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Chapter 20: LYLE and mr. lyle

Sevens 217: LYLE and mr. lyle

[About how mr. lyle forgot about us, it is my belief we should issue an intense protest. Best Lyle... this will bring about a huge influence to the Best Lyle records! What we've lost in this term was definitely a drastic loss!]

The Third emphasized it in the Jewel, but the words that returned were lonesome ones.

There were few left.

The Fifth spat out a tired sigh.

[There's a chance it isn't over yet.]

The Seventh shook his head against that statement.

[It was just a small-scale battle, so I don't think that's happening. After so much time has passed, if a conclusion has yet to be reached, I can only think that something failed immensely...]

Milleia produced a simple flintlock from the sleeve of her fluttery dress. It was even more an antique than what the Seventh used, and a gun that had to have a shell loaded after every single shot.

She checked over the gun as she spoke.

[... Some punishment shall be necessary. I was really looking forward to it, you know. Just how long do you think I've waited for this moment?]

The Seventh looked nostalgically at Milleia's gun. The Seventh was a lover of firearms, and perhaps it was the case that it was because of her influence, or so the Third thought to himself.

(Well, despite this and that, the two of them do get along quite well.)

While that was going on, the Fifth was looking up at the ceiling. The blurry images were gradually growing clearer, to show what seemed to be Lyle explaining something to his comrades.

[Oh, looks like that's it... seems he's done.]

From the conversation's contents and atmosphere, the Fifth deduced the war had ended. The Third rose from his seat.

[So it is over! Hey, mr. lyle on the battlefield was a valuable asset, so I wanted to witness it!]

Last time he saw the form of the boy fighting a large-scale monster, but none of them had seen mr. lyle on the plains of war. In that sense, having missed this time was quite painful to the ancestors.

... In the Best Lyle sense.

But as the Third was about to complain, Lyle's words took him to an abrupt stop.

[Now line up, and wait for your kisses.]

As Lyle said that, Monica raised her hand, and tried to make an appeal. She was jumping, and her maid clothes and twin tails were hopping up and down.

[Yes! Question here!! Are you going to kiss me too!!? This is an important point! A vital one!]

There, Lyle spoke tiredly.

[Are you an idiot? But I find that idiocy of yours to be cute as well. Of course, there's no way in hell I wouldn't kiss you! Whether the act have meaning or not, I want to kiss you, Monica!]

Surrounded by his female army, he gave the absolute worst statement, but he declared it with absolute confidence. Looking at the atmosphere alone, it wasn't unthinkable to assume he had said something cool.

But to the Third...

[Eh? mr. lyle... it couldn't be he's bringing them here? Everyone? ... There's absolutely no need for that!]

Come this far, teaching the girls about them had little merit to be found. That's how the heads of history considered it. It had been put off, and with the matter of Celes' Jewel knowing of their existences had way too many demerits included.

So having come to this point, disappearing without meeting one another would be best. And that way would be more interesting.

[If they find out we saw this and that, to say the least, Aria will fly into a rage.]

Saying that, the Fifth stood, and tried to make his way to his room. But Milleia grabbed his arm.

[Isn't it fine? Now, father, let's introduce ourselves to Lyle's wives.]

She was all smiles, but the Third could tell she was somewhat irritated. She was making a game of troubling the Fifth. No, perhaps fawning on him.

The Third tried to return to his room as well. There...

[Hmm? What...]

At that moment, Lyle's room of memories was flung open with good momentum, and the Third and the other ancestors were forcefully transported back to their own rooms.

The last thing they witnessed was a small Lyle in front of the room...




I had thought to kiss everyone, but the level-headed Clara pointed something out, making me hesitant.

According to Clara.

"Lyle-san, I understand that you must have some sort of reason. But it will be troublesome if you wisp away everyone's consciousness. Guarding bodies is also important, but more than that, this is a battlefield where you can't say for sure what will happen. Just because the battle has ended, please don't let your guard down."

A plausible opinion. Hearing that, I decided to take it up.

"In that case, let's decide who to take into the Jewel..."

Letting my line of sight spin around, I looked at Shannon. Seeing her golden eyes, I was reminded of Milleia-san. She said she wanted to meet her great grandchildren someday, so I looked at Shannon and Miranda, and nodded.

