he corrected the positioning of his glasses.

"Sorry, Lyle. There're loads of things I want to say and hear, but... my wife's callig for me, you see. Seems she's a bit angry. Also, Ludmilla-chan, you're with me. Let's go fortify Cartaffs' army."

"... Hah? Um, I don't get what you're saying."

As he said that and warped off with Ludmilla, I saw him off with a wave of my hand.

Miranda looked over the scene.

"... Those are the ancestors of the Walt House, right? Lyle, just what is this?"

Once she had said that, an individual appeared to place a hand on Miranda and Shannon's shoulders. Seeing that individual, the Sixth smiled.

"Milleia! So you came here too!"

There, with extreme grace, Milleia-san spoke to the Sixth.

"Yes, dear brother. Frail as I am, I came over to help. So I'll be borrowing Miranda and Shannon. For battle has already commenced with Lyle's main force."

Shannon opened her eyes wide, looking up at Milleia-san's face with a surprised expression. I'm sure she couldn't believe the character she plaid when in front of the Sixth.

"Sis, this is a fak... ow!"

Her shoulder gripped harder, Shannon was shut up through physical means. Milleia-san was smiling.

The Seventh put a hand to his chin as he looked over at where my army was stationed.

"So Maizel went over there. Then we should make for Faunbeux's front. You have to go get them in shape so they don't rise up against Lyle... damn actor."

That final murmur was directed at Milleia-san.

With sharp eyes that looked as if they'd give off a glint, Milleia-san turned to seem him off, but by that time his form had already disappeared.

The Fifth, perhaps reading the mood.

"Me and Fiennes will go off to help out the armies short on hands. Let's go. Also, you two are going with us."

"Eh? No."

"Wait a second!"

The Fifth led Gracia and Elza off as he warped.

"Sounds like a plan! Milleia, I leave Miranda and Shannon in your hands!"

With a serious expression, and smiling towards me at the end, the Sixth disappeared. As that was happening, the Third seemed to be thinking a while.

"Then I'm going to go off and do the job no one else is doing. That's how it is; have fun."

He said and faded away.

The remaining First and Second looked at Milleia.

"Hey, who's she?"

"... Like hell I know."

In that dubious air, Milleia-san gave a curtsy. It was quite a neat and tidy one.

"Pleasure to meet you, Founder, and Second Generation Head. I am Milleia... one of Fredricks' daughters. I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I'll be borrowing these two."

And she looked at me, closing one of her eyes.

"Lyle, go with a bang. You've got the Walt House behind you, so have some piece of mind."

She disappeared as she led Miranda and Shannon off. As I waved my hand and saw them off, the First and Second stared blankly.

"Somehow, seems there're are a lot of things we don't know."

"Well, we were the first ones to dissapear, after all."

And up in the sky was an irritated presence. 'Twas Agrissa.

"... I see. So that's what it means."

I cleared my throat. In order to give the explanation of my Skill I couldn't give before.

"That's right. This is my final Skill. Sevens... a Skill that allows me to take over the complete management authority of the Jewel system Septem created. This one's amazing, I mean... it lets me use the Jewel's full power with all its restrictions removed."

Aria, Clara and Eva made expressions to say they didn't get it. But Monica and the Valkyries nodded.

"So that's what it is. Management authority... then this Mana flowing into our systems is also a byproduct of that. For now, we should give our thanks."

The Valkyries' armor glowed. What was originally Tressy... the Trident Serpent. Made of a monster once called the god of the seas, those girls who were a mass of Rare Metals were beginning to be effected.

Their wings spread out, and they had begun to float in the air. Monica was the same. Cloaked in a white dress, she was floating as well.

"Oh, so you quit being a maid to become my bride?"

As I said that, Monica smiled.

"Yes, so you'd better take me."

... She sure is an idiot.

"Are you an idiot? You're already mine. It's not even a problem of taking you or not."

There, Eba looked at me.

"Why is this guy always so obstinate? When he's usually such a wimp."

The First looked over at me.

"Are you alright? And wait, where's Novem-chan? Ah! Aria-chan!"

Aria- with the First waving at her- gave a light wave herself. The First was pushing for Aria, so I'm sure he was happy to meet her. The girl in question.

"Eh? Why does he looked to happy?"

