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Postscript Theater

Volume 11 Postscript Theater

~ Let's Play a Card Game Postscript Theater ~

Fourth Generation Head ([email protected][email protected]): "Fwahahaha, did you see! The strongest 'Celes' card has been placed on the field. Meanwhile, your field has nothing but a single ''Damn Gigolo Lyle' card... With this, you're over, Third Generation Head!"

Third Generation Head (`?ω?′): "... Not yet! I can't lose yet! It's my turn! Draw!"

Third Generation Head ( ̄ ̄)*Grin*: "Hmm, finally the card has come..."

Fourth Generation Head (;[email protected][email protected]): "W-what are you talking about! A comeback at this point is..."

Third Generation Head (`?ω?′): "Oh yes I can! I sacrifice all of Lyle's future to the graveyard to summon the 'Wives'! On top of that, I discard all of his shame and everything else to level up 'Damn Gigolo Lyle' to 'mr. lyle'!"

Fourth Generation Head (;[email protected][email protected]): "S-say what!?"

Third Generation Head ( ゜?゜): "It's not over yet! On top of all that, I activate Lyle's effect! By maximizing his Gigolo Constitution, the abilities of the Wives rise even further! And female enemy cards on the field receive a decrease in stats! Until your life points hit zero, I'll keep on chipping..."

Fourth Generation Head (;[email protected][email protected]): "You can't just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn, that's against the rules! And wait, that effect doesn't even work on Celes, you hear! You lose by default, father."

Third Generation Head (???): "..."

Fourth Generation Head *Kapow*∵(@ε(○=(゜?゜ ) Third Generation Head: "I attack your life points directly!"

Fourth Generation Head ( @д@?☆))Д゜) *Thwap*: "That's also against the rules."

~ Mrs. Milleia, Part 1 ~

Milleia (′?`): "Uhaha, our profits in Beim are simply scrumptious (lolol), keep on wringing them out (lolol). "

Fifth Generation Head ( ;?;): (The Sixth sure disappeared at a good time. She used to be so honest... huh? Wait, was she always like this?)

~ Mrs. Milleia, Part 2 ~

Fourth Generation Head ([email protected][email protected]): "Milleia-chan, were you like that? Were you putting on an act in front of the Sixth?"

Milleia 。?゜?(ノ?`)?゜?。: "Is that how you see me? Grandfather, how cruel!"

Fourth Generation Head (;[email protected][email protected]): "Eh? Um... S-sorry!"

Seventh Generation Head |ω?`): (How shameful, Fourth... but the Sixth is also at fault for not seeing through that shady-as-all-hell personality.)

~ Mrs. Milleia, Part 3 ~

Milleia ( ???): "... Even like this, I'm a 'kind elder sister character' you know. I'll just throw this out there, but that's why the Jewel chose me in the first place. The other women were much worse than me, you hear."

Milleia (???): "Don't forget it."

Seventh Generation Head|д゜) *glance*: "It's a lie. And elder sister? The Jewel definitely made a mistake with its personnel sel-"

Milleia ( ′?`);y=(゜д゜)?∵.*Bang*: "Oh, Brod-kun, you just don't learn, do you (lolol)."