"Alright, then Miranda and Shannon it is. For now, prepare yourselves. Also... Novem, I choose you!"

When I swiftly held out my finger, Novem lowered her head.

"If you say so, Lyle-sama."

There, Monica assumed the fetal position.

"... This time, I, Monica had no opportunities to perform... what's more, it was even the long-awaited fever time."

I approached Monica on the floor, and as she raised her face to me, I gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Bear with that for now. When my business is over, I'll return at once. Monica... today, I expect great things from your dinner."

When I closed one eye and said that, Monica rose with a spin, letting even her twin tails rotate. She looked quite beautiful.

"Leave it all to me! Even if this be the battlefield, I, Monica will serve to my fullest, and prepare but the finest of foods!"

And I thought.

(Now then, if I have three of them, can I play it off? But result-wise it worked out. The ancestors didn't have to see Novem, who they supported so much, get so angry... no, I guess the Third's all that's left of that.)

The ancestors that recommended Novem. With the disappearance of the Fourth, the Third was all that remained. As I thought, it was sorrowful, but their teachings still live on within me. They would get angry at me if I moped over it, so I grabbed Miranda- who was keeping wary of Novem- by the arm, and drew her close.

"... Hey, I'm still angry here, you know?"

She was still unsatisfied, and glaring at me, so with a serious face...

"I'm sorry, but I desire your lips at once. So I won't ask the reason, and I don't want to hear it. Give them to me."

Surprising Miranda with an overbearing attitude different from usual, I went ahead and kissed her. Inserting the tongue, and activating the Skill... Connection... I felt the power leave her body, so I gently embraced her, and gently tucked her to bed in the tent.

"... Lo and behold my Skill."

As I gave my impression, Shannon who'd witnessed that kiss spoke up.

"It's really inconvenient. You have to kiss every time no matter what, and the normal Lyle occasionally hesitates. When we're under pressure, I sometimes think, 'just get on with it already'."

Perhaps she had been discontent up to now, as she complained. I shot back.

"Fool, when he's kissing the girl he likes, or a cute girl, a man's heart can't help but race. Isn't it cute?"

When I set myself in a pose, Shannon drew back.

"You're cute? Nope. Not happening. Having done something so heartless, you still plan on doing more, don't you?"

I shrugged my shoulders before her, lifting her up in a princess cradle, before shutting her mouth with a kiss. Because of the surprise attack, Shannon thrashed around, as she lost her consciousness, so I gently lay her down beside Miranda.

"This girl, with her face so red... she really is cute."

Her face, stuck in the bravado she put up before the kiss, was bright red. As I put on such a cool act, I noticed the surrounding eyes looking at me had become considerable cold.

I looked around.

"Fret not. You'll all receive a deeper one come the fall of night! Now then, next is Novem..."

The fact their frustration built up so easily must be because they were worried about me. When you think of it that way, these cold, mocking eyes feel soothing to back in.

I am a happy man!




Descending down into the Jewel, I looked around.

The round table room looked the same as usual, but having come in last, I took in the places air, and tilted my head.

"Why are you here? And why is Milleia-san the only other one here?"

There were only two in the room.

One was Milleia-san. Sitting in the Fifth's chair, she smiled and waved at a surprised set of sisters. And the fleeting glances she took at me were extremely wrathful.

I cleared my throat.

"Now then, let me introduce them. One of the greatest beauties in the history of the Walt House, Milleia Walt... to you, Miranda, perhaps this name would work better? She's big sis Milleia Circry."

I emphasized beauty, and big sis, but Milleia-san's atmosphere didn't change.

[Pleasure to be of your acquaintance, I guess? My memories after marrying into the Circry House are vague, so perhaps we've met before, but I myself am seeing the both of you for the first time.]

Miranda spoke in surprise.

"Are you the same as Shannon?"

[That's right. But my appearance is closer to you. As expected of my great granddaughter, Miranda.]

Shannon was hiding behind Miranda, as she focused her eyes on the other in the conference room.

As I thought, I won't be able to get through this one with craftiness alone. I sat in my own seat, and introduced the other.

