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Question Corner 7

Sevens Question Corner 7

Q: The power level of the female members?

A: Lyle (′?ω?`): "I think it's probably something like this? It's subject to change, and I think it'll vary based on the conditions, but...

Monica > May > Novem > Aria > Miranda > Eva > Clara > Shannon"


Q: Did the Fifth stray because the Fourth prepared mistresses for him?

A: Fourth Generation Head (;[email protected][email protected]): "He was the one who prepared those on his own. He even used my assets to recruit them, right? And wait, he really was a good kid at the start! I'm the one who's wondering how it came down to this!"

Fifth Generation Head( ゜д゜): "How about you put your hand to your chest, and ask your heart."


Q: From the travel distances given, Beim should be around the size of Hokkaido.

A: Fifth Generation Head ( ゜д゜): "This is a fantasy. If I may add, there be monsters in these lands, and some convenient tools have been invented, so real calculations don't really have a point. It's a world where monster attacks will often stop movement for a while. That's usually included when someone says three days. Please look at it like that."


Q: I want to know the bust sizes of Lyle's comrades.

A: Third Generation Head ( ???): "Good question there! By our estimate..."

(TL: US size conversion included in parenthesis for clarity's sake.)

G (E)... Novem, Monica

F (D)... Eva, May

E (DD)... Aria(Retcon), Clara, Miranda

A (AA)... Shannon

Third Generation Head (゜?゜): "There seems to be an odd man out, but I'm sure she has some hope for the future."

(TL: Because of her tsundere-esque nature, everyone just assumed that Aria was flat, even when stated otherwise. The author eventually just cut her down in the novel release.)


Q: Why won't Lyle speak up about the Jewel?

A: Sixth Generation Head (?д?): "The individual himself says he's embarrassed, but if you want to look at the root of the problem, then even if he didn't there wouldn't really be an issue.. I mean, we're going to disappear after all. Also, with Celes' Jewel and so forth, Shannon seemed to understand Lyle's was a Jewel as well. So what would happen if they knew the past heads wills existed within it? He'd be placed under suspicion, and in all truth, Shannon is suspicious of him."

Fifth Generation Head ヽ(?ω?)/: "Well, just hope for what's to come. As with what happened with me, he may find a chance to speak up about it. I have no interest in anyone besides May, by the way!"


It would have been interesting if the ancestors' wives were in it too.

A: Author: "I want to put in the reason that isn't possible into an interlude someday. That's totally not happening right? I'll write it to give you that impression. I have given thought to it, but if the husbands are like that, then you can expect their wives to be..."

Ancestors (; ?`ω?′) What... did you say!?: "... Eh? You're doing it? No! That's totally not happening, right!?"


Q: He didn't even know how to stay at an inn at the start. Lyle's grown too much. Is that because of his Skill?

A: Lyle (?д?): "Hey, wait a second. It's already been around eight months since I left the house, you know. Normally, you'd get used to it, right?"


Q: Poyopoyo sure is cute. Poyopoyo!

A: Monica ヽ(??? )ノ: "Why you've got some fine eyes on you, dear reader. By the way, it's Monica... forget you ever heard that other name."

Lyle (′?ω?`): "(And I'm starting to think it doesn't really make a difference.)"


Q: The Fifth is a lolicon and a furry.

A: Fifth Generation Head (# ゜Д゜)snap: "If you see your beloved daughter in such flashy attire, you'd at least caution the girl! I haven't the slightest bit of ill intent!"

Sixth Generation Head|ω?`): "Now let's direct just a little bit of that sentiment towards your actual children."


Q: Isn't May a little immature for her age?

A: Fifth Generation Head (?д?): "While there are many that think she should have punished them at once, the quilins are aware that going too far brings danger to their kind. Giving them a fright was about right. I mean, there are some adventurers good enough to take down quilins after all. Would killing them as punishment really be for the best? It was enough to plant a seed of fear in their hearts through threats, and quilins have their own goals to achieve."


Q: I want to know the conditions needed to obtain a Skill.

A: Lyle ヽ(?ω?)/: "There's no definite to how much Mana you'd need, or what you'd have to do to get it. Otherwise, there's no way in hell the First would have obtained a Support Skill."


Q: hierarchy of power between ancestor and wife.

A: Fourth Generation Head ([email protected][email protected]): "... You can tell by looking, can't you? By welcoming in such proficient wives, you don't know how much pain we've gone through. The Fifth's a separate case."


Q: After running away, did the Sixth do some... bad outside? What I'm trying to say is, did he get some?

A: Sixth Generation Head (;゛゜'ω゜'): "Stop! Don't dig too deeply into it!"

Fifth Generation Head (;???) Hah?: "O-oy, could it be you..."


Q: I can't see Novem as a proper Yandere...



Q: Does this world have guns?

A: Seventh Generation Head (`?ω?′): "Hmhmmm... the key to that question lies in exactly how I was defeating Lyle within the Jewel...

!? (I said it! I tried to put on airs, and actually said it!)"


Q: Why did May think there were ten Skills within Lyle?

A: Lyle (′?ω?`): "Who knows?"