There, Agrissa who had watched us carry on that farce without an end in sight.

"... You sure know how to parade your leisure. But it seems you've gotten a little too stuck up. Lyle, it looks like it would be best for me to fold your heart first."

Pff, I gave a small laugh.

"... If I, Lyle Walt, had a heart that folded so easily, I'd never think to kill a god. I fear the strength of my own mentality... if you think you can fold me, just try it!"

Perhaps angry, Agrissa spread her arms.

From within Porter, Clara...

"... Though once you regain your sanity, you'll fold on your own."

Spewed some sarcasm. I think that part of her's cute as well.

"Then I'll take you up on that offer! Try this on for size!"

Right below Agrissa appeared a giant ape, white with a reddened face. While there was no fur growing on its pectoralis muscles, that monkey with a beautiful white coat covering all else was even larger than Agrissa.

"That'd have to be a good ten meters."

As the First said that, the Second...

"I think you mean twenty."

... Immediately corrected him. To add onto to that, skeletal knights over two meters each had begun sprouting up from the floor.

Agrissa called from above.

"Learn the shame of your blunder, putting on airs from mere administrative privilege. Lyle, I'll prepare a bit of a harsher punishment for you. I'll discipline you until you weep as you swear loyalty to me."

I hung the Jewel around my neck. And I held out my right hand to Monica. As she tossed my spare Katana at me, I accepted it as I spoke.

"That sounds fun. I'd like to try that once, but I want it normal the first time. Even if I look like this, I'm a virgin here. I'd be troubled if you made it too stimulating. I'll at least permit ropes and whips... though I'd prefer to be on the giving side!"

Agrissa opened her large mouth.

"Shut it! I don't think I like you when you're like this!"

I smiled.

"But I like you. Well, I at least find you pitiful. That why... so you don't go through any pain, I'll end you here myself."

The large ape lowered its fist at us. Unlike a monster... it seemed to be closer to a quilin or whale. It spit flames from its mouth as it intimidated us.

Those flames lightly singed the First's trademark fur pelt.

"The hell do you think you're doing, damn ape! You've got yourself a fight, let's take this outside!"

The Second took a stance with his bow.

"... Dad, we're already outside."

The roof and walls had been blown away, the lower floors crushed. I see, we really were outside. The three of us chuckled amongst ourselves some more.

There, the First made a serious expression.

"Well, looks like things'll be bad if I don't get serious, so I guess I should... come out, you lot."

There, behind the First, what was once his door of memories appeared. From it streamed the soldiers and barbarians who had once followed his rule. While I couldn't see him as anything but a barbarian chieftain, that was the Founder I knew.

The Second spoke in a low voice.

"Should I call mine too? I can at least take care of the smaller skeletons and provide support."

Soldiers that had gotten themselves a little more organized appeared alongside the manifestation of the Second's door. In their hands they hend bows and hunting knives.

The First let a ferocious smile grace his face.

"So you've learned to say it! Crassel! Lyle!"


"Leave this ape and the small fries to us. You go and knock Agrissa down a few pegs. And where's Novem-chan?"

"Oh, if you're looking for her, she's in Agrissa's chest. She was captured."

"... Hah? Y-you... what do you think you're doing, dammmiiiitttt!!"

As the First cried out, the white monkey raised its war-cry again. Perhaps it thought the First was trying to intimidate it.

I held the Katana over my shoulder.

"Well, I'm going off to save her then. Aria, Clara, Eva... and Monica and the Valkyries, follow my lead. It's fun godslaying time!!"

Aria held up her spear.

"There's definitely something a little off with you. No, definitely something off period! Why can you enjoy godslaying like that!?"

I spoke.

"Fool! By killing some sham of a goddess, we get the godslayer title for ourselves! It'll make future rule much easier! Clara, Eva, don't let my gallant form slip your eyes."

Clara and Eva pulled back a bit. Rather than a little, what the hell is he saying at a time like this? Is the feeling they were giving off. I was sure they would have liked that one.

But Monica and the Valkyries were all for it.

"Hooray! Now I can finally fairly beat the hell out of them! This Monica will follow Lyle-sama to the end of her days!"

She sure knows what to say to make a man happy. I turned to Agrissa with a provocative smile. And she looked down on me in irritation.

"Now... let's have some fun with it!!"