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Question Corner 8

Sevens Question Corner 8

Q: The Heads of History's wives are more reliable.

A: Seventh Generation Head (; ?`ω?′): "N-no! It just looked like that back there, and we were usually more domineering! I assure you. And even as we are, we're feudal lords! There's absolutely no way we'd lose to our wives! (Though I never said we would win)"


Q: About Alette-san.

A: Fourth Generation Head ([email protected][email protected]): "Born to a knight house, she's a fourth daughter in her late twenties. For commoners, perhaps twenty five would be passable?

But for nobles, surpassing twenty affords defective-goods treatment in this world. She's capable, and due to her efforts, she was awarded a promotion to train up the new generation, causing the unmarried knight to be sent away from her homeland... it seems she's been so busy she let her years slip by.

By the way, with Alette-san's subordinates being knights as well... naturally enough, they already have significant others! A maiden leading a squadron of men with wives and fiancées, yet the captain is single...

Just what could the country be doing? Personally, I'd (forcefully) organize her a marriage interview, and marry her off."


Q: Is it alright to touch the bats in the Labyrinth with your bare hands?

A: Third Generation Head ヽ( ???)ノ: "Clara on material recovery wears gloves. Well, they're monsters, so you don't have to sweat the small details, right!"


Q: About why they didn't immediately sell the gemstones from the Labyrinth.

A: Fifth Generation Head ( ゜д゜): "Well, carry them around, and you can liquidate them whenever you want, really. If the monetary sum will be the same, then wouldn't it be better to just carry them around? There are some readers who believe he avoided it because people would discern the Skills he had, but it's not a Skill that Lyle alone possesses, you know. There aren't that many who have it, mind you."


Q: About the Numerology.

A: Seventh Generation Head (; ?`д?′): "It's a secret that the author was shocked when he looked back at that after drafting up the ancestors."


Q: How did they determine the number of floors in the Labyrinth?

A: Third Generation Head ヽ(??? )ノ: "The guild secures adventurers with such Skills for their survey parties. Beim doesn't have a feudal lord, so they have to find and crush Labyrinths of their own accord. I'm sure they make teams of such people for the task."


Q: I don't get why Miranda's party were so opposed.

A: Fourth Generation Head ([email protected][email protected]): "One of the reasons they chose to follow Lyle was because they liked the boy. It's thinkable that someone like Novem with hidden relations to Celes could betray him, right? They couldn't just swallow her pleas of only working for Lyle's sake, and when they investigated her, she did show suspicious behavior, after all."


Q: About the construction of Lyle's Jewel ornaments, and Novem's staff.

A: Lyle (;′?`): "I think they're made of the same metal. Thought I'm more curious about how, after a Count House went through such troubles to obtain it, the Forxuz House got some as well."


Q: Why is it that you can continue to write a story as shitty as this?

A: Hey, I'm surprised myself. While I'm writing, I sometimes get these flashes of shitty inspiration and... it wasn't supposed to be like this at the start. Well, I'm having fun writing it (lol).


Q: mr. lyle should've met ms. alette.

A: Seventh Generation Head ( ′?ω?`): "Don't be foolish. Having such a meeting in such a place would be... too good to be tru-ahem! It would be a mess, would it not."


Q: When mr. lyle made his appearance, who was it the women were pointing their weapons at?

A: Monica Dramatic(゜?゜)Entrance!: "Split between Novem and Miranda, they were holding weapons at, and glaring at one another. There, the chicken dickwad jumped into the fray. Normally, he'd come into to stop as well, but he immediately went into seducing the lot of them! He's truly the goddamn useless chicken dickwad I first opened my eyes to!"


Q: Are all monsters women?

A: Monica ヽ(′`)ノ: "Wrong. Zero to nine are women. Oh, a hint... or not."


Q: Why did the ancestors run away when the female army entered the Jewel?

A: Fifth Generation Head (;゜Д゜): "... I-I didn't run. It was a strategic retreat. They had plenty to mull their heads over as it is, so meeting us would result in true chaos. I'd appreciate you don't assume we ran, okay. It's just, the atmosphere wasn't right, okay? We were just reading the mood, and handing off the right of way. Right!"


Q: The reason the scene of kissing all the heroines was cut, please.

A: mr. lyle ( `?ω?′): "... It was a fabulous scene, but the wall of word count was the problem. Because that alone would have accounted a whole chapter. What, it shall go on. There are as many chances as there are stars in the sky!"


Q: How would the ancestors' wives have dealt with it?

A: Wives ( ゜д゜): "What noisy children. Lyle, just push them down already."

mr. lyle (`?ω?′): "My dear young flowers, now is not such a mood! I, Lyle, am unable to treat a woman in such a manner!"

Wives (*ノ?ノ): "Kyaaah! Our descendent! He sure is different from our husbands! It must be because of my blood!"


mr. lyle (?ω?` ): "(Hmm, after a deep kiss, you're saying that now? ... time constraints are all that prevent me from going any further. Even my ancestors are easy game.) It's because of everything you've taught me, my beautiful flowers."