"Anyways, this small child here is LYLE. How should I put it, he's my memory. Apparently. Rather, why are you even here?"

When I asked with a tilt of my head, LYLE, who was kicking his feet up and down, put his elbow to the table, rested his chin on his hand, and spoke with a smile.

[Because I wanted to meet them by all means. Or is that not reason enough? It's been quite a while, Novem.]

Saying that, LYLE looked at Novem, and smiled. But Novem was acting strange. She was unnaturally taking distance, keeping cautious.

Taking her body a half-step back, it looked as if she was taking a fighting stance towards LYLE. Her face was more expressionless than usual, and when she looked at me, she smiled, but it felt somewhat stiff.

"What's wrong?"

"No, it was quite sudden. And it was quite different from what I expected."

It seems Novem had her own expectations of my Jewel. It's true that this situation was out of my own expectations as well.

"I see. It was unexpected for me as well. And that's how it is, so return to your room, small child. If you're lonely, I'll go and see you another time. Today I'm busy."

From here on is my pleasant time with Milleia-san. Or so I thought, when LYLE replied discontently.

[That would be troubling. I mean, I have some matters with Novem. To add onto that, it's best you listened as well. In regards to Milleia-san, leave the other two to them. I'm sure it'll go better that way... even so...]

LYLE looked over Miranda and Shannon with a serious look on his face.

Touching his hand to his chin.

[Large breasts and small ones... add them, divide by two, and you get the average breasted Milleia-san, huh. However...]

With a 'however', he stood, before instantly jumping into Miranda's chest.

[As I thought, I like large breasts betteeeer!!]

Moving before I had realized it, Milleia-san pointed her gun's muzzle, and LYLE raised both his hands.

Shannon's body was trembling.

"Sis, this thing is Lyle's memories? Isn't he just a huge pervert!?"

With the gun's point thrust into him, LYLE took a quick look at that frightened Shannon, and shook his head.

[I wholeheartedly admit that small breasts have their value... but there's nothing interesting to be found in yours. You need to polish yourself a tad more, little girl.]

"... He's Lyle after all. I remember something similar coming from him before."

There, Milleia-san pulled the trigger with a smile.

A bang and smoke, and the smell of gunpowder filled clouded up the room. I see, so the Seventh was on the receiving end of that every time. Glad that the mystery had been solved, I approached LYLE.

[That's no good, LYLE-kun.]

"He's been shot! Sis, she shot Lyle! GyAAaAAAH!! He's standing back uppp!!"

A panicked Shannon looked as if she was about to cry, as she watched LYLE rise with a hand pressed to his bloody forehead. Miranda sighed.

"It doesn't matter in here. Anyhow, the reason you called us was to meet with your ancestors? There's quite a lot I'd like to ask."

Miranda's opinion was on the mark. When I was about to explain, LYLE gave a proposition.

[Then the two of you can ask Milleia-san whatever you want. I have business with Lyle and Novem after all. And wait, it's about right time that Lyle learned. Wouldn't you say so, Novem?]

As all eyes gathered on Novem, I addressed LYLE.

"If it's about inheriting the memories of some goddess or evil god, then I already know about that."

There, Shannon raised her voice.

"Hah!? The hell!?"

Miranda spoke to shut her up.

"Shannon, let's hear the lovely lady out. It won't be too late for questions after that."

Looking at Miranda like that, Milleia gave a number of delighted nods. But LYLE shook his head.

[Wrong. That one isn't anything too important. What I'm talking about is why Novem serves you, Lyle. Her guard was so high in my time that I called her the Iron Fortress. You don't find it the slightest bit peculiar?]

Hearing that, I.

"That so? Isn't it because I'm more charming than you? I'm sorry man, but I'm just that much cooler. Right, Novem?"

Hearing that, Novem gave a bitter smile.

"Right. While they're both Lyle-sama, it's true that the current one is..."

As Novem replied as such, LYLE sent a harsh glare. It wasn't envy. Or even resentment. Truly without any of those negative sentiments on him, LYLE smile.

[You really plan on hiding it forever? My apologies, but... Lyle isn't your toy.]

It was as if LYLE was getting angry at Novem for my